Want to compete with Salesforce? Buy Marketo

There are several enterprise players that want a share of Salesforce’s business, but just aren’t making headway by knuckling up against the company’s dominant, entrenched SaaS CRM offerings. Rather than competing head on, a smarter approach for these businesses is to “front door” Salesforce,

Daily Crunch: Squarespace files to go public

Squarespace is going public, Apple shares some music payment details and Twitter bans the founder of the right-wing media organization Project Veritas. This is your Daily Crunch for April 16, 2021. The big story:

Peloton responds to concerns over Apple GymKit integration

Third-party hardware integration can be a tricky thing. Peloton this week raised some eyebrows by dropping Apple GymKit compatibility for its Bike Bootcamp program. Users were, naturally, quick to react.

Business continuity planning is a necessity for your fund and portfolio

A business continuity plan does not have to be complicated or long, but it needs to tell you or your senior team how to keep big things moving forward and what's needed to get things done.

Katie Haun on saying yes to Coinbase and where a16z’s crypto fund is largely placing its bets now

Coinbase, the newly public cryptocurrency exchange, has had it share of ups and downs. Still, the nearly nine-year-old, San Francisco-based outfit got a lot right ahead of its highly successful direct listing this week, and among those things, seemingly,

SpaceX wins NASA contract to develop human landing system for returning to the Moon

The winner of NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS) contract award is SpaceX, which bid $2.9 billion for the privilege of developing the means by which NASA astronauts will return to the lunar surface for the first time since the Apollo program.

Extra Crunch roundup: UiPath’s IPO filing, predicting revenue, how to pivot properly, much more

Thanks again to Bryce Durbin for creating my favorite TechCrunch illustration of all time.

AI-driven audio cloning startup gives voice to Einstein chatbot

You’ll need to prick up your ears up for this slice of deepfakery emerging from the wacky world of synthesized media:

PayPal makes money every time you use Uber, Airbnb

PayPal has been going through some big changes since separating from eBay last year. The company recently introduced a redesigned app and is now monetizing its popular peer-to-peer payments app, Venmo. Already with 18 million users, PayPal is expanding its One Touch checkout to 120 new countries.

How to politely ask people to get the f*ck off their phones

You’re with a small group of friends at a nice restaurant. Everyone is enjoying the food and conversation when someone decides to take out his phone — not for an urgent call, but to check email, Instagram and Facebook. Maybe you’ve witnessed this behavior and found it unsettling. What do you do?

SpaceX successfully launches SES-9 into GEO but crash lands rocket on drone ship

Today at 6:35pm EST, SpaceX successfully launched the SES-9 communications satellite into Geostationary orbit (GEO).Launching the SES-9 payload was the primary goal of today’s mission,

Surface Pro 3 landing in UK and 24 other markets on 28 August

Microsoft’s laptop replacement is priced at £639 and above with the company hopeful that customers in all markets embrace the new machine.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/06/surface-pro-3-landing-uk-and-24-other-markets-28-august/

2015 年,教师也应像学生一样拥抱技术

编者按:乔·马修森(Joe Mathwson)在 14 岁时与他人共同创立了学习平台 Firefly。 现在正值教育技术发展的高峰期。事实上,从 Everspring 和 Udemy 等教育机构获得的大笔投资来看,我认为 2014… Read More

为迎HomeKit苹果或于3月份更新Apple TV

很多人都希望苹果尽快更新 Apple TV,因为这款设备已经有将近 3 年的时间没有更新了。

17 spectacular photos from London’s Chelsea Flower Show

LONDON — Giant teapots pouring out blooms, colossal cookies stuffed with white roses, a Thai buddhist temple teeming with purple and pink petals and a handful of random vikings — it can only be the Chelsea Flower Show.See also:

Life-sized dogs made out of bicycle parts are cyclists' best friend

Take notes, recyclers — this artist is doing it right.Artist and designer Nirit Levav fashions life-sized dog sculptures out of recycled bicycle parts. Using mostly bike chains, the creations look surprisingly pet-able for a collection of old metal.SEE ALSO:

OwinBuilder源码阅读 - 幻暝玄冰

源码参见Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb.OwinBuilder 通过前文知道,Build方法将被调用,其做的第一件事儿就是寻找Startup方法 而GetAppStartup方法主要完成从当前Assembly中寻找AppStartup方法,这也是为什么申明Startup,

Vue.js 2.0版发布,框架被重写

Vue.js的团队最近发布了v2.0版本,该版本被描述为是对框架的一次“完全改写”。Vue创建者Evan You称Vue由“一个核心视图层、伴随工具以及支持库”所构成,这次发布的2.0版本更快速更精简。 By James Chesters Translated by 刘嘉洋

中美尚未上映 《愤怒的小鸟》电影国际首周末票房已居榜首

由索尼影业出品的游戏改编动画电影《愤怒的小鸟》已经在国际37个欧洲、南美和澳洲国家地区上映,获得了几乎全部市场的周末票房首位冠军。尽管尚未在中国和美国两个票房重地上映,这部3D动画电影已经取得4300万美元的 ... ...

BBC micro:bit learn-to-code device up for public pre-order in UK

A tiny programmable board designed as part of a UK educational initiative for kids to learn programming skills and originally distributed by the public service broadcaster, the BBC, to one million schoolchildren is now up for public pre-order. Read More

可能是最结实的数据线Anker 数据线评测

如果要问苹果什么配件最容易坏?那一定就是数据线了。相信苹果用户手上总有那么一两条接头位置破损的数据线。        这样的情况让用户也相当无奈,一方面苹果的原装数据线价格并不低,另一方面便苹果似乎已经完全忽视了数据线。于是用户想出了各种各样保护数据线的方式。        然而这些都是治标不治本的方法,最好的解决方案肯定是苹果能重新设计数据线,但是这个需求似乎很难被满足,于是就有一个家第三方公司做了这样的一件事情。       

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