Here comes The Upshot, the new explanatory journalism effort from the New York Times

The New York Times is launching The Upshot, a new site that its editor says will offer a combination of data journalism and explanatory reporting -- and also try to go head-to-head with new high-profile projects like Ezra Klein's Vox and Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight

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Bertelsmann offers 15,000 scholarships for Udacity’s Online Data Science Course

In a joint initiative with Google and Udacity, Bertelsmann, the international media, services and education company, is inviting the people 18 and…

Sponsored post: How Regulation Will Unlock A New Crypto-Boom

Regulation is quickly becoming a hot topic in the crypto-world. The unregulated, “Wild West” environment of the crypto market left investors wide…

Where We’re Going With Unified Communications

A business is not an island. Businesses must be in constant communication with customers, clients, vendors, contractors, employees, partners, and more —…

Why can’t we work out a technological solution for music distribution?

In February 1983⁠ Iegor Reznikoff and Michel Dauvois, the Parisian archaeologists surveying the renowned cave pantings of the Pyrenéan Ariège, faced a…

Sponsored post: The Next Stage Of The Crypto-Boom

Cryptocurrencies have officially returned to a full-blown-frenzy. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the crypto-pie. Corporate coins, government coins, and…

Drama-Free Artificial Intelligence

Depending on who’s listening, the current discussion involving the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in business inspires a range of dramatically divergent…

Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame…

Netflix plans to launch on U.S. cable boxes this quarter

Netflix wants to launch on U.S. cable boxes this quarter. First in line could be Suddenlink and RCN.

After settling with Comcast, Netflix takes on AT&T in peering fight

Hey, Ma Bell! Your peering policies are so lame, your fiber network is slower than DSL! That’s essentially the insult that Netflix is flinging at AT&T in a shareholder letter accompanying the streaming video service’s first quarter financials. The gist of the accusation is that by […]

Netflix will raise streaming prices for new members this quarter

Netflix will raise its streaming prices for the first time since 2010 this quarter. New customers may soon have to pay as much as $10 per month.

8 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts That She'll Actually Want

Flowers? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. What mom wants is something that she can use and have a good time using. Buy one of these gifts for mom instead, and let her know that you care about the woman who incubated you in her womb for nine months.Read more...

Going Native

One of the most important debates in mobile app development has been the trajectory of the mobile web compared to native apps. The question has been whether mobile web apps can gain enough support on iOS,

Oxygen Generator on the Next Mars Rover Could Jumpstart Colonization

NASA's next Mars rover could help humans get a foothold on the Red Planet.Most of the seven instruments for the six-wheeled robot, which is scheduled to launch toward Mars in 2020, are designed to help scientists identify and sample rocks that may harbor evidence of past Mars life,


北京时间14日消息,据国外媒体报道,之前曾有报道,许多关注空间探索的专家对于美国宇航局(NASA)的“小行星捕获计划”(NASA’s Asteroid Capture Program)都有微词。

福岛核电站泄漏问题长期搁置 高浓度污水大量淤积



Nielsen:2014中国教育APP行业发展及用户行为研究报告(二) 您可能也喜欢的文章: 金兴:中国网购用户行为研究 百度数据研究:2010年Q3中国电信行业用户行为搜索指数 Nielsen ccdata:2014年中国智能电视用户及用户行为研究报


自拍人人都会:掏出手机,对准镜头,摆好 pose,咔擦!但是英国社区学院却认为自拍很不简单,于是他们推出了一个为期1个月的“自拍课程”。  


最早在国内播出的外国动画片《巴巴爸爸》的创作者、法国著名儿童漫画家德鲁斯·泰勒(Talus Taylor)于2月19日去世,享年82岁。德鲁斯老爷子一生行事低调,去世消息直到3月2日才被法国媒体报道出来。 Unveils A Mobile- And Video-Centric Redesign is getting a new look.Unless you’re a regular visitor, the changes might not seem all that dramatic, but Maureen Sullivan, President of and the company’s lifestyle brands, told me that the site has been revamped to optimize for the mobile experience,

Computex 2015:自己貼手機塑膠膜再也不會貼歪了!

因為我在辦公室裡算是手比較巧的同事,所以公司裡如果有同事買新手機,都會請我幫他們貼保護貼,不管是透明塑膠的還是玻璃的、蘋果手機小米手機或平板電腦,幾乎我都貼過,雖然可以到外面請人貼,但是有時動輒要花一倍以上的工本費還是有人無法接受,這時我在 Computex 上看到這個貼膜神器!

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