Chloë Grace Moretz makes Taylor Swift's squad sound like a terrifying cult

Chloë Grace Moretz is not here to make friends. After her Twitter tussle with Kim Kardashian, she publicly denounced Taylor Swift's squad in an interview with Complex. She won't say much, perhaps an NDA was involved, but silence speaks louder than words. SEE ALSO:

A smartphone camera with 10x optical zoom may be in the works

A year ago, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo demonstrated a smartphone camera with 5x lossless zoom. Now the company has announced a Jan. 16 event that hints at a smartphone camera with 10x optical zoom. SEE ALSO:

How to KonMari your way to a happier digital life

I've been about that KonMari life since 2016. That's when I fell under the spell of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the 2014 book from Marie Kondo that sparked her new Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Peace of mind for under $300: Grab a 2-pack of Arlo Pro security cameras on sale for $170 off at Wal

DIY home security cameras are just one of those things that you should probably have. I mean, there's almost no way you won't benefit from it — unless feeling too safe is something to complain about.If being paranoid is a personality trait you carefully curate,

Excited man spots 3 rare lynx right outside, but no one cared

Some wild animals are seen so rarely that they're thought of as mythical creatures at this point. Take the majestic lynx, for example. An Alaskan man was working construction on a house when suddenly one, then two, then three of these mysterious cats decided to grace his presence.

Breville and Keurig coffeemakers, Dyson and Hoover vacuums, and more great deals for Jan. 14

Start your Monday with a good cup of coffee — there are plenty of deals today on coffee makers, from the Keurig K-Elite single-serve K-Cup Pod coffeemaker for $41 off to the Cuisinart Brew Central 12-cup programmable coffeemaker that's more than $100 off. And don't worry tea drinkers,

Apple books 50 daily flights to China, spends $150 million a year with a single airline

The increasing cost of the latest iPhone models may be starting to make sense.An internal United promotional sign has leaked with details about the company’s top business accounts. The most notable takeaway: Apple spends $150 million a year with the airline.That’s a lot.

A teenager crashed their car doing the "Bird Box" challenge

Viral challenges can be pretty entertaining for people safely watching the mayhem through their phone screens, but a teen driver in Layton, Utah faced the harsh reality of these stunts when she crashed her car while blindfolded, allegedly because she was doing the "Bird Box" challenge. Reportedly,

Attackers struck 'the Capital of Europe' but Europe can't strike back

The attacks in Brussels on Tuesday struck at the heart of the European Union, with blasts targeting the international airport and a metro station in the shadow of the glass- and-steel government buildings that is home to thousands of lawmakers from 28 countries. But in the wake of the attacks,

Dog walker somehow convinces all his pups to pose for a delightful photo series

A dog photographer is only as good as his subjects. Luckily, this pup walker and artist extraordinaire has perhaps the most well-behaved pack of all time.Imgur user Seanlee2013 posted a series of shots on Tuesday taken by his dog walker,

100 years of engagement rings celebrates truly stunning craftsmanship

Watch as the changing cut, color, clarity and carats catch up with the times in under three minutes.After seeing the brilliant transformation engagement rings have made over the past 100 years, it's no wonder diamonds are a girl's best friend.Who knows,








我们可能会寻遍各路耳机,但却找不到一个自己想要的声音。如果你有这样的高端苦恼,AKG N90Q 或许会适合你。  在本次的 CES 大会上,AKG 耳机新品 N90Q 登台亮相,被称为是“世界上首款拥有个性化声音的耳机”。


文/许冬 2014年已经过去,微信成了当今科技圈的“当红炸子鸡”,它的一举一动都引起无数猜测,2015年,微信 […]

春运大幕即将拉开 国航陪伴乘客归家之旅

加大运力投入优化服务产品 力保航班正常   北京2015年2月2日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年春运大幕即将拉开,面对即将到来的客流高峰,中国国际航空公司(简称“国航”)按照民航局提出的“以客为主、安全第一、服务至上、保障有力”的总体要求,积极关注市场需求,制定周密计划,合理调配运力,增加航班班次,加大产品优惠力度,努力为广大旅客提供安全顺畅的运输保障,创造快捷舒适的出行体验,在这归家团聚、欢度佳节的时刻,伴乘客安心出行、和谐出行。 

LG 新款智能手表将支持 LTE,但并非基于 Android Wear 平台

LG 正在开发自家的智能手表软件,该公司此前 宣布 即将推出的 LG WatchUrbane 其中一个版本将会运行自家的“专有”平台。 本月早些时候,这家韩国公司 公布了这款“高端”智能手表的相关细节 。




“摇啊摇,摇到 iPhone 充满电”,听起来不是很顺口,但却是可以在现实生活中出现的。

'Empire' season 2 trailer brings the glorious return of Cookie Lyon

Calling all Empire stans: Cookie Lyon is backA new teaser trailer for Season 2 of the hit Fox series has finally dropped, showing us bits and pieces of what to expect: Cookie visiting Lucious in prison, Jamal continuing his musical reign and the return of Anika, a.k.a. Boo Boo Kitty. See also:

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