Chloë Grace Moretz makes Taylor Swift's squad sound like a terrifying cult

Chloë Grace Moretz is not here to make friends. After her Twitter tussle with Kim Kardashian, she publicly denounced Taylor Swift's squad in an interview with Complex. She won't say much, perhaps an NDA was involved, but silence speaks louder than words. SEE ALSO:

Elon Musk banks on his self-driving taxi service as Tesla burns through cash

Tesla's robo-taxis are needed more than ever.The company lost $702 million in the first three months of the year and the EV maker doesn't expect to be profitable again until the second half of the year, according to first quarter earnings results reported Wednesday.

A dark-web market implodes, and users expect the worst

Another one bites the dust. Probably. The dark-web marketplace Wallstreet Market has for some time now been an online place to buy drugs, stolen data sets, and other illicit goods and services with cryptocurrency. Now, with the market supposedly down "for maintenance,

NSA recommends White House end spying program leaked by Snowden

The NSA spying program could soon come to an end — if the White House listens to the NSA’s recommendation.According to the Wall Street Journal, the National Security Agency is recommending that the White House abandon the agency’s metadata surveillance program,

Google rolls out surprise 'Avengers: Endgame'-inspired Easter egg

It is my somber duty to inform you that The Snap has reached Google. On Wednesday, Google Search rolled out a surprise Thanos-inspired Easter egg for Marvel fans eagerly awaiting the Friday premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

Every Kohl's store to accept your Amazon returns

If Amazon product returns weren't easy enough already, they are about to get even easier for U.S. customers thanks to a new, or rather, an expanded deal with retail chain Kohl's.As The Verge reports, from July, every Kohl's store across the U.S. will start accepting your Amazon returns.

Like AirPods, But Waterproof

Read more...More about Airpods, Mashable Reels, Xfyro, Tech, and Consumer Tech

Facebook expects to pay FTC up to $5 billion (!!!) for privacy violations

We now know just how high Facebook's "record-setting" FTC fine could be.Facebook expects to pay between $3 billion and $5 billion to the FTC as the result of an investigation into its privacy policies. The company disclosed the potential fine to investors in its first quarter earnings report. 

Attackers struck 'the Capital of Europe' but Europe can't strike back

The attacks in Brussels on Tuesday struck at the heart of the European Union, with blasts targeting the international airport and a metro station in the shadow of the glass- and-steel government buildings that is home to thousands of lawmakers from 28 countries. But in the wake of the attacks,

Dog walker somehow convinces all his pups to pose for a delightful photo series

A dog photographer is only as good as his subjects. Luckily, this pup walker and artist extraordinaire has perhaps the most well-behaved pack of all time.Imgur user Seanlee2013 posted a series of shots on Tuesday taken by his dog walker,

100 years of engagement rings celebrates truly stunning craftsmanship

Watch as the changing cut, color, clarity and carats catch up with the times in under three minutes.After seeing the brilliant transformation engagement rings have made over the past 100 years, it's no wonder diamonds are a girl's best friend.Who knows,

Wello One-Ups The Galaxy S5 With A Slim, Sensor-Laden Health Tracking iPhone Case

The next war among smartphone makers will most likely be around health measurement, and the Wello is an iPhone accessory that recognizes that and wants to capitalize early. It offers iPhone users a heart rate monitor on their device, just like Samsung has built into the Galaxy S5,

Hadoop对文本文件的快速全局排序 - D&K


Live Updates: Election Day in Ukraine

Ukrainians are headed to the polls today to elect a new leaderMashable will be covering Ukraine's presidential election live all day. See the latest updates below.REPORTERS IN UKRAINE: Christopher Miller (@christopherjm),

冬暖夏凉的神奇房屋 沙漠之中不需空调

炎炎夏日空调算得上是必备之物,但耗电量大有时也让人消受不了。面对这样的需求,建筑师设计出了 Desert House(沙漠之屋),即便座落在沙漠中其内部也一样凉爽。  

歷盡滄桑 初號古董 Range Rover 拍賣

英國汽車品牌 Land Rover 在 1969 年 12 月製作了車架編號 001,全球首部 Range Rover 越野車,讓工程師們可以在正式推出前作微調和測試。



网易云音乐for iPhone 2.0新增主播电台、个性化推荐和评论,展现平台化野心

网易云音乐产品团队憋了两个月的大招终于放出来了,网易云音乐 for iPhone 2.0版本在国庆节这天上线。新增的36项新功能中最重要的三项分别是:“主播电台功能”、“私人FM频道”和“评论”。

20 年前你上過未?10 個 90 年代 Old School 網站外貌

互聯網發展已有數十年歷史,而技術對外開放則由 1990 年開始,初時上網並未普及、費用亦不低,那麼那時的網站究竟是怎麼樣的呢?以下就帶大家看看。The post 20 年前你上過未?


根据一个应用量子修正项补充爱因斯坦广义相对论的新模型,宇宙也许会永远存在。该模型还能解释暗物质和暗能量,一次解决了多种问题。论文(预印本)发表在《Physics Letters B》期刊上。

本周最佳壁纸: 全新设计的12英寸MacBook

威锋网讯,在令人激动人心的苹果春季发布会过去之后,我们又迎来了本周最佳壁纸-12 英寸的全新 MacBook。  这是自 2012 年 Retina MacBook Pro 登场之后,MacBook 产品线中的又一次革命性升级。

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