British baker creates life-size Michael Jackson cake from rice crispy mixture

LONDON — It's not every day you get to see a life-size, 5'9'' Michael Jackson model made entirely from rice crispy cake mixture.SEE ALSO: Dad made a Han Solo carbonite cake for his son's Cub Scout troopBritish baker Sonia Todd, who's behind the epic creation,

Lisa Kudrow gives Conan O'Brien an update on the 'Friends' reunion

Will we ever get to see this elusive Friends reunion?The untitled, unscripted HBO Max special was confirmed back in February, but the coronavirus pandemic has since shed uncertainty on when exactly it's going to be happening.On the plus side,

Neon Cowboys: The Black-owned fashion brand lighting up country music

Asia Hall got the idea for Neon Cowboys at the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California one year. Each time she'd attended the festival prior to that moment, Hall had reveled in watching the Coachella and country music kids come together around something they loved,

Whistle GO Explore review: A surefire way to better connect with your pet

I'm one of those pet parents. My dog — a two-year-old lab-boxer-pit mix with a heart of gold named Stevie — is very important to me, and I'm pretty sure that I annoy her with how often I'm up in her business. I'm always trying to play, snuggle, give scratches, and marvel at her cuteness.

This all-in-one home gym can get you ripped faster than you can say CrossFit

TL;DR: Bring the gym to your home with the NOSSK TWIN PRO suspension fitness strap trainer for $39.99, a 16% savings as of July 9.Never have you ever had a workout like you’re going to have with the NOSSK Twin Pro Suspension Trainer. Whatever type of fitness you prefer to torture yourself with,

This comforter maintains two different temperatures in one bed (to save relationships)

TL;DR: You and your partner can both sleep peacefully with the SöMN Kömforte Dual Zone Comforter for $129.99, a 27% savings as of July 9. Although it seems like one of the simplest parts of a relationship, sharing a bed can really turn into a bitter battle night after night.

Get insider business school-style training from home for $34.99

TL;DR: Better your business with the Ultimate All-Access Business bundle ft. an award-winning business school professor for $34.99, a 98% savings as of July 9.Going to business school doesn’t come cheap. Depending on where you go, earning an MBA could set you back between $100,000 and $200,000,

The solar phone charger you need this summer is on sale

TL;DR: No outlet? No problem. Keep your phone powered up with this 4-panel foldable solar phone charger and 10,000mAh power bank for $34.99, a 20% savings as of July 9.As summer continues, there's no doubt you'll be spending more and more time in the great outdoors. I mean,

Genius shower thoughts with Nick Offerman, the sequel

Our dear friend Nick Offerman sat down once again to give forth wisdom and ponderance on what he thinks about while chilling in the shower.The bits of brilliance featured here came from Megan Amram, Sam Means, Dave King, Andrea Romano and r/ShowerThoughts,

Photographer captures dogs looking very skeptical of the camera

Yes, your dog notices that you take a lot of pictures of it. No, it's not cool.If you've never gotten the feeling that your pup has grown tired of being the primary subject of your Instagram, this photo series just might help you spot the warning signs.

Michelle Phan's ICON network announces new shows, global expansion

LOS ANGELES — Michelle Phan's ICON network knows how to celebrate an anniversary.Endemol Beyond USA's digital lifestyle network, co-launched by Phan, said Tuesday it is expanding its programming offerings and its global presence after a successful first year in the digital ecosystem.




本文作者 Jo Plumridge来自英国,是一名摄影师、作家和演说家。   在数字化领域里,用户体验设计师绝对可以算得上是无名英雄。正是他们开发的工具、网站、应用,让我们可以轻松使用。


导语:一家公司的成败,与员工的能力有着非常直接的关系。如果你想找到并留住好的人才,你必须为他们提供他们所要的东 […]

2014 年度应用:Inbox by Gmail

2014 年,“国民应用”微信和支付宝仍旧大跨步向前,异军突起的陌陌敲响了纳斯达克的开市钟;2014 年,iOS 8 和 Android 5.

ThreadPoolExecutor机制探索-我们到底能走多远系列(41) - 每当变幻时

我们到底能走多远系列(41)扯淡: 这一年过的不匆忙,也颇多感受,成长的路上难免弯路,这个世界上没人关心你有没有变强,只有自己时刻提醒自己,不要忘记最初出发的原因。


还记得 PS4 和 Xbox One 刚发布的时候,我们对着那些美轮美奂的游戏预告流口水的情景吗?可是一年半过去了,总觉得实际情况完全对不起期待。现在有开发者说出大实话了:PS4 和 Xbox One 实现不了 CG 级画质。  


英特尔宣布了基于Skylake架构的桌面和笔记本处理器。桌面版本处理器包括了基于 Skylake的新Core i7、 i5、i3和 Pentium ,移动版包括了新的Core M等。


3 月 24 日,去哪儿创始人、前去哪儿 CEO 庄辰超在离开去哪儿两个多月后,已经确定了下一步的动向:投身投资领域,其已经成立斑马投资。  事实上,庄辰超在过去几年,已经通过投资在其他领域有所布局,而这位 ... ...



Sprint Gives High School Students a Million Free Devices—So What's the Catch?

The good news is that Sprint is donating 1 million wireless devices and service to high school students in disadvantaged areas. The bad news, of course, is that the service is with Sprint. That and the fine print.Read more...

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