As promised, updated TuneIn Radio for Windows 10 Mobile hits the Store

Back in February, we learned that TuneIn was working on better Windows 10 Mobile support for their TuneIn Radio app. A Universal Windows 10 app was made available around that time, but proper Windows 10...The post As promised,

Windows Insider preview 18298 (19H1) includes resolved Settings crashes and deletion of Windows.old

The latest Fast Ring Insider preview build dubbed 18298 and while it brings some nifty new features to test, it also has its list of known and fixed issues.

Windows 10 19H1 build 18292 is out with new File Explorer icon, Start Menu improvements and more

After a week without a new Windows 10 build, the Windows Insider team has a surprise for Fast Ring Insiders today in the form of the 19H1 build 18298.

New privacy bug forces Google to shut down Google+ earlier than planned

Just a month later the company found an additional flaw that will now force it to shutter the service much sooner than its August 2019 timeframe.

Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island achievements list revealed ahead of December 13 launch

The list of achievements for the Fortune Island expansion has been published today and it includes 20 new achievements worth 500 Gamerscore points in total.

Looking for gift ideas? Here are our top 4 Xbox games for the holidays

Now that the holiday season is here, you might be wondering what the best games to get right now on Xbox One. I wanted Fallout 76 to be able to make this list, but I am appalled at what Bethesda did to this game and ultimately destroyed my trust in any future Fallout game. So […]

Microsoft Teams gets support for Chrome notifications

Some time last week Microsoft pulled the lever on a Chrome web notification support for Teams

Ashen is still coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store following Xbox One launch

Both both Game Director Derek Bradley and the ID@Xbox team confirmed today that Ashen is eventually coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

Xbox boss: “I’m not a big fan of Xbox One and a half”

According to a recent interview, Xbox fans won't have to be coughing up an extra $400 for a new-and-improved Xbox One any time soon.The post Xbox boss: “I’m not a big fan of Xbox One and a half” appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft had a ‘thank you’ message hidden in binary code during Build 2016

Microsoft’s big developer conference took place this past week. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, took center stage at Build to talk about Microsoft and Windows 10. During his...

Microsoft looking to provide mapping data to HERE

Microsoft, along with Amazon, is considering joining forces with HERE: a digital mapping business, owned by German carmakers BMW, Audi, and Daimler.The post Microsoft looking to provide mapping data to HERE appeared first on WinBeta.

CSS3:边框属性 - xiazdong

前言学习这些CSS属性并不是要自己要设计多好看的样式,而是看到网上的代码能看得懂。效果本章将围绕如下效果进行解释:borderborder-width: 边框宽度。border-style: 边框样式。border-color:

How Much Pizza Costs in Different Neighborhoods Across America

Everybody loves pizza. (This guy, especially .) But not everyone enjoys equal access to pizza. Some neighborhoods have more pizza places than others, and, more importantly, pizza is more expensive some places than in others. What can you do about it? Educate yourself.Read more...    


天文学家近日在最小的一类星系 —— 矮星系中发现了超大黑洞。何谓“超大”?它的质量相当于 2100 万个太阳!  

视频演讲: Qzone在移动网络所面临的挑战与解决方案


TypeScript - 基本类型系统 - 破狼

对于程序来说我们需要基本的数据单元,如:numbers, strings, structures, boolean 等数据结构。在TypeScript中我们支持很多你所期望在JavaScript中所拥有的数据类型系统。Boolean在JavaScript和TypeScript中也具有最基本的逻辑断言...

Passengers in Siberia Had to Push a Plane Down the Tarmac to Take Off

Think you have travel woes this Thanksgiving? At least you don't have to push your own plane down a frozen tarmac in negative 61 degree temps like these travelers in Siberia did. Read more...


德国弗里德里希斯多夫2015年4月10日电 /美通社/ -- peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG 近日宣布与总部位于法国的法雷奥集团签署合作协议, 为进一步实现互联驾驶业务之快速增长独辟蹊径。


Ecocapsule 的设计理念是为您提供一个新的便携式房子和无与伦比的居住体验,让您可以直接躺在星空下睡觉。


有了巨细无遗的谷歌地球(Google Earth),百度、高德地图等,地球仪的存在仿佛已经成为了不必要。但值得庆幸的是,尽管功能上比不上电子地图,地球仪的装饰性及便利性仍然无可取代,尤其是手工制作的地球仪。

Amazon Introduces Merch By Amazon, A Way For Game Developers – Or Anyone – To Sell Print-On-Demand T

In a clever move that combines Amazon’s prowess as a large online retailer and advertising platform with its footprint in the mobile gaming market,

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