Opinion-Sharing Platform Knotch Launches A New Website And Updated App

Since downloading it six months ago, Knotch, which lets people share their opinions on a wide range of topics using an 11-color "feeling thermometer," has become one of my favorite apps because of its strong community. The startup launched a redesigned version of its iOS app today,

相关内容: Knotch that people about users their topics with l

Startups Weekly: Is Y Combinator’s latest cohort too big?

Plus, e-scooter subscription services are a thing now, the Vision Fund is betting big on autonomous delivery and Facebook almost bought Unity.

Steve Jurvetson tells all: about his new $200 million fund, his new partner, his new shopping list,

Steve Jurvetson is staging a comeback, disclosing today that his new San Francisco-based, early-stage venture firm Future Ventures, has raised $200 million for its debut fund. “It’s good to be back in the saddle again,” says Jurvetson,

Apple acquires talking Barbie voicetech startup PullString

Apple has just bought up the talent it needs to make talking toys a part of Siri, HomePod, and its voice strategy. Apple has acquired PullString, also known as ToyTalk, according to Axios’ Dan Primack and Ina Fried. The company makes voice experience design tools,

Marriott now lets you check if you’re a victim of the Starwood hack

Hotel chain giant Marriott will now let you check if you’re a victim of the Starwood hack. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it has put in place “a mechanism to enable guests to look up individual passport numbers to see if they were included in the set of unencrypted passport numbers.

Deploy the space harpoon

Watch out, starwhales.

GoTrendier raises $3.5 million to take on Spanish-language fashion marketplaces

Thanks to environmentally conscious young buyers, throwaway culture is dying not only in the U.S.,but also in Latin America — and startups are poised to jump in with services to help people recycle used clothing. GoTrendier, a peer-to-peer fashion marketplace operative in Mexico and Colombia,

Even years later, Twitter doesn’t delete your direct messages

When does “delete” really mean delete? Not always or even at all if you’re Twitter . Twitter retains direct messages for years, including messages you and others have deleted, but also data sent to and from accounts that have been deactivated and suspended. 

Maker Studios Nabs FailArmy And Other Viral Channels From Jukin Media

YouTube network Maker Studios is taking over management and monetization of a whole bunch of viral video channels that are managed by Jukin Media. The portfolio of content includes Fail Army‘s collection of fails, as well as 30 other viral video channels such as Bad Ads, The Come Up,

eBay Rolls Out New Mobile Apps Focused On Discovery And Personalized Experiences

Online marketplace eBay rolled out a series of changes to its mobile experience across both the mobile web and its native applications today, including its apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 8. The new apps are now sporting a redesigned look-and-feel,

YoVille Renamed YoWorld And Officially Acquired From Zynga By Big Viking Games

YoVillians rejoice; your kingdom is saved. Players of the social virtual world game will be excited to hear that their play can continue as YoVille, which was acquired by Zynga a few years ago, will not be shuttered as planned. Instead, it is now the wholly owned property of London,

Titanfall intro sequence makes me wish there was a full movie

Not only is Titanfall, the video game that everyone can't stop talking about, an incredibly fun game that surpasses the hype , it also has this fantastic cinematic intro sequence that makes me almost wish I could watch the movie version of Titanfall instead of playing the video game.Read more.


日前苹果投资知名蓝宝石生产公司GT Advanced Technology的消息在手机供应链界中引发了轩然大波,从买断GT未来三年的供货来看外界猜测下代iPhone可能会采用蓝宝石材质的玻璃屏幕。

三.jQuery源码解析之jQuery的框架图 - 思思博士

这张图片是对jQuery源码截图,一点一点拼出来的. 现在根据这张图片来对jQuery框架做一些说明. 一.16~9404行可以发现,最外层是一个自调用函数.当jQuery初始化时,这个自调用函数包含的所有js代码都会被执行. 二.在22行中声明的jQuer...

Codeforces Round #259 (Div. 2) - OpenSoucre

A. Little Pony and Crystal Mine水题,每行D的个数为1,3.......n-2,n,n-2,.....3,1,然后打印即可#include #include #include #include using namespace std;int main(){ int...

沙特男子妹妹出嫁 竟向求婚者索要iPhone 6

威锋网讯,在 21 世纪里似乎将自己的妹妹卖去做奴隶这种事情已经很少发生了,但你却可以用妹妹换来一台 iPhone 6。这不是一个玩笑,目前这个故事正在沙特开展。  



Windows 8/8.1市场份额略有提高 XP市场份额持续下降

Net Market Share公布了Windows操作系统最新市场报告。根据这份报告显示,Windows 8尽管不是最流行的操作系统,但是市占率在过去几个月有所增长。Windows 8/8.1的合并市占率还呈上升趋势,而Windows XP市占率是继呈下降趋势。

Dad puts his pants on without using hands, while holding a baby

We all remember the man, the legend, the trendsetter: The guy who successfully put his pants on without using handsNow, a dad has tried, and largely succeeded, to achieve the same feat at the next level of difficulty — while holding a baby in his handsSee also:

独家:Apple Watch价格全曝光(穷逼勿进)

凤凰主义从某苹果经销商处验证了Apple Watch的真实价格,据悉国内苹果经销商已经开始少量接受预定。该苹果经销商表示以下价格八九不离十,最多往上加17%。

強化運動衣 鍛煉 20 分鐘等同 3 小時運動量

時下流行劇烈的 7 分鐘健身操,宣稱只要幾分鐘時間就能達到健身效果。近日德國初創公司 Wearable Life Science 研發了一件運動衣,亦有類似神奇功效,只要穿著它鍛煉 20 分鐘,就能夠達到運動 3 小時的效果。

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