Benedict Cumberbatch is shooting 'Sherlock' and there's photo evidence

One day, our children's children will be able to download the latest season of 4D Oscar-winning Vines instantly to their eyeballs — and they will marvel in awe at the months and years our generation waited for the smallest glimpse of BBC's Sherlock.SEE ALSO:

11 ways to virtually visit Santa this holiday season

Santa Claus isn't canceling Christmas this year, but he definitely wants you to stay safe at ho-ho-home.As 2020 comes to a close, holiday celebrations will undoubtedly look a little different than they have in years pastCoronavirus cases are still rising in the United States,

How to participate in USPS's Operation Santa this year

This holiday season may look different than any other before, but one thing remains certain: Christmas is coming. And just because the pandemic is still raging throughout the U.S. doesn't mean that children don't want Santa to deliver toys. Thankfully, Santa is immune to the coronavirus,

If you've never seen an elephant baby ultrasound before, here's your chance

Asha, a 25-year-old Asian elephant residing at the Oklahoma City Zoo, is expecting a baby in February 2022. The zoo released a video of the calf's ultrasound, even pointing out the growing baby's head, trunk, and legs. If you're wondering why we have to wait over a year to meet Asha's calf,

AOC raised $200,000 for charity on her 'Among Us' Twitch stream Friday

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now a pro (or close to it) at Twitch and the popular game Among Us, having streamed to over 400,000 people back in October with fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Save $250 on Samsung's smart robot vacuum

Save $250: The Samsung R7065 robot vacuum is on sale on Amazon for $349, a 42% discount as of Nov. 28. Did you know that Samsung does a whole lot more than bring the world great TVs and fights with Apple fans over whose phone is better? Well,

Surprisingly, Apple's site has the best (only) Apple TV deal for Cyber Week

Get a free $50 gift card: Buying an Apple TV 32GB ($179) or 64GB ($199) from Apple's official site gets you a $50 Apple gift card — an indirect savings of around 25%.When it comes to Apple TV, Apple is weirdly being less stingy than Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Photos of workers and activists protesting Amazon on Black Friday

On Black Friday — the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. and the kickoff of holiday season shopping as a whole — Amazon workers in 15 countries protested the corporation in an action called #MakeAmazonPay. UNI, a global trade union based in Switzerland,

Samantha Bee: NRA makes it easy to get guns, impossible to get a tacky eagle costume

In case you somehow forgot, gun control remains a hugely contested topic in American news and politics. 145 gun injuries had occurred across the country in the 72 hours before Samantha Bee aired a piece about discrepancies in the NRA alone.SEE ALSO:

Minneapolis officials blame 'technical glitch' for tornado sirens that woke up everyone at 6 a.m.

People in Minneapolis woke up around 6 a.m. on Tuesday to the blaring sound of emergency tornado sirens. SEE ALSO: Solemn tornado broadcast interrupted by dog on lawnmowerThe weather was nice. There was not a cloud in the sky. And there was no indication of an impending aerial attack.Turns out,

Watch 3 intriguing new clips from 'Game of Thrones' Season 6

LONDON — HBO is just spoiling us now.Clearly keen to ensure that we talk about absolutely nothing else in the run up to the next Game of Thrones season, the network has followed the latest trailer with three new episode clips from Season 6.SEE ALSO:

Kano Ships Its First 18,000 Learn-To-Code Computer Kits, Fueled By $1.5M Kickstarter

Kano Computing, a startup that plays in the learn to code space by adding a step-by-step hand-holding layer atop the Raspberry Pi single-board microcomputer to make hacking around with code and learning about computational thinking child’s play,




接触手工皮具两月有余,在知乎写过一篇和皮具结缘的文章制作手工皮具需要天赋吗? ,在制作方法和工艺上逐渐有了些体会,想趁自己还有热情在,把好东西记录下来,同时分享给喜欢的朋友看。


刀塔传奇8月魂匣死灵龙已经曝光,这是一个中排法师,能在战斗中提升不俗的进攻和防御能力,大招还能替队友承担伤害。将近5W的血量及600+的双抗确保死灵龙的生存,使他在面对法系无脑进攻时更加从容。过万的法强配 ... ...

特斯拉并非无敌 可能会被无人驾驶所淘汰

特斯拉已经在众多汽车上部署了Autopilot无人驾驶技术,这是一个优势,但是特斯拉不能因此麻痹大意。国外媒体人士马修德博尔(Matthew DeBord)认为,在无人驾驶技术变革中,特斯拉仍然有可能会被摧毁,因为特斯拉Aut ... ...

iPhone 7 Plus双摄像头1300万像素 售价变相提高

可以确定的是,今年iPhone 7 Plus的双摄像头已经没跑了。现在,台湾产业链给出的消息称,台湾的致伸科技(Primax Electronics)正在悄悄赶工新iPhone所用的摄像头,而它是iPhone 7 Plus所用的双摄像头。据说要增 ... ...


北京2016年9月13日电 /美通社/ -- 9月13日,2016级李锦记希望厨师北京班开班仪式在北京市劲松职业高中举行。55名来自广西、云南、甘肃、贵州、河南、黑龙江等地的贫困青年通过了本年度李锦记希望厨师项目的笔试测验和面试考核,成为新一批“幸运儿”,顺利报到入学。李锦记酱料集团全球企业事务执行副总裁孔君道先生、李锦记中国企业事务总监赖洁珊女士、北京市劲松职业高中校长郭延峰先生、北京市劲松职业高中书记吴少君女士等嘉宾出席了本次开班仪式。


编者按:本文来源于微信公众号“数位之墙”(ID:digitalwallcom),作者黄绍麟。36氪经授权发布。长尾效应与头部效应「视频服务」其实最早是由广播电视与有线电视提供的,透过电视机播放。然而从移动互联网兴起以来,年轻观众迅速转移到了电脑与手机上。视频网站与APP纷纷转向提供大制作有版权的长视频节目, 加上崛起的短视频分享 APP、直播 APP,视频市场发展热闹非凡。在这个互联网可以加上一切的时代,如果加上视频内容会发生什么?首先,互联网最基础的理论之一:长尾效应,需要被重新思考。

毕业设计--天气预报App - 乔布斯基


滴滴出行获TechWeb 2016“鹤立奖”最具影响力产品奖

【媒体报导】12月29日消息,滴滴出行荣获TechWeb 2016鹤立奖十大互联网生活最具影响力产品奖。本届鹤立奖评选由TechWeb编辑部主办,旨在通过用户和专家的投票评选出本年度最能影响人们生活、最优秀的软硬件产品。 ... ...

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