This food delivery service allows you to order for your dog too

If your dog is the type to start panting and demanding a slice of your pizza when it gets delivered to your door, now they can eat alongside you.Foodora, a food delivery service in Australia,

Even More Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Recently, Navy Chief Marty Noe took us on a dive into the ‘colorful’ world of submariner terminology, and as a result we were flooded with emails and comments with readers wanting more or wanting to contribute. So let’s take an even deeper dive into the world of submariner lingo,

A complete guide to airline policy on emotional support animals

UPDATE: Feb. 28, 2020: The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed in January a set of rule changes for emotional support animals on passenger planes. Under the new guidelines, only service animals like guide dogs would be allowed to fly.

This gorgeous 4K TV is basically a work of art — and it's up to $1,250 off

TL;DR: Samsung's gorgeous 55-inch and 65-inch "The Frame" 4K TVs are on sale for up to $1,250 off with the code SAVE300 Feb. 28 through March 1.We've written about Samsung's "The Frame" 4K TV before, and here we are again because it's back on sale for a super low price. We're talking more than $1,

This cute tentacle robot will make you feel like a tiny Cthulhu

Not an Elder God or octopus, but still want to pick up things with tentacles? Look no further than this octopus-inspired soft robotic arm that you can use to manipulate objects. Created by the researchers at the Harvard John A.

Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' loses what made the book great

With an ambitious script, pitch-perfect soundtrack, and heartfelt performances, Netflix's All The Bright Places shows great attention to detail.From the top of Hoosier Hill to the dark waters of the Blue Hole, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch's Indiana-set romance is faithful with every frame.

Greedy snake gobbles entire beach towel, heroic vets extract the whole thing

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This Supreme Court case could criminalize online immigration activism. Here’s why.

When the Trump administration announced plans to phase out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2017 — the federal program which offers renewable legal status to undocumented immigrant children —  Twitter blew up overnight with hashtags like #HereToStay, #HomeIsHere and #DefendDACA.

Save over £200 on the Philips Series 9000 electric shaver

TL;DR: The Philips Series 9000 electric shaver is on sale for £160 on Amazon, saving you 59% on list price.This goes without saying but you should be looking after your face. You've only got one face, and you're stuck with each other for life.Your face deserves to be clean, fresh,

North Korea's latest missile launch fails on founder Kim Il Sung's birthday

SEOUL — A North Korean launch of a missile on the birthday of its revered founder appears to have failed, South Korean and U.S. defense officials said Friday.The officials provided few details, including the type of missile, of what would be an embarrassing failure, if confirmed.

'Orphan Black' premiere welcomes a new clone with a blast from the past

Marty and Doc aren't the only ones who can time travel.On the Orphan Black Season 4 premiere, the action jumped back in time to when Beth was still alive and Sarah was just a LEDA clone on the looseSEE ALSO: Amazing news, Clone Club:

Yep, technology is even disrupting competitive hot air ballooning

Competitive hot air ballooning may not be a sport you've given much thought, but it too, is feeling the chilly winds of "disruption." An app created by Australian developer Sean Kavanagh, OziTarget, is partly to blame.Kavanagh works for Kavanagh Balloons in Sydney,


导语:所谓的用户体验,其实也没那么复杂,只要比对手早一点点儿发现痛点、快一点点儿解决掉就足够了。   今天从一根小小的体温计谈起。   

SpaceX将进行新一轮融资 估值接近10亿美元

TechCrunch日前了解到,埃隆·穆斯克(Elon Musk)创办的商业太空运输初创企业Space Exploration Technologies将进行新一轮融资,但本轮融资对其估值可能不到100亿美元。




【APUE】Chapter12 补充 - 承续缘

补充记录12.8 Threads and Signals 以及 12.9 Threads and fork两部分只有两个小节,但是断断续续看了几次,争取用不同的例子尽量多理解这两部分内容。有理解的不深刻,不正确的地方,以后再求改正。12.


在自制电脑俱乐部里,我们提到过一个人,叫亚当·奥斯伯恩。奥斯伯恩出生于泰国。1961年,22岁的亚当来到美国。 ...

Failing To Find Users, Dropbox Will Shut Down Mailbox In February 2016 And Carousel In March

Dropbox, the file hosting and cloud storage company with 400 million users, has been struggling to hold up its $10 billion valuation in the face of scrutiny from investors and observers, and now it looks like the other shoe is dropping as the company streamlines its business.


微信公众号:科坛春秋  硅谷精神教父、科技商业预言家凯文凯利在斯坦福大学进行了长达 3 个小时分享,畅谈他对未来 20 年重大商业科技潮流的见解。  精彩观点:  1、下一个时代是氧气的时代。在不久的将来 ... ...

22nd Century与FDA会晤,讨论具有历史意义的改良风险烟草产品申报全球最低尼古丁烟草香烟

“预防2千万人过早死亡的最有前景的监管政策选择” 纽约州克拉伦斯 -- (美国商业资讯) -- 22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE MKT: XXII)是一家植物生物科技公司,也是烟草减害领域的领先者,该公司今天宣布,上周该公司与美国食品药品管理局(FDA)的管理人员及其指派的科学评审人员会晤,对该公司的改良风险烟草产品(MRTP)申报BRAND A极低尼古丁(VLN)香烟进行评审。   FDA收到22nd Century的MRTP申请后,立即与该公司联系,并在FDA总部召集了一场会议(距该公司递交日期不到14天),讨论申请和审批流程。

Apple Beefs Up Its Security Team By Hiring Zero-Day Exploit Team

Remember Thunderstrike 2? Last summer, Xeno Kovah and Trammell Hudson unveiled a serious zero-day vulnerability in OS X letting malware creators completely brick your Mac without any way to reset it to its factory status.

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