Ebay Enterprise merges with Innotrac to become Radial

Ebay sold off its enterprise unit to a consortium of companies led by private equity firm Permira last year. That consortium included Sterling Partners, Longview Asset Management and Innotrac. Today, eBay Enterprise and Innotrac, a global e-commerce fulfillment firm,

Okay, one final Form D note

Some more comments from readers on the changing culture around startups filing their Form Ds with the SEC, and then a short update on SoftBank and a bunch more article reviews. We are experimenting with new content forms at TechCrunch.

Twitter, those ‘verified’ bitcoin-pushing pillocks are pissing everyone off

Elon Musk’s tweets piss me off for two reasons. When he’s not accusing actual heroes of sex crimes or trolling the federal government, it’s what comes after that drives me batshit.

BlaBlaCar to acquire Ouibus and offer bus service

French startup BlaBlaCar is announcing plans to acquire Ouibus, the bus division of France’s national railway company SNCF. For the first time, BlaBlaCar is moving beyond carpooling and plans to offer both long-distance carpooling rides and bus rides.

Chappy, the Bumble-backed dating app for gay men, inks partnership with GLAAD

Chappy, the dating app for gay men, has today announced a partnership with GLAAD. As part of the partnership, Chappy will make a donation to GLAAD for each conversation initiated on the dating app, from now throughout 2019. The company won’t disclose the amount of the donation,

With the Paris Call, Macron wants to limit cyberattacks

French President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech at the Internet Governance Forum at the UNESCO in Paris. While the IGF has been around for a while, it hasn’t been as active as some would have hoped. That’s why the French government is issuing the Paris Call,

Enterprise shopping season starts early with almost $50B in recent deals

Black Friday may be still be 10 days away, but shopping season started early in the enterprise this year. We have seen acquisitions totaling almost $50 billion in the last couple of months alone, topped by the mega $34 billion IBM-Red Hat deal two weeks ago. What exactly is going on here?

Audioburst turns the best part of podcasts into personalized news briefs

Tel Aviv-based Audioburst has been developing a search engine for audio news, which allows users to locate audio content within podcast and other talk radio programs. Today,

Viber adds end-to-end encryption, hidden chats, universal delete as messaging app privacy grows

Following WhatsApp’s move to add end-to-end encryption to its platform, another big messaging company is joining the wave of apps turning on expanded privacy features.

theSkimm expands beyond newsletters with Skimm Ahead, a subscription calendar service

Since launching in 2012, theSkimm has built up a big audience for its email newsletter — founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin told me they have more than 3.5 million active subscriptions, with a daily open rate of 40 percent. Today the New York City startup is launching its first iPhone app,

Ninja Van raises $30M to build a regional logistics network in Southeast Asia

Singapore-based Ninja Van today announced $30 million Series B round aimed at building it into the go-to partner for anyone selling online in Southeast Asia. Read More

U.S. Millionaires Hit All-Time High and Other News You Need to Know

Welcome to this morning's edition of "First To Know," a series in which we keep you in the know on what's happening around the world. Today, we're looking at five important storiesItems found at the site of Paul Walker’s fatal car crash are up for auction,

Java 8 Officially Released

darthcamaro writes "Oracle today officially released Java 8, nearly two years after Java 7, and after much delay. The new release includes a number of critical new features, including Lambda expressions and the new Nashorn JavaScript engine. Java 8, however,

Firefox 28发布,加入VP9视频解码

Mozilla发布了桌面版和移动版的Firefox 28。

NASA 製作 32 億像素自拍地球照

自拍風潮席捲全球,前陣子 NASA 開展了一個 #GlobalSelfie 活動,收集全球各地的自拍照之後,就拼合在一起,成為巨型的著名「藍色彈珠」地球照片。閱讀全文

Google Now Launcher 现在支持所有 Android 4.1 或以上的手机

虽然 Google Now Launcher 已经推出了一段日子,不过它只是预载在 Nexus 5 以及供 Google Play Edition 的装置下载使用,其他手机还是要等到现在才能用到呢。这个 launcher...


上海2014年9月14日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,全国各地的大型音乐选秀节目受到观众的热捧,收视率一路飙升。

Apple still uses Windows XP in its production factories -- It's time to upgrade guys

Hey Apple! 2001 called, they want their decade old operating system back. It's no secret that Apple uses Windows across a number of production lines for a number of Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and many other Apple products,



If adults argued like adorable kids, the world would be a better place

This colors debate is getting pretty intense.Two parents perfectly lip sync their children's heated conversation about colors, as they playfully argue from the backseat.Let's hope their discussion on shapes is equally as riveting.


大数据实际上是营销的科学导向的自然演化。大数据思维有三个纬度——定量思维、相关思维、实验思维。   第一,定量思维,即提供更多描述性的信息,其原则是一切皆可测。

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