Ebay Enterprise merges with Innotrac to become Radial

Ebay sold off its enterprise unit to a consortium of companies led by private equity firm Permira last year. That consortium included Sterling Partners, Longview Asset Management and Innotrac. Today, eBay Enterprise and Innotrac, a global e-commerce fulfillment firm,

Marvel superheroes like Loki and Scarlet Witch may get their own streaming shows

It looks like we’re getting more details about the superhero side of Disney’s planned (and apparently still-unnamed) streaming service, thanks to a story in Variety. We already knew that the Disney service would include original Marvel and Star Wars shows. On the Star Wars side,

Wove raises $9M to help companies form strategic marketing partnerships

After rebranding earlier this year and scrapping pretty much their whole mobile ads business, Wove, formerly known as TapFwd, has a fresh plan to disrupt the marketing industry. Co-founders Eddie Siegel and Alex Wasserman have built what they call a brand collaboration network,

EU antitrust regulator eyeing Amazon’s use of merchant data

The European Union’s competition commission is looking into how Amazon uses data from retailers selling via its ecommerce marketplace, Reuters reports. Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager revealed the action today during a press conference.

Ghostery revamps its privacy-focused mobile browsers

Ghostery is launching new versions of its browsers for iOS and Android. In fact, Director of Product Jeremy Tillman said this is the first big update to Ghostery’s mobile browsers in several years. It’s not that mobile wasn’t a priority for the team before this, but Tillman said,

iOS 12.1 beta hints at new iPad Pro

iOS 12 is still brand new, but Apple is already testing iOS 12.1 with a developer beta version. Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo found references to a brand new iPad that would support Face ID. First, there are changes to Face ID.

Fresh out of Y Combinator, Leena AI scores $2M seed round

Leena AI, a recent Y Combinator graduate focusing on HR chatbots to help employees answer questions like how much vacation time they have left, announced a $2 million seed round today from a variety of investors.

Adblock Plus maker has a new taskforce to fight publisher efforts to reinject ads

In the arms race of ad blocking there’s clearly never a dull moment as efforts to block ads are combated by publisher and platform countermeasures trying to fox the blocks. This is why Adblock Plus maker, eyeo,

Viber adds end-to-end encryption, hidden chats, universal delete as messaging app privacy grows

Following WhatsApp’s move to add end-to-end encryption to its platform, another big messaging company is joining the wave of apps turning on expanded privacy features.

theSkimm expands beyond newsletters with Skimm Ahead, a subscription calendar service

Since launching in 2012, theSkimm has built up a big audience for its email newsletter — founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin told me they have more than 3.5 million active subscriptions, with a daily open rate of 40 percent. Today the New York City startup is launching its first iPhone app,

Ninja Van raises $30M to build a regional logistics network in Southeast Asia

Singapore-based Ninja Van today announced $30 million Series B round aimed at building it into the go-to partner for anyone selling online in Southeast Asia. Read More

Elite Group of Researchers Rule Scientific Publishing

sciencehabit writes Publishing is one of the most ballyhooed metrics of scientific careers, and every researcher hates to have a gap in that part of his or her CV. Here's some consolation: A new study finds that very few scientists—fewer than 1%—manage to publish a paper every year.

The World’s First Commercial Space Launchpad Is To Be in South Texas

Elon Musk has announced that Space X is to build the world's first commercial space launchpad—and it will be near Brownsville in south Texas, reportedly America's most impoverished region.Read more...



Nexus 6英国售价499英镑起 价高量少引不满

谷歌正式公布将于英国销售的Nexus 6智能手机价格,摩托罗拉官网宣称现在已经接受订单,供货量仍旧非常有限。Nexus 6在英国仍延续其高价政策,32GB无锁免SIM卡版Nexus 6售价为499英镑,64GB版本则高达549英镑。

【報價】$12,990 買 5 軸防震 Sony A7 II

今日 Sony 發佈全新 A7 II 全片幅無反機身,最大賣點是加入機身五軸防震功能,可提供 4.5 級防震效果,像素維持 2,430 萬像素,但對焦速度將會比上代快 30%。(以下有更多資料。)The post 【報價】$12,

手机淘宝双12“全民开彩” 用户中了1000万

北京时间 12 月 14 日上午消息,双 12 当天,手机淘宝全民开彩活动狂派 1323 万注彩票,其中有网友中了 1000 万元。  中奖淘宝用户获悉消息后,第一反应竟是,我要看看是哪位朋友帮我开彩的,赶紧好好感谢他去 ... ...

'Teletubbies' in black and white is the tenth circle of hell

Well, we found the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.After a spooky, black-and-white image of the already trippy Teletubbies went viral on Twitter on Thursday, a musician created an even creepier post-punk music video starring the characters, devoid of all color.

7 tips to harness your inner squid powers in 'Splatoon'

Getting good at Splatoon is messy business.Nintendo's original shooter, which pits teams of squid-kid hybrids against each other in colorful, fast-paced battles, is already gaining a lot of attention the Wii U.


Typo创新公司去年为iPhone 5和5S推出了键盘保护套之后,该公司被黑莓起诉侵犯专利,现在,Typo已经和黑莓达成和解,不再为屏幕小于7.9英寸的智能手机或者智能设备推出键盘保护套。

特斯拉中国市场回暖 新车型Model X将上市

10亿英里(约合16亿公里),足够让马斯克的SpaceX公司的猎鹰9号火箭往返地球与火星13次。但现在,这一荣耀只属于在全球累计行驶里程已经达到10亿英里特斯拉Model S。“我们将向下一个10亿英里进发。

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