Grand St Launches Self-Serve Marketplace For Hardware Makers To List Their Goods

Online retailer Grand St wants to be the go-to spot for interesting new hardware to be sold online. But after curating a daily selection of goods, the company is opening up its e-commerce shop for any hardware to list goods to be sold,

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Powered by Pano, focused on gaming: Google to announce Android TV at Google I/O in June

Google is going to launch its new TV platform Android TV at Google I/O in June. Here's all you need to know about the politics, strategy and technology behind it.

In The U.S. Smart Home Market, Don’t Rule Out China

It’s no secret that the smart home is a hot industry generating big-time buzz from VCs and large technology companies alike. The dream of a fully automated and connected home, where control of every device is at its owner’s fingertips, has attracted leading innovators. Read More

Is Mobile Gaming The New Core Gaming?

With mobile gaming revenue set to eclipse console next and year and PC by 2017, the question should be asked whether what we currently call “core” gaming really is any such thing any more. Or are mobile phone games the true inheritors of that mantle. Read More

The Era Of Good-Enough Smartphones

And they aren’t just getting affluent consumers to purchase them. As NPD Group data shows from 2013, iPhone sales grew 64 percent among consumers with incomes below $30,000. One reason for this sales growth is that both companies have provided consumers with more affordable options,

Sources: Amazon Plans ‘Prime For Business’, Folding AmazonSupply Into Big B2B Play

Amazon last week disclosed that its Amazon Web Services business made nearly $1.6 billion in revenues last quarter with profits of $265 million, but that is not the only effort the e-commerce, cloud and distribution giant is making on the B2B front.

13 People Who Could Be Twitter’s Next CEO

So far we’ve heard the board is looking for someone who can focus solely on Twitter (and not some other *cough Square) company, is a heavy tweeter, and gets the product. There’s also significant interest to bring in a woman or minority to do the job. Rumors continue to swirl,

The Ascent Of Early-Stage Venture Capital

Early-stage funding by angels and venture capital firms is growing in size and impact on the technology industry. Last year, U.S. venture capital firms raised 10 percent less than in 2012, but VC funds focused on early-stage investing raised $9.37 billion, a jump of 51 percent,

47 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Winter 2015 Demo Day 2

Y Combinator got so big, it had to split its Demo Day in two. During today’s second wave we saw a variety of promising biotech, marketplace, enterprise, and financial tech startups. Yesterday we chronicled 50 consumer, B2B, developer, and hardware companies. With bigger and bigger batches,

The Samsung Gear VR Is Your Window Into The Future

Virtual reality is a reality…in the sense that the hardware, software and content stars are finally aligning to make the platform approachable by more than just hardcore developers, gamers and hobbyists.

Google Announces Chromecast 2 And Chromecast Audio To Bring Intelligence To Your Living Room

Google is ready to take over your living room. The company has announced version 2 of its Chromecast product, along with a new Chromecast Audio, which turns any speaker with an AUX out into an Internet-connected device. I got to spend some time with these little devices and they are powerhouses.

Investors in LatAm get bitten by the hotel investment bug as Ayenda raises $8.7 million

Some of Latin America’s leading venture capital investors are now backing hotel chains. In fact, Ayenda, the largest hotel chain in Colombia, has raised $8.7 million in a new round of funding, according to the company. Led by Kaszek Ventures,

SpaceX said to be seeking around $250 million in funding, boosting valuation to roughly $36 billion

SpaceX is looking to raise around $250 million in new funding according to a new report from CNBC’s Michael Sheetz. The additional cash would bring SpaceX’s total valuation to around $36 billion, according to CNBC’s sources – an increase of more than $2.

Trump’s Election Day YouTube takeover plan feels very different in 2020

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Trump campaign called dibs on some of the most prized ad space online in the days leading up to the 2020 U.S. election. Starting in early November and continuing onto Election Day itself, the campaign will reportedly command YouTube’s masthead,

Dear Sophie: I need the latest details on the new H-1B registration process

The U.S. government has shared much more information about changes to the H-1B visa program in recent weeks.

Report: Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney is stepping down as CEO as growth slows

Tyler Haney, the founder and chief executive of activewear label Outdoor Voices, has stepped down, according to the Business of Fashion. We’ve reached out to Haney directly, as well as board members from the venture firms that have backed the company,

Hot Wheels made two remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck toys

Hot Wheels will ship you a Cybertruck long before Tesla is likely to make any deliveries on their electric retro-future wheels trapezoid: The toy maker just unveiled two different RC Cybertruck models, including a 1:64 scale model at just $20 – and a much larger 1:10 scale version for $400.

Do AI startups have worse economics than SaaS shops?

A few days ago, Andreessen Horowitz’s Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein published an interesting piece digging into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) startups, and, more specifically, how those companies perform as businesses.

Humble Bundle Switches To Steam-Like Region-Based Pricing For The Humble Store

Video game store Humble Bundle announced that the Humble Store has switched to more traditional Steam-like prices, with different prices depending on your region. European customers will have to pay more for some games if the publisher chooses to set higher prices in Europe.

New 2014 HTC One Leaked In Gold With Dual Camera And Twin Flash

HTC is set to unveil its next-generation flagship phone, and all indications are that it will continue what it has accomplished with last year’s HTC One, but with some tweaks and enhancements to push things forward.

The First Bitcoin ATM In The US Is Opening In Austin, Texas

USA! USA! We are now officially almost as good as Canada! Why? Because the folks at Robocoin are officially turning on the first US-based Bitcoin ATM at the HandleBar in Austin, Texas where you can mosey on up to the machine, slip in some dollars, and come away with some cryptocurrency.

越南手机厂商Q-Mobile推出五款新WP 8.1手机

越南手机厂商Q-Mobile一口气在越南本地市场推出了五款全新WP 8.1手机。这些手机均有着不错的配置与低廉的售价,最高不超过400万越南盾(约188美元),五款手机均搭载了高通的1.2Ghz处理芯片。

Return of 'Once Upon a Time' featured an epic villain team up

It's been a long winter without the Once Upon a Time gang, but we were reunited in a big way after the show's three-month hiatus. The episode — aptly titled "Darkness on the Edge of Town" — not only brought two-thirds of the Queens of Darkness (Ursula and Cruella de Vil,







(二十)WebGIS中图层树功能的设计和实现 - Naa

1.背景在GIS的桌面工具中,比如arcgis desktop或者Supermap desktop等工具,均会有图层控制栏工具,即LayerController。通过勾选图层控制栏中的图层选择框,可以实现图层是否展示等,并且还可以设置该图层的相关属性。


農曆新年將至,又是一年一度的華語賀歲片大戰上演之時。猶記得小時候,自己總會在新年假期與親戚們浩浩蕩蕩入戲院睇戲,印象最深的除了有成龍不復再的經典作如《紅番區》、《城市獵人》,還有至今仍是個人最愛的西遊記改篇故事、周星馳的《西遊記第壹佰零壹回之月光寶盒》。但近年自己對華語賀歲片的興趣已經大不如前,而今年的更是叫我完全卻步。The post 艾域:「今年入場睇賀歲港產片?還是算了好嗎。」 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Erdogan’s latest media takeover is about more than just one newspaper

ISTANBUL—This week, the world once again witnessed Turkish riot police fire tear gas and water cannons on a crowd of protesters as the government took over Turkey’s top selling newspaper, Zaman, seeking to eradicate the country’s last remaining effective voice of criticism in the press.See also:

OneNote helps educator organize special education

Special education teacher at Sammamish High School writes on behalf of her institution, extolling the effect Microsoft’s OneNote app.The post OneNote helps educator organize special education appeared first on WinBeta.

视频演讲: 社交数据的征信探索之路

近年来,“互联网+”成为新闻热点,而在国家相关政策的大力支持下,互联网金融应运而生并快速发展,“小而散”的长尾市场得以激活;而与此同时,机构与客户之间所存在的信息不对称,导致信用风险持续存在并越发突出。但由于传统的征信模式存在明显局限,征信壁垒难以打破,其发展速度已经很难满足经济社会高速发展的内在需求。要解决上述问题,如何充分获取信息并对信息进行有效使用和管理就显得极为关键。而QQ社交征信团队正是希望通过深入分析挖掘社交大数据,充分发挥其在信用风险管理领域的应用价值。 By 潘宣良

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