High-speed chase ends with police beating suspect on live TV

A high-speed chase that began in Holden, Massachusetts, ended nearly 45 miles to the northeast in Nashua, New Hampshire, with authorities beating the surrendering suspect on live television.SEE ALSO: Woman leads police on a high-speed chase in real-life Mystery MachineThe suspect,

Huawei's founder says the company is well-prepared for U.S. restrictions

It's been a tricky few days for Huawei, but its leader remains defiant.Ren Zhengfei, the Chinese tech giant's CEO and founder, told state media outlet the Global Times on Tuesday that the company is well-prepared for U.S. sanctions,

'Game of Thrones' meets 'Full House' in the most cringeworthy crossover ever

Uncle Joey can't get a pickle jar open. Danny Tanner throws down some life advice. Uncle Jaime won't stop bangin' his sister. All the Full House elements are here!In the crossover special you never saw coming, Game of Thrones meets Full House — thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

Your heart will go on for Céline Dion in 'Carpool Karaoke'

Céline Dion has a song for every moment, as you'll see in her appearance on another episode of Carpool Karaoke.The Canadian singer joined James Corden for a cruise through Las Vegas, where they sang her biggest hits including "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," "Because You Loved Me,

Huawei gets temporary relief from its U.S. ban

The Trump administration is temporarily easing its ban on Huawei.In an announcement on Monday, the U.S. Department of Commerce said it would be giving the Chinese tech giant a 90-day exemption from trade restrictions, thanks to a Temporary General License (TGL).Last week,

Facebook data reportedly helps companies guess your credit score

Facebook may know even more about your personal life than you think.Some advertisers are able to use Facebook-provided data to target ads based on a user's credit score. This is all according to a new report in The Intercept, which raises fresh questions about the company's data sharing deals.

Gmail freaks out users by saying a 'new device signed in to' their account

Don't freak out. On Monday afternoon, Gmail mistakenly sent multiple users a security alert, notifying them that an unknown device had signed into their account. The number of affected users is currently unknown. However, according to a G Suite admin who chose to remain anonymous,

Best graduation gifts for her: 50 gift ideas for college grads

Springtime means bright blooms, longer days, and a new class that's getting ready to graduate. For you that means watching a woman you're proud of accept her diploma, which also means you need to find the perfect gift for her.Depending on her interests,

MVP life: Steph Curry's house is for sale, so let's take a tour

Riley stole the show again Tuesday when her father Steph Curry accepted his second consecutive NBA MVP awardBut that's not all America's first family is up to these days (sorry, Obamas). The Currys also moved recentlySEE ALSO:

Scenes of devastation in Fort McMurray, Canada following massive wildfire

The massive fire that claimed 2,400 buildings in Fort McMurray, Canada continues to burn, but fortunately away from city limits. Local officials estimate that 85% to 90% of Fort McMurray was spared by the more than weeklong blaze.The heart of Alberta's oil industry remained shut down on Wednesday,

MVP life: Steph Curry's house is for sale, so let's take a tour

Riley stole the show again Tuesday when her father Steph Curry accepted his second consecutive NBA MVP awardBut that's not all America's first family is up to these days (sorry, Obamas). The Currys also moved recentlySEE ALSO:


《纽约客》记者欧逸文在《纽约时报》上谈论了他的新书《野心时代:在新中国追逐财富、真相和信念》在中国大陆接受出版审查最终放弃出版简体版的经历: 自从中国始皇帝的统治以来,中国的领导者一直重视审查制度。


高通去年已经发布旗下首款智能手表 Toq,售价 250 美元,有黑白版本。三星今年也已经发布新一代 Gear 手表,LG 和摩托罗拉正在忙着为 Android Wear 可穿戴设备做准备。

自制Android小游戏--猜数字游戏Version 0.1 - whatbeg


These Lovely Prints Are a Last-Minute Gift That Won't Seem Desperate 

It's pretty late in the game to be shopping for any kind of gift right now—with only a couple of hours left, you've got a pretty meager list of store options to choose from, beginning with the gas station and ending with your own room .



NayuOS:Chrome OS的自由软件替代

Chromebook笔记本电脑上运行的是Google私有的Chrome OS,用户的数据都储存在Google的服务器上。Nexedi正在进行的一个项目是Chrome OS的自由软件替代NayuOS,改进隐私保护和可定制性。NayuOS使用一个定制版的Chromium OS,没有私有的BIOS,使用 Guest模式,不需要任何 Google账号,也不会与Google服务同步,只运行自由软件。开发者称,NayuOS现在已经足以能满足大部分需求。

MLlearning(2)——simHash算法 - Darksun2010

这篇文章主要讲simHash算法。这是一种LSH(Locality-Sensitive Hashing,局部敏感哈希)的简单实现。它是广泛用于数据去重的算法,可以用于相似网站、图片的检索。而且当两个样本差别并不大时,算法仍能起效。值得一提的是,该算法的时空复杂度不存在与维度有关的项,所以不会遭遇维度

Television Academy expands Emmy categories to include digital content

LOS ANGELES — For the first time ever, the Television Academy will expand its Primetime Emmy Awards short form category to include content from digital creators and distributors.Image: screenshot"Our industry is aggressively,


接受本次调研的品牌中,有97%的品牌认同良好的移动体验会给消费者的品牌忠诚度带来积极的影响,然而40%的品牌还没有一个移动营销策略。 加利福尼亚州索萨利托2016年5月10日电 /美通社/ -- Sitecore®,全球领先的体验管理软件企业发布了其全球消费者调研结果的第二部分。这项调研是与Vanson Bourne共同进行的,调研了来自 11 个国家的 450 名品牌市场营销人员对于消费者移动体验的态度和策略。 徽标 - http://photos.prnewswire.



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