500 Startups Partner George Kellerman Joins Paul Singh’s Crystal Tech Fund

500 Startups Venture Partner George Kellerman is jumping ship to join former colleague Paul Singh to be part of his Crystal Tech Fund, which was launched earlier this year. He will be doing the same thing he did at the old one -- that is, fundraising and general operations stuff. Read More

相关内容: that fund with which Singh Crystal Startups Keller

British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the view in the British Airways social media cockpit, where staffers at the coalface of the airline’s Twitter account have presided over a wildly unusual ‘interpretation’ of Europe’s new data protection rules. One that, er,

Amazon sponsors new Disrupt SF 2018 Virtual Hackathon prizes

Our first Virtual Hackathon, which takes place at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 on September 5-7, is shaping up to be a world-class showdown. Thousands of the world’s best programmers, hackers, marketers, designers and developers will compete.

Cloudflare recruits state and local governments for free election site security program

After launching a free program to protect election systems last December, Cloudflare has an update on how things are going. The program, known as the Athenian Project, provides Cloudflare’s services for free to state and local government websites that administer elections,

One day, Google’s Fuchsia OS may become a real thing

Every few months, Google’s Project Fuchsia makes the rounds in the tech press. And for good reason, given that this is Google’s first attempt at developing a new open-source kernel and operating system. Of course, there are few secrets about it,

Amazon’s new AR Part Finder helps you shop for those odd nuts and bolts

Got an odd screw, nut, bolt, washer or fastener you need to buy more of, but have no idea to how to find the right one? Amazon’s AR “Part Finder” can help. The company has rolled out a new feature on mobile that lets you point your camera at the item in question, so Amazon […]

Malta paves the way for a decentralized stock exchange

Malta AKA “Blockchain Island” has been making waves lately in the world of cryptocurrency and governance. Their latest move involves the crypto exchange Binance and the ICO builders at Neufund. The plan is simple: Neufund will help MSX, the Malta Stock Exchange’s skunkworks,

Some MacBook Pro users complain about throttling issues

The new MacBook Pro has a thermal issue. YouTuber Dave Lee found out that the top-performing MacBook Pro can’t operate at full speed for a long time because it gets too hot. According to him, a video export in Adobe Premiere Pro is taking longer on a brand new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core […]

Watch The Nymi Heartbeat Identification Wristband Personalize Its Wearer’s PC

Toronto-based hardware startup Bionym gave a special public demo of their Nymi ECG authentication and identification wristband at the monthly We Are Wearables event yesterday, and talked a bit about their product in more detail, now that it’s well on its way to production.

FCC Chairman Promises To Regulate The Internet As A Utility If Needed To Protect Net Neutrality

In a sternly worded blog post today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler further explained his views on net neutrality, detailing how he plans to implement them. Most important in his comments is a promise to regulate Internet service as a utility if needed. Wheeler is plain:

Food Ordering Site Delivery.com Expands To Hong Kong

Delivery.com is launching outside the U.S. for the first time with a new site in Hong Kong that provides online food ordering and delivery to corporate consumers. The company is backed with an undisclosed amount of venture capital from its lead investor Cantor Ventures,

The Design Of Abba's Clothing Was Actually A Form Of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba's stagewear was not just influenced by the sequined needs of being a dancing queen; the design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion. Read more...    



7 Super-Specific Dating Sites That Only the Internet Could Spawn

The Internet is many things: a mine of cute animal photos, a great way to waste time and, most importantly, a resource that can help you find almost anything you want — including a partner.



If You Drink Milk and Don't Get Sick, You're a Mutant

Milk is full of a sugar called lactose, which needs a special enzyme called lactase to break it down. But children used to stop producing the enzyme around the age of 4 or 5—and those of us who still make it are, in fact, mutants.Read more...

Huawei announces resilient Talkband B1 with IP57 dust and water protection

A video demonstrating the new device showed its capabilities as a health and fitness monitor including a pop out Bluetooth headset that allows it to be used to take phone calls.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Simply Layering Solar Cells Could Make Them as Cheap as Natural Gas

It's not uncommon to focus on excotic solutions to making solar power more efficient: new materials, complex tracking systems or unusual physical phenomena. But what about just stacking them on top of each other?Read more...


不久前,微信公众平台新添了“微信连WiFi”插件。当微信用户接近加入该计划的商户时,用户只要通过微信就能登录该商户的WiFi。而微信连 WIFI 只是微信 O2O 布局中的一招新棋。


遊戲對於我們來說,都是消磨時間或者休閒的工具,帶來互動的娛樂經驗。 在刺激的遊戲體驗以外,遊戲其實也可以是一個很豐富的說故事方式,帶來娛樂以外的價值。繼續閱讀了解更多。



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