IDC: Tablet shipments drop off in the face of strong phablet competition

A rise in phablet purchases and consumers wary of buying a second tablet has hurt the market that showed a lower than projected rise in shipments in the first three months of the year.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: cent market share quarter million tablets from gro

Oracle slammed for underpaying women and minorities

Company alledgedly saved $400 million by paying women and people of colour less.

UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

Teachers believe technology helps with learning, but many don't feel confident using it

McAfee finds entirely new ransomware strain

Anatova is asking for DASH.

Over half of PC software is out-of-date

In many cases, the operating system itself is outdated.

Universities lead the way in public sector cloud adoption

Educational institutions are enjoying the scalability and agility cloud provides.

2018 hacks indicate importance of threat detection

Companies continue to fail to detect anomalous network activity, but it’s not often this kind of activity has been going on for so long without being flagged.

Why a ‘single-pane’ work experience is critical for enterprise success

Less is more when it comes to employee engagement, which is why businesses should consider implementing strategies that pull disparate systems into one destination.

LG G3 mass production gets underway ahead of 27-28 May launch events

Reports in Korea have stated that LG expects to shift 10 million of the new smartphone and it will hold launch events across two days in a total of six different cities.Read more:

Smart umbrella prototype will address shortfall in expensive rain gauges

Umbrellas that measure the rain drops falling on the canvas could help to measure weather around the world and would cost a lot less than the scientific gauges that are currently used. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

HootSuite adds uberVU data expertise to main dashboard

The recent acquisition will see its Boards added to HootSuite’s service that will allow customised data views to be created that make it more simple to gain insights.Read more:



台湾民众热衷淘宝网购物 当局严查偷漏税行为


People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

schwit1 (797399) writes with news that a UK study has found that folks concerned about climate change don't do much to conserve power at home. From the article:

Facebook 的藍色小恐龍將陪伴大家一起進行隱私設定

圖片來源: Facebook閱讀全文

Man, the Original Star Wars Trilogy Was a Bloodbath

When I think back on watching Star Wars as a kid, I remember it as a pretty tame. After all, those stormtroopers had terrible aim. Turns out that maybe I'm misremembering. That original trilogy was kind of a bloodbath, and this supercut from Digg turns it into a tidy little 3-minute snuff film.



Impressive video shows how a camera works as seen from the inside

Many people know how a camera works—at least conceptually. In the practice, it's not easy to imagine (in fact, it truly blows my mind if I really think of it.) This excellent 3D visualization shows exactly how the photo is taken. Very very neat.Read more...




9月23日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯:  1.【浅析产品经理需要分析与提供方案的技能】在大多数公司里,一个优秀的产品经理不仅仅是提出需求,而且需要提供合理的完成方案。

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