How to create an effective cloud security strategy

It's important for companies to map out a specific cloud security strategy before storing and sharing their business data via cloud solutions. Here's how to do it. Read more:

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MobileIron Wants To Be Your Cloud Content Security Umbrella

MobileIron is introducing a new Content Security Services (CSS) today that provides IT with a cloud security umbrella to set document protections across a variety of services, even when employees save documents to a personal account. In today’s BYOD (bring-your-own-device) world,

Book Review: Architecting the Cloud

benrothke writes Most books about cloud computing are either extremely high-level quasi-marketing tomes about the myriad benefits of the cloud without any understanding of how to practically implement the technology under discussion.

Notion’s Connected Sensors Aim To Serve You All Sorts Of Home Alerts

The march of sensors into our homes to furnish and flesh out the concept of the automated ‘smart home’ continues apace, rallied by the advent of device certification programs like Apple’s HomeKit initiative. To that end meet Notion,

Satya Nadella Delivers Microsoft State of Security Address

Satya Nadella came to Washington, DC this morning, and delivered The Microsoft State of Security address, laying out Microsoft’s security vision and all of the tools and technologies that entails. Speaking at the Microsoft Government Cloud Forum, he articulated the company security strategy.

Intel Outlines The Ways Your Car Can Be Hacked

Intel, the manufacturer of the majority of chips and processors included in most personal computers on sale today, have now started investigating and developing new methods of hack-proofing automobiles.Read more...

The Patriot Act Is Cannibalizing America’s Economic Edge

Editor’s Note: Amit Patel is the chief financial officer of HighQ.You would think that when tech companies, the ACLU and the NRA unite for the same cause, the federal government would listen.

Box CEO Aaron Levie Talks IPO Delay And Growth Strategies

Regardless, Levie didn’t have much time to savor the moment. He told TechCrunch in a wide-ranging interview last month that Box has no intention of standing still and he discussed his plans to keep the company growing, while trying to find ways to get more efficient.

IT pros are hugely underestimating numbers in terms of bring-your-own-app

BYOA is a growing phenomenon, much like BYOD – except IT pros don’t realise the extent to which staff are using their own apps in the workplace.Read more:

Coding In The Cloud Era Demands A Structural Rethink To Bake In Security And Privacy

Protecting privacy in an age of big data, cloud processing and increasingly interconnected digital services demands a structural shift in how software is developed. Read More

Omni Is Cloud Storage For Your Physical Stuff

Omni is trying to find a solution for the problem of shrinking apartments and rising rent in urban areas. The company launched their iOS app in the Apple App Store today, the first full release of a product that has been in the works for a while.

AWS Ground Station ties your messy cloud network together

Renting out satellites just got a whole lot cheaper, Amazon says.

Plume Q&A: TalkTalk partnership discussed

Fahri Diner, CEO and co-founder of Plume, talks to IT Pro Portal.

Cybersecurity workers don’t have the tools they need

Many employees have too many tools that just add to the confusion.

CIOs and IT directors are missing out on valuable insights from collected voice data

IT leaders are missing out on valuable insights from voice data collection and analysis.

Trump says Huawei could still be part of trade deal

A ray of hope for the Chinese tech giant.

Has the micro-mobility bubble burst?

An exploration of the current state of the micro-mobility market.

British firms still don't have cyber resiliency plans in place, despite GDPR

An email attack is imminent and they know it.

EE’s Kestrel takes off, budget 4G phone now on sale for £99

4G has never been cheaper, with the handset costing £99 on PAYG with a bonus 10GB of data coming with your initial £10 top-up.Read more:

Google Glass costs just £47 to make

It turns out Google has been selling its landmark Google Glass wearable headset at something of an eye-watering profit. According to a recent teardown, the Glass' components cost a measly £47.Read more:

$13,000 miracle gadget creates Tea 2.0 for the “perfect” cuppa

A gadget that claims to make the perfect cup of tea has hit a number of US coffee shops with many already criticising the device’s huge price tag.Read more:



This Interactive Ashtray Rewards Smokers For Throwing Away Their Butts

Cigarette butts are the bane of a city's existence: you can find them almost everywhere, smashed flat on the sidewalks, stubbed into planter boxes, drifting into the gutters like tube-shaped snow. While some public spaces offer ways to dispose of those lipstick-rimmed filters,



苹果同意GT Advanced解密更多破产相关内幕

苹果蓝宝石合作伙伴 GT Advanced 申请破产一案很快就要有更多内幕被解密、公开了。今天破产法庭要求 GT Advanced 解密有关和苹果合作关系的文档。


虽然 Android 市场份额很高,但在电子商务方面,零售商们更希望吸引 iPhone 和 iPad 用户。在今年感恩节期间,在线购物数据统计显示,虽然 Android 设备的份额是 iOS 设备的两倍,但 iOS 设备仍然称霸在线购物市场。



#一周五# (视频) 手掌四轴Estes 4606,树莓派2和WRTNode,WinHEC 2015深圳 - 北京的201个蓝天


Where's Pluto? How to find the dwarf planet in the sky

With NASA's New Horizons probe zeroing in on Pluto, due to pass it on July 14, attention of astronomers all over the world is focusing in on Pluto.Let's leave aside the question of whether Pluto is the smallest planet in the solar system or the largest of the Kuiper Belt Objects,


Apple Watch 发售时的“试戴”玩法,曾一度让试表、晒表成为朋友圈里的热门娱乐项目,从外地赶到有苹果商店的城市只为试戴苹果表的大有人在。 如果可以在线试表,也许当初就不会专门坐动车去深圳的苹果商店排队了。

Travel through time, space and fashion with 'Doctor Who' clothes

Bow ties are cool. So are TARDIS-themed overcoats and Weeping Angel cardigans.BBC partnered with Hot Topic to create a limited edition Doctor Who collection, just in time for the holidays — and upcoming Christmas special which airs Dec.

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