Samsung Resists Apple in Court, But the Biggest Winners Are Consumers

Apple may have earned a favorable judgment in its latest court battle over patents, but Samsung is the one laughing all the way to the bank. A California jury awarded Apple a mere $119.6 million in damages rather than the $2+ billion it was seeking.It may not have been the ideal result for Samsung,

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Apple and Samsung Have Called a Truce on Patent Wars Outside the U.S.

In the great professional fanboy fight that is Apple vs. Samsung, things might be about to grow up. The two companies have agreed to put an end to patent battles outside of the U.S..Read more...

Apple may have dethroned Samsung as the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer

Apple's stellar earnings report from Wednesday mostly revolved around one fascinating number: the 74.5 million iPhones sold in the December quarterIt not only propelled Apple's profit to $18 billion — the biggest quarterly profit posted by any company,

Report: Apple and Samsung lose ground to "home-grown" mobile vendors

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable, but whispers that Apple and Samsung are losing their stranglehold on the market are growing louder. Read more:

Is this the end of the Apple and Samsung patent wars?

In a joint statement the two companies confirmed that they are scaling back on their world-wide, ‘You copied our stuff!’ ‘No we didn’t! You copied our stuff!’ legal battles.Read more:

IFA 2014: Galaxy Note 4 and Edge will lose out to Apple’s iPhone 6 launch?

It’s the war of the phablets, and it looks like Apple will win this round, on top of the fact that its recent financial numbers were better than Samsung’s.Read more:

Apple sues Samsung for $2bn, Google Android caught in crossfire

Samsung and Apple are at loggerheads once more as they head back to court this week to battle it out over yet another legal patent dispute. Read more:

Samsung weighs in on Apple's bendgate scandal with phenomenal troll

Has anyone else noticed that Samsung has been getting a little, well - sassy? The Korean company has released a phenomenal troll aimed at Apple, spearing it for its recent "bendgate" catastrophe.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Apple sues Samsung for $2bn in patent clash, Google Android caught in crossfire

Samsung and Apple are at loggerheads once more as they head back to court this week to battle it out over yet another legal patent dispute. Read more:

Apple and Samsung call a truce over patent litigation outside the US

Both companies have finally decided to rein their lawyers back in, although not in America where the juiciest infringement spoils are to be had.Read more:

Microsoft is the world's third largest tech company behind Apple, Samsung

It is no real secret that the world of technology has changed quite a lot over the last decade. Desktop PCs, candy-bar phones and a nascent web have been replaced with a vast digital culture, smartphones and a plethora of different computing options to suit every taste.Given this seismic shift,

Smokey Bear's world is on fire. But the old mascot won't die.

The real Smokey Bear narrowly avoided death in the pine-filled Capitan Mountains of New Mexico, nearly 70 years ago. Just west of the town of Roswell, firefighters found the bear cub clutching to the upper reaches of a tree, with singed paws and legs.

Metal had an amazing year and these are the albums to prove it

Metal has been having a transcendent year.Such a transcendent year, in fact, that I feel comfortable calling 2018 the Year of Extreme Metal — a year in which bands across the extreme metal spectrum have been putting out some of their best, most interesting, and intricate albums of all time.

NASA gives the Avengers some advice for helping Tony Stark

The last time we saw Tony Stark, he was adrift in space in the Avengers: Endgame trailer, and it didn't look like survival was likely.Luckily, the folks at NASA heard about Iron Man's plight and had some advice to offer for the rest of the Avengers who were still alive on Earth.Hey @Marvel,

Dabbing for beginners: Confessions of a cautious concentrate newbie

This post is part of our High-tech High series, which explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.S. states, Canada, and Uruguay moves the market further out of the shadows.It's 2018,

Twitter's Jack Dorsey gets roasted for his ignorant tweets about Myanmar

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared with the world what he did on his most recent birthday: travel to Myanmar and do a 10-day silent meditation.Dorsey made a thread on Twitter explaining the experience,

Camp Fire survivor elated to find dog waiting at their burned down house

When Andrea Gaylord was forced to evacuate the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California in November, she couldn't get back home to take her dog Madison with her to safety as the fires spread.The evacuation order was lifted nearly a month after it was instated in Paradise, California,

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came up with GrinchCon, a perfect SantaCon alternative

When someone asked Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday if she would "pass a law stopping SantaCon," she hatched a brilliant idea: GrinchCon.If you're a city-dweller, you probably know all about SantaCon. Santa-dressed revelers spend an entire day running amok through the streets,

If Famous Cats Existed in 1980s Video Games

More squares, less fluff. Famous furballs underwent an 8-bit makeover.The designers at re:blog admit they prefer dogs, but completing their extensive Dog Days series inspired them to also give cats a new lookSee also: Artist Turns Classic Works of Art Into 8-Bit MasterpiecesThe result,

8 Thought-Provoking Quotes From the Surveillance vs. Privacy Debate

Somebody called it the "ultimate" NSA debateIt put Glenn Greenwald, one of the first journalists to receive the treasure trove of NSA documents from Edward Snowden, face to face with the former NSA chief Michael Hayden, who led the NSA before and after 9/11.

Scientists Accidentally Made Color-Changing Paint From Gold Nanoparticles

Something unexpected happened when scientists at the University of California, Riverside, started stringing together nanoparticles of gold.  The gold wasn't golden anymore. It changed colors.  "When we see these gold particles aggregate, we find out they have very, very beautiful blue colors,


周末,听到一个故事,有一家公司的一个新产品,在内部迭代了6次,据说,每一次发布,大家一看不满意,然后就改一版,如是6次(当然,故事的部分情节是我编的)。 有感而发。

Canon's Marketing Strategy: Capture Moments That Count

Canon knows that in the digital age, you probably already have a camera — and it's in your smartphone. But now,

Uber 伦敦遭抗议,用户不减反增 850%

首先说一句,这里的黑车可不是非法营运的 “私人的士”,而是伦敦有名的 Black Cabs。最近“腐都” 有12000名的哥的姐们车也不开了,从下午2点半开始就走上街头抗议 Uber 抢了生意。





Report: Amazon Preparing to Tackle Google AdWords

Not content with simply leading the realm of ecommerce, Amazon is reportedly set to significantly expand its own online advertising business,



我是如何走上程序员这条道路的(续) - bjtqti



日本首相安倍晋三(Abe Shinzo)今天在致当地媒体的一份声明中表示,苹果将在日本建立一个新的大型研发中心。

黑莓Leap开始接受预定 售价1829元24日发货

黑莓在上个月初举办的MWC 2015上发布了一款5英寸全触控新机——Leap,而现在黑莓已经在其官方商城开启了Leap的预定计划,售价仅为199欧元(约合人民币1829元)并预计将在4月24日正式发货。  

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