Emmy nominated 'Honest Trailers' team takes aim at ... the Emmys

LOS ANGELES —  When Honest Trailers was nominated for an Emmy, the team behind the YouTube series joked with Mashable that they would celebrate was by making an Honest Trailer, Emmmys Edition.One month later, that idea is no longer a joke:

A look back at popular YouTubers' earliest videos

No pain, no grain. Since YouTube's first video was uploaded in 2005, the video sharing platform has come a long way. At the beginning, it was a place for anyone and everyone to post whatever — a digital mosh pit teaming with grainy clips of people doing random things. Now, 14 years later,

With used smart home devices, you never know who could be watching

Used smart home devices might be tempting because they're cheaper. But be careful: the original owner may be able to spy on you. According to Wirecutter,

Apple recalls MacBook Pro batteries over 'fire safety risk'

If you have an older MacBook Pro, you might need to get its battery replaced. Apple is recalling 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between between September 2015 and February 2017 over a battery issue it says poses a "fire safety risk.""Apple has determined that,

GoPro HERO5 Black on sale: Save $141 when you shop on Amazon

TL;DR: This waterproof GoPro camera makes sharing footage easy, and it's on sale for just $258.The Fourth of July weekend is a veritable gold mine for Instagram content, but let's be real for a sec: Everyone and their brother is going to post an ~aRtSy~ picture of some pyrotechnics,

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis cleverly mock a tabloid cover about themselves

Isn't it the best when celebrities break the fourth wall and acknowledge the wild rumors about themselves?Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who are married with two kids, took to Kutcher's Instagram to hilariously mock an InTouch Weekly cover filled with made-up facts about themselves. 

This mother-in-law's wedding fail turned out to be a surprisingly wholesome story

Aah, wedding season. It's a time for buying expensive gifts, coping with awkward seating arrangements, and strapping your flesh vessel into the worst bridesmaid or groomsman outfits known to humankind. There are a whole bunch of rules when it comes to being a wedding guest.

Mesmerizing music video was created with 129 spinning records, and no special effects

No records were broken in the making of this video. Said The Whale, a Vancouver based pop-rock band, just debuted an epic music video for their song "Record Shop." The clip features 129 records, all covered with carefully cut out photos of the band as they play guitar, sing,

Netflix launches Fast.com app for iOS and Android

The internet connection speed measuring website created by Netflix has just been launched as an app. SEE ALSO: The 'Netflix tax' is starting Back in May, Netflix debuted Fast.com to help users, Netflix subscriber or not, to determine the connection speeds.On Tuesday,

High-speed video of SpaceX missions is hauntingly beautiful

Elon Musk's SpaceX has released new video footage from three of its past missions, but the latest clips aren't the typical launch and landing videos.Instead, the spot features high-speed closeups of the private space company's rockets — all set to a perfectly eerie soundtrack.

It's panic time for Brazil men's soccer after two dismal Olympic showings

A scoreless draw with South Africa in its Olympics opener was one thing for the Brazil men's soccer team. Lots of pressure, the dawn of a sacred quest, the fact that Olympic hosts traditionally start a bit slow in their first matches — you could rationalize the whole thing as a fluke,



谷歌或发布Android车载系统 挑战苹果

3月3日消息,据国外媒体报道,谷歌可能不会让苹果独享车载智能系统市场,根据梅赛德斯奔驰的工程师招聘广告,谷歌将推出“谷歌投影模式”(Google Projected Mode)使Android的大部分功能可以转移到汽车的信息娱乐系统。

SGS 受邀参加广交会阿联酋论坛

广州2014年4月21日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,由中国对外贸易中心主办的“广交会(阿联酋)国际市场论坛”在第115届广交会现场顺利举行。全球领先的检验、鉴定、测试和认证机构 SGS 受邀出席。

LG Lifeband Touch腕带美国首发

早在今年的CES 2014展会上,许多同学就应该见识过了LG对于可穿戴技术的想法。终于在今天,LG再度展示了Lifeband Touch腕带和Heart Rate Earphones心率耳机,而且已经准备在美国首度上市。  

German Authorities Lack Evidence To Prosecute Anyone For NSA Spying

jfruh (300774) writes "The revelations about the NSA's surveillance program caused particular outrage in Germany, a country that is closely allied with the United States but nevertheless found that its leader's cell phone was being snooped on. Nevertheless,

Lego Celebrates Brainy Women With Female Scientist Minifigure Set

Lego celebrates women who love to learn with a minifigure series of female scientists and their lab tools.The Research Institute series won the Lego Ideas contest for winter 2014, and features an astronomer with a telescope, a chemist with a lab and a paleontologist with a dinosaur skeleton.Dr.

联通版iPhone 5s/5c将支持FDD和TDD LTE

威锋网讯,就在上周,工信部发布了公告,正式向中国电信、中国联通两大运营商颁发 LTE/第四代数字蜂窝移动通信业务(FDD LTE)试商用经营许可,意味着中国电信、中国联通获得了他们最想要的一种 4G 制式,并且可在全国部分地区商用。  

Listen to Vin Diesel's 'Guardians' Voiceover in 4 Different Languages

Groot can say only one thing, but he can do so in more languages than the dashing Swiss backpacker you met last summer.Vin Diesel likely got paid a king's ransom to say "I am Groot" over and over again for Guardians of the Galaxy,

Rosetta's Philae Probe To Land On Comet Tomorrow

An anonymous reader writes: After more than 10 years travelling, the Rosetta mission will take its next, momentous step by landing the Philae probe on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko tomorrow. How f!@#$%ing cool is that?! Follow the landing live using the webcast, blog, or Twitter feed.

Bing lists mobile-friendly websites in search results

Mobile browsing is becoming more popular with every passing day. Many of us browse the web from our mobile devices on-the-go, and even the companies and websites are making their websites mobile-friendly. Microsoft's Bing search has seen a slight increase in the desktop search ranking,

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