Russia's Been Cruising Cali's Coast With the Worlds Fastest Turboprop

Russia's ongoing attempts to stir up trouble in the West and around the world have not been limited to its Crimean shenanigans. In what could spell the start of a second Cold War, Russian military aircraft have reportedly been probing American airspace with a nuclear-capable blast from the past:

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Russia's Been Cruising Cali's Coast With the Worlds Fastest Turboprop

Russia's ongoing attempts to stir up trouble in the West and around the world have not been limited to its Crimean shenanigans. In what could spell the start of a second Cold War, Russian military aircraft have reportedly been probing American airspace with a nuclear-capable blast from the past:

NYT: U.S. Officials Worried About Russia Cutting Undersea Data Cables

The New York Times reports that Russia has a series of submarines and spy-ships “aggressively operating” close the the undersea cables that carry the bulk of the world’s internet communications.Read more...

How Will Search & Rescue Work If A Plane Goes Down in the Arctic?

It has been nearly a month since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar, and its ultimate whereabouts remain unclear.

More Questionable Things The Republicans Said About Defense At Last Night's Debate

Last night’s Republican Presidential Debate was focused mainly on the economy, although there was a segment in the middle when the moderators turned to foreign policy and military affairs. As always,

Crowdsourced War

Roughly 5,000 gallons of blood has been spilled in Eastern Ukraine, if the United Nation’s estimates that at least 4,000 have perished are any indication. Much of this bloodbath was avoidable; in fact, in 90 percent of potentially survivable battlefield mortalities,

All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Saturday's Democratic Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Debate came in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and there were plenty of opportunities for the candidates to discuss the future and rehash the past when it comes to fighting terror and dealing with military affairs.

13 Horrifying Ideas America Had For Invading Cuba

The United States is beginning to normalize relations with Cuba. Which is kind of amazing, when you consider the fact that America has been trying to sabotage the island nation for over half a century. In fact, the US government has officially produced dozens of ideas for destabilizing Cuba.

11 Secret Weapons Developed By Japan During World War 2

Normally, it's the Western Powers who are remembered for developing some of the most innovative and conceptual weapons of the Second World War. But when it came to experimental military technologies, Japan suffered from no shortage of ideas. Here are 11 you should know about. Read more...

The Navy's Most Vital And Secretive Submarine Base Is In... Idaho?!?

The US Navy's submarine bases are some of the most high-security installations in the world, but one of their most important and shadowy submarine outposts is not in the middle of an ocean, but rather in a lake in landlocked Idaho. Read more...

Infrared Search And Track Systems And The Future Of The US Fighter Force

Lockheed has a new modular sensor system for combat aircraft dubbed the "Legion Pod" that aims at plugging a major hole in US air warfare capability. It provides a bolt-on Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system for optically hunting down enemy aircraft, especially stealthy ones,

Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

Not heroine. Hero, period. While it’s rad that Ellen Ripley happens to be a woman, that doesn’t at all impact her level of badassery—though it does inform her character in ways that make her much more interesting than virtually any other cinematic hero. She’s complicated, she feels real,

Time to Flex Those Savings Muscles: Bowflex's Popular Dumbbells Are Back Under $200

The price of these popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells has been yo-yoing for weeks, but generally speaking, any time they’ve dipped below $200, they’ve sold out fairly quickly. So if you missed out on the last few opportunities, Amazon’s spotting you another chance today.Read more...

Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

After four and a half years of not speaking to my mom I’ve learned to stay away from social media on Mother’s Day.Read more...

'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

Not all hot peppers are created equal, and few are as unequal as the Dragon’s Breath chili—a new breed that may soon find itself atop the “world’s hottest” throne. Forged by Wales horticulturalist Mike Smith, the red-orange,

Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

The Russian Tu-95/-142 Bear has been showing up in a lot of places it maybe shouldn’t be over the past month, as the Russian Air Force and Navy continues to probe the air defenses of several nations.

Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

Controversial cellphone tracking technology is being deployed as a tool in President Donald Trump’s expanding effort to arrest and deport illegal US residents.Read more...

The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

Variety is reporting that Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, will next play another iconic comic book villain, Venom. The frequent Spider-Man villain is getting his own film next year, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made Zombieland.Read more...

Here's What City Transit Looks Like When Everything Runs On Time

If you take public transit in a big city, especially New York City, you know the stresses of train delays. But in a perfect world, the flow of transportation is actually an elegantly coordinated system. A visualization called Travic, a collaboration between Geops and the University of Freidberg,

Our Electronics Are Messing Up How Birds Navigate

The air is thick with electromagnetic noise these days. AM radio waves, the electromagnetic hum of computers—it's invisible to us, but birds seem to detect them with their internal magnetic compass. A new study finds that electromagnetic noise disorients European robins,

Could This Curvy Screen Be the Front of the iPhone 6?

A new supposed iPhone 6 leak seems to support the return to a more curved design we've seen hinted at. And since it came from Sonny Dickson, a usually reliable source , it's worth considering this is a real possibility. Read more...

Minna Alanko插画作品欣赏

芬兰插画艺术家Minna Alanko现在工作并且居住于美丽的城市赫尔辛基。Minna能够无时无刻的从自然界,生活和时尚文化中获得灵感并通过自己独特的艺术表现能力将它们描绘出来,清新自然的绘画风格让人看了很舒服。

How to Buy Ebooks From Anywhere and Still Read Them All in One Place

Most ebook sellers try to lock you into a particular ecosystem. If you don't mind buying from the same company every time, this isn't too bad, but you lose the ability to comparison shop, as well as making it difficult to switch apps. Fortunately, there's a way around this problem.Read more.

C程序-进程内存结构分析 - 无脑仔的小明

1. 每个进程都运行在自己私有的内存空间中(即虚拟地址空间)。在32位系统中,4GB的进程地址东健被分为用户空间和内核空间两个部分。用户空间占据着0~3GB(用16进制表示为0xC0000000),而内核空间的范围是3GB~4GB。

javascript中不存在块级作用域,所以要小心使用在块级作用域中的函数声明所带来的作用域混乱. - 思思博士

在javascript中函数的作用域是一个非常重要的概念. javascript中是没有块级作用域,但是有函数作用域的概念. 我们在开发的过程中,经常会遇到这样的问题, 某个函数我暂时不需要,不想声明,只有在特定的场合下,我才需要这个函数.

湖南卫视宣布自制剧由芒果TV独播 视频网站观望


A Hidden Feature in iOS 8 Will Stop Marketers From Spying On You

Mobile marketing companies slurp up your info during moments of desperation: When you're scanning for a free Wi-Fi network, whether at the mall, airport, or ballgame. A small detail in iOS 8 is going to make that a whole lot harder—but Apple may have an ulterior motive.Read more...



[Ruby on Rails系列]5、专题:Talk About SaSS - Kassadin

It is cool to write SaSS code. This paper introduces the features of sass and how to write sass code.

Gashion 38 | 愛網購的你必須要知道:2015 年 GLOBAL + K - TREND

g a s h i o n  | 38  –  Angie   Angie / 22 / Stude …The post Gashion 38 | 愛網購的你必須要知道:2015 年 GLOBAL + K - TREND appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

輕鬆享受 VR 虛擬實境, LG G3 將加贈專屬 GOOGLE CARDBOARD 虛擬視鏡


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