Walmart Cuts Price of all 16GB iPad Minis by $30

Need a last-minute Mother's Day gift? You might want to head to Walmart. In an extremely rare sale, big box store is rolling back the price of the 16GB iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina by $30.

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Walmart Cuts Price of all 16GB iPad Minis by $30

Need a last-minute Mother's Day gift? You might want to head to Walmart. In an extremely rare sale, big box store is rolling back the price of the 16GB iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina by $30.

Neptune looks extremely sharp and very blue in these new images

Several billion miles from Earth, Neptune's looking particularly sharp in a set of new images captured by one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.Located in Chile,

These are the clearest views of Saturn's moon Titan we've seen yet

Long live Cassini, which has delivered the clearest views of Saturn's moon, Titan, to date.Six infrared images of Titan have been captured by the noble Cassini spacecraft, which, after 13 years of exploration, finally (and sadly) burned up in Saturn's atmosphere in September 2017.SEE ALSO:

Glass phones are about to get really, really cool

Are you ready for translucent phones? What about wood, or snakeskin? That's the promise of Gorilla Glass 6, Corning's newest generation of Gorilla Glass. The next-gen display tech, which is used by Apple and Samsung, comes with the usual upgrades in scratch and impact resistance,

Oh joy, it's your elected officials rambling on about cryptocurrency

Look, cryptocurrency is complicated. We get it. What with all the different coins, tokens, ICOs, exchanges, scams, protocols, and DApps, it's borderline impossible for the casual observer to keep it all straight. And so, with that in mind,

Lego's model of Jason Momoa as Aquaman is zaddy material

Lego's human-size model of Aquaman, a.k.a. actor Jason Momoa, is here to break hearts with his mighty trident.Behold, the great sea warrior...rendered in the form of thousands of tiny plastic bricks.SEE ALSO: Fan's photo with Jason Momoa goes viral for obvious reasonsImage:

Joaquin Phoenix's standalone Joker origin movie gets a release date

There's been a lot of rumors swirling around various standalone Joker movies over the past couple months. And sorry, Jared Leto, but yours isn't the one far enough into development to have a solid release date.

Voters' data was left exposed online because of course it was

Sure, our ballot may be secret. But our voter data? Yeah, not so much.Our most recent reminder of this disconcerting truth: Bob Diachenko, a self-described cybersecurity enthusiast who works for an IT development firm, discovered an online database containing information on thousands of US voters.

Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander to Launch Private Cybersecurity Firm

Gen. Keith Alexander, the former director of the NSA, is going into the private sector by launching a cybersecurity firm in Washington, D.C.Alexander will head a consulting firm geared toward protecting financial institutions from cyberattacks, Politico revealed on Thursday nightSee also:

The Smart Way to Shrink Your Retail Footprint

Retail space isn’t what it used to be. More people are browsing and buying online. Stores can get products faster from manufacturers, so they don’t need as much space to warehouse inventory. Small businesses are thus moving to smaller storefronts to lower costs.

Kevin Durant's Mom, the Real MVP, Stars in Sweet Mother's Day Ad

Kevin Durant's mom just got one heck of a Mother's Day present — she's the newest star of an NBA ad. (Her son being picked as MVP of the NBA season is a close second.)Durant's emotional MVP acceptance speech touched upon a lot of people in his life, from his teammates to family members.

Plant-Based Food Startup Hampton Creek Foods Raises $23M Round Led By Horizons Ventures

It looks like investors think there's a big opportunity in Hampton Creek Foods' mission of creating tasty, affordable alternatives to animal-based foods — the company is announcing that it has raised $23 million in Series B funding.

[视频]Google Sheets未来几周开始更新

Google今天宣布开始对Google Sheets进行一系列更新,让表格处理反馈速度更快,性能更加强悍,用户能够在“未来几周”自动升级到新版本。当升级后所有电子表格文档将会使用全新的Sheets格式。

NEC推出23寸1080p显示器E232WMT 支持触控带摄像头


YouTube, Facebook Account for Nearly a Third of Mobile Traffic

Facebook and YouTube are now dominating mobile traffic shares in early 2014, as more people shift to a mobile device to upload photos to social networks and watch cat videos.Facebook and YouTube now account for 32% of data sent to and from mobile devices, according to a report by Sandvine.


上海2014年6月5日电 /美通社/ -- 5月28日,锦江国际酒店位于中国镇江的第一家酒店 -- 备受瞩目的镇江九华锦江国际酒店隆重开业。

China Leads In Graphene Patent Applications

hackingbear writes According to British patent consultancy CambridgeIP, China has filed for more than 2,200 graphene patents, the most of any country, followed by the U.S. with more than 1,700 patents, and South Korea with just under 1,200 patents. In terms of institutions, Samsung,


北京时间7月1日消息,科学日报报道,近日美国劳伦斯·伯克利国家实验室(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)和美国加州大学伯克利分校的研究人员检测到据称是目前所测量到的最小的力。



Guess the one reason employers won't let you bring your own PC to work

According to a survey of IT decision makers commissioned by efficiency software specialist 1E and carried out by Vanson Bourne 86 perncent of companies that ban employees from using their own PCs.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

这是智能灯泡的新方式,看看The Sunn Light是如何将人情味和智能化结合在一起的

智能灯泡产品在国内外屡见不鲜,但真正能将生活格调与智能化组合在一起的却并不多见。在Kickstarter上有款名叫The Sunn Light的智能灯泡吸引了大飛哥的注意力。The Sunn Light是一款有人情味的智能灯泡。

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