Microsoft teases us with some more Sunset Overdrive, offers gameplay preview video

Later this year, Sunset Overdrive will launch on the Xbox One as an exclusive for the platform. Microsoft continues to tease us with yet another video of the game in action. We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

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Microsoft teases us with some more Sunset Overdrive, offers gameplay preview video

Later this year, Sunset Overdrive will launch on the Xbox One as an exclusive for the platform. Microsoft continues to tease us with yet another video of the game in action. We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One launches later this year, gameplay revealed in first-look video

Sunset Overdrive is set to be one of the next big games to hit the Xbox One platform later this year. In an official blog post, Microsoft is offering a first-look video on the next generation game, which has been hyped by the company ever since the console was launched back in November of 2013.

Xbox's Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal Day 10 features Sunset Overdrive at 50% off

In today's Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal from Xbox Live, you can save on the flagship Xbox One title Sunset Overdrive. On Xbox One, you can get Sunset Overdrive for 50% off. That’s an enticing deal for a title that has been critically acclaimed and has topped several charts.

Here is why Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to the Xbox One

Later this year, Sunset Overdrive will launch on the Xbox One as an exclusive for the platform. But did you know that Sunset Overdrive became an Xbox One exclusive because Microsoft allowed Insomniac to retain the rights to the game? 

Much-awaited game title Sunset Overdrive now available for Xbox One

A Video Game Helped Make a Gun That Shoots Teddy Bears a Reality

A post apocalyptic reality means sometimes getting really creative with the remaining resources you haveApparently in crises like in Sunset Overdrive, a sassy Xbox One exclusive being developed by Insomniac Games, that may mean weaponizing cute,

Sunset Overdrive Review: A Genuinely Fun Game, Once You Get Past First Impressions

Microsoft’s console exclusives are arguably what it needs to make up ground on PlayStation, despite its continued hold on the beloved Halo series. Its brand new Xbox One game, Sunset Overdrive, looks in part to be an answer to Sony’s fan favorite Infamous series,

'Sunset Overdrive' has roots in disobedient punk rock

As video games enter development, they are often given code names. These secret identities help keep a game under wraps, or serve as placeholders until a marketing-friendly title can be chosen. When the vibrant post-apocalyptic Sunset Overdrive began its life,

Microsoft hypes you up with 'Xbox One Best Games 2015' video montage

Microsoft's Xbox One entertainment console closed out the 2014 year with a bang -- having become the best-selling console in the U.S. in November and December. Microsoft is continuing a "promotional" price of $349 for an Xbox One console, looking to make 2015 the year of the Xbox.

E3 2014前瞻预告:全世界玩家的盛宴(微软篇)

作为全球电子游戏产业最大的年度商业化展览和第三大游戏大会,由美国娱乐软件协会(ESA)主办的E3电子娱乐展(又 […]

Microsoft under fire by employees over HoloLens deal with U.S. military

Microsoft has found itself in a puddle of hot water with some of its employees. Back in November 2018, Microsoft announced that it had signed a new $479m contract with the U.S. military to supply augmented reality technology. This technology was supposedly to be supplied for training purposes.

ExxonMobil to use Microsoft technologies including Azure and Dynamics 365 for its Permian Basin oper

Microsoft and ExxonMobil are working together to optimize the oil company's Permain Bain operations through an amalgamation of Microsoft Azure, Machine Learning and Internet of Things solutions.

Skip Ahead Preview build 18841 (20H1) released to Insiders with lots of fixes, longer wait for new f

Another Skip Ahead preview build is being released to Windows 10 Insiders that is once again heavy on the fixes and improvements while light on new features and, thankfully, known issues. Hello #WindowsInsiders we have released 19H1 Build 18343 to Fast https://t.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 18343 to 19H1 Fast Ring, unblocks Intel processors

Microsoft dropped a couple of Insider builds on us this Friday morning, including a Fast Ring build (18343) that mainly fixes a problem that resulted in the company blocking build 18342 from installing on certain Intel based PCs. Here is the full list of changes and improvements to 18343:

How to Control a 3D Printer with a Raspberry Pi

For the uninitiated, 3D printing can seem like a daunting hobby. However, once you figure out how everything works, 3D printing can become fun and enjoyable. For beginners, it might be tempting to just buy a plug-and-play 3D printer to use with Windows 10.

Santorini, Centaurus, Pegasus – codenames provide clues to Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windo

Microsoft has been working for years on the modularization of its flagship operating system. Over many years, various fixes and shortcuts to gain performance made it difficult if not impossible to separate bits out again, but the idea of a modularized Windows,

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, 4 Lost Planet video games gain Xbox One backward compatibility

As promised, Microsoft has added more titles to the list of Xbox 360 games that are now backward compatible with the newer Xbox One series of consoles. As pointed out by Xbox’s Larry Hryb on Twitter, four of the Lost Planet titles—games 1, 2, 3,

Windows Store on Windows 8 gets a facelift during May 2014 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Windows Store app for Windows 8 and Windows RT today, as part of May 2014's Patch Tuesday. This new update brings along a few new features, including a complete facelift for the Windows Store.

Project K, Fort Knox, Helios and more Microsoft codenames from TechEd

Xbox Music and Video apps for Windows 8.1 receive new updates, bug fixes on board

Microsoft has rolled out yet another update to the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps for Windows 8.1. These updates are minor and feature bug fixes and other improvements.

NHibernate初学一之简单增删改查 - 踏浪帅




OpenCV for Linux - ティガ

##OpenCV for Linux很早以前就用过OpenCV for Linux的版本,记得以前编译安装的时候经常碰到奇奇怪怪的问题。最近上[](发现版本号已经升到3.0alpha了,重新下载下来编译安装了一次。解开zip包后,有CMakeL...

库克:IBM 如何帮助苹果销售更多移动设备

苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)最近接受了美国著名脱口秀主持人查利·罗斯(Charlie Rose)的采访。

The Lily Is Your Latest Reminder That Flying Cameras Are The Future

You visit incredible places. You go on adventures. You want someone—or something—to capture them—and you—for posterity. But instead of reaching out with a selfie stick, you reach into a backpack...and toss a drone up into the air to film it all for you. Read more...


如果你看到了很多精美的手机APP,你会不会去总结和对比,并把这些比对结果和你的灵感记录下来呢?如果没有,丫头希 […]

WinBeta Podcast 24: Windows 10 RTM, special guest Ben Rudolph, and more

Welcome to another episode of the WinBeta Podcast. Each week we discuss the top Microsoft related news. This week we cover the RTM build of Windows 10, poll results on if people will be upgrading, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella answering questions about Windows Phones,


虎嗅注:本文来自Medium,原文标题《The 22 books to read before you quit your job》,作者 Cathryn Lavery,由虎嗅编译。我大学时期的一位好友近日来找我,现在的他仍专心于建筑领域。




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