'He-Man' gets a magical homemade makeover

The beloved '80s cartoon intro sequence gets the homemade treatment.Homemade Movies serves up creative remakes of your favorite movie trailers and scenes! Every episode is an exact shot-for-shot remake created at home without any visual effects.Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: https://www.

15 of the best animal photos from 2020

It's stunning to see wild animals up close — especially when they're caught in the beauty of their natural surroundings.Agora, a photo app, challenged its users to submit their best animal pics of 2020, to be voted on by their users. The most popular snap would earn its photographer $1,000.

What you can't learn from 'The Crown' about the Queen's intruder

Season 4 of The Crown takes place over most of the 1980s, one of the royal's family's more eventful decades. The real story of Michael Fagan's 1982 break-in to the Queen's bedroom is difficult to pin down...and The Crown didn't tell all of it. Read the full story here. Read more...

Track your food with this scanning, weight-sensing cooking board — Future Blink

This smart cutting board, called Nutrio, can detect and weigh whatever you put on it for all of your food tracking needs.  Read more...More about Food, Mashable Video, Cutting Board, Kitchen Tech, and Kitchen Tools

CDC has bad news about your Thanksgiving gathering

There's an excellent reason why the United States' top infectious disease expert isn't gathering with family outside his home for Thanksgiving this year. Infected people without symptoms, who might feel well, continue to unwittingly spread the coronavirus on a large scale.In fact,

A reminder to #ThankAFarmworker for harvesting your Thanksgiving meal

Where do Thanksgiving foods come from? No, not the grocery store.Well, thanks to a Twitter campaign by United Farm Workers (UFW), you can now learn what it takes to supply America's grocery stores ahead of Thanksgiving.

Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson test their fantasy knowledge in Stock Footage Pictionary

Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson from His Dark Materials try to guess fantasy movies and TV shows just by looking at stock footage videos. Read more...More about Mashable Video, His Dark Materials, Tv Shows, Pictionary, and Hbo Max

The Instant Pot Evo Plus is at its lowest price ever this Black Friday

SAVE UP TO $50.04: Score the six-quart Instant Pot Evo Plus for $69.95 or the eight quart for $89.95 as of Nov. 23 for Black Friday. We're a little Instant Pot obsessed over here, and even more so when we find a great deal. Amazon has started their Black Friday week sales,

Yahoo reportedly built software to search incoming emails

Business isn't looking too good for Yahoo.The company that is in the midst of being sold to Verizon has just been exposed for secretly building software to search all of its customers' emails for information at the request of U.S. intelligence officials, Reuters reported Tuesday. SEE ALSO:

Artist's animated "Illusions" will mesmerize you

Artist James R. Eads had been inspired by Impressionism and the mark-making technique which allowed his paintings to give the appearance of movement in a still image when motion artist Chris McDaniel reached out to him offering to morph his works digitally. Read more...More about Mashable Video,

Guy responsible for creating clown fear tells everyone to chill

Scared of those creepy clown sightings? Stay awake at night haunted by the thoughts of those red-nosed, white-faced creatures with bushy-red hair and white gloves luring children in the woods with the promise of candy? SEE ALSO: Map shows creepy clown sightings across multiple U.S. statesWell,

Dropbox Does Deutsche Telekom Deal To Be Preloaded On Handsets In Europe

With the consumer-facing cloud storage space getting ever more crowded — Apple announced its own iCloud Drive offering just last month — Dropbox has not been sitting on its laurels, waiting for its ~300 million customers to be lured away by rivals. Read More


谈起社区O2O的人群,大多人会觉得是这些40、50多岁的大哥大姐,他们散布在小区周边,开着饭店、社区超市、百货 […]



Infinite Browser Universe Manyland Hits 8 Million Placed Blocks

j_philipp (803945) writes Manyland [Here's the twitter feed and a FAQ] is an html5/ JS-based MMO universe created by a community and two indie developers from Europe. Everything in the world can be freely drawn and placed: From the cars, animals, plants, houses, bridges, to everyone's own bodies.

动眼看:这不是冰屋,而是 3D 打印月球屋的概念

人类要殖民火星之前,或许首先要学懂如何征服我们的卫星 --...

英特尔发布第八代核芯显卡 将能支持DirectX 12

随着14nm Broadwell-U的发布,Intel核芯显卡也进化到了第八代,目前已有Iris 6100、HD 6000/5500等不同型号,最多达48个执行单元,那么除了规模增大之外,技术上有什么新鲜的地方呢?首先在API支持上有DirectX 11.2、OpenGL 4.3、OpenCL 2.

Australian fugitive asks police on Facebook to change his 'horrible mugshot'

A fugitive has asked Australian police on Facebook to use a better mugshot.On Monday afternoon, Victorian Police shared a photograph of wanted man 25-year-old Daniel Damon on its Facebook page calling for information from the public.See also:


前Mozilla总裁宫力创办的 Acadine Technologies公司从国企清华紫光获得了一亿美元投资,开发基于Firefox OS的移动操作系统H5OS。宫力在接受采访时畅谈了理想:在 Android 和iOS统治的市场开辟一番新天地。


2015年12月30日,小米意外带来了70英寸版小米电视3,这是截止目前为止,尺寸最大的小米电视,定价9999元。不过当时小米官方并未透露发售信息,而现在,它终于要开卖了。刚刚,@小米电视 官方微博发布预告,称“小米电视3 70英寸寻找100位VIP,下周一10:00见”。

iOS versions of Microsoft Word and Excel Mobile updated with Box integration

Today, Microsoft issued an update to Word Mobile and Excel Mobile for iOS that adds in Box support and easier discovery of other Office apps.The post iOS versions of Microsoft Word and Excel Mobile updated with Box integration appeared first on WinBeta.

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