Billionaire Testifies That He Can't "Recall" Blocking Access to Beach

It's hard to believe Vinod Khosla can run a venture capital firm with more than $3 billion under management when his brain is full of holes. During an hour of testimony,

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The Extremely Shitty Way One Man Learned He'd Been Fired From Twitter

This morning, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced he’s laying off 336 employees, but would do so “with the utmost respect for each and every person.” Also this morning, Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse woke up, checked his phone,

No One Wants to Admit It, but Reddit Can't Be Saved

It’s looking more and more like Ellen Pao was, in some sense, set up to fail by her male board of directors. Her predecessor Yishan Wong says it. A top Reddit engineer said it right after quitting . It might sound conspiratorial if it weren’t about this particular site.http://gawker.

Burning Man Riddled with Brutal Pest Infestation 

Burning Man, favorite summertime gathering place for Silicon Valley’s VC-funded shirtless mollybros , is combating a large-scale pest infestation at Blackrock City, Nevada. Crawling over every surface of the pop-up desert city—biting,

Did Reddit's Former CEO Just Reveal a "Long Con" to Sabotage the Site?

After Reddit’s surrender to white supremacy this week, users and observers alike have been trying to figure out how exactly we got to this nadir. How could something so popular get so much wrong, over and over again? A new post by Reddit’s ex-chief suggests it’s all been an inside job.http://gawker.

'Everything Really Hit Rock Bottom': How Nasty Gal's Culture Went Nasty

“Be a nice person at work,” Sophia Amoruso writes in her 2014 book #GIRLBOSS, a combination memoir and self-help book for hungry millennial feminists looking to get ahead in life and business. “If you are a total terror to work with, no one will want to keep you around.

Inspiring: A Full 0.56% of Facebook's 2013 Hires Were Black

Love Facebook or hate Facebook, you’ve got to respect the company’s commitment to inspiring everyone else in America to do worse. Read more...

All the Trash Verizon Now Owns

AOL Desktop for PC 9.7

Former FriendFinder CEO Is Selling His $35 Million Star Trek Mansion

This replica of the starship Enterprise (down to the sound effects when you open the door) is located inside the $35 million home of Marc Bell, the former CEO of FriendFinder. The network of adult sites, which also publishes Penthouse, filed for bankruptcy last September. Read more...

Twitter Promises Over $1 Million for SF Community Classrooms

We've given Twitter flak in the past for taking millions in tax cuts and giving back to its neighbors in questionable ways. But a new partnership with a homeless care group looks like the real deal.Read more...

Plaintiff In Wage-Fixing Suit Refuses Chump Change From Tech Companies

Lawsuits and federal investigations against tech companies tend to end one of three ways. Corporations pay a pittance of a settlement, swear they'll do better without admitting guilt , or the whole ordeal is over before it starts.

Researchers Find Easy To Exploit Bugs In Traffic Control Systems

Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "It has been a running joke in the tech industry for years that the hacking scenes in movies are, well, a joke. Hackers in hoodies pushing a few keys and taking down the power grid or causing massive traffic pileups by turning all the stoplights green at once.

Civilian Diver Involved in Search for South Korean Ferry Victims Dies

A civilian diver involved in the search for missing people from the South Korean ferry disaster died Tuesday, local time, after becoming unconscious,


在阿姆斯特丹的DevOpsDays大会上,Mark Coleman坚持认为,组织文化的改变来自于人们的互相影响。他觉得,要理解组织是如何工作的,以及我们如何改变一个组织,Charles Handy关于权力和影响力的作品会很有帮助。

小游戏也闪光 本周在轻松休闲中期待激情



2013年,智能手表如雨后春笋般大量的在消费市场涌现。从果壳电子到Pebble,再从Moto 360到Activité,在功能上由繁化简、体验上变化多端的智能手表们看似炫酷,但其实并没有几款产品俘获住了用户的真心。



[Git01]Pro Git 第三章 分支 读书笔记 - 学贵有恒

Pro Git (Scott Chacon) 第三章 git分支:

Opera Brings Easy Bookmark Sharing To Its Desktop Browser

Opera launched version 26 of its desktop browser today. The marquee feature of this new version is bookmark sharing. Say you are doing some research for your next vacation and you’ve bookmarked a couple of potential all-inclusive resorts in Los Cabos,



首次披露GBase 8t技术细节,看南大通用如何撬动数据库市场格局?


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