Google’s Battle To Keep Maps Relevant In The Age Of Apps

The battle to own the digital map continues -- with Google stepping up its game in the U.K. today by significantly expanding the transit data embedded within its mapping interface. It's now offering Google Maps users public transport options for routes across the U.K.,

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Google’s Battle To Keep Maps Relevant In The Age Of Apps

The battle to own the digital map continues -- with Google stepping up its game in the U.K. today by significantly expanding the transit data embedded within its mapping interface. It's now offering Google Maps users public transport options for routes across the U.K.,

Google Maps massively upgrades public transport coverage in the UK

Maps users will now benefit from public transit information across England, Scotland and Wales, with fresh data being incorporated for some 17,000 routes.Read more:

Google Maps On Mobile Gets Uber Integration And More

Google has updated its apps for iOS and Android with a bunch of new features, including Uber integration directly in its collection of options for travel directions.

If You Want Better Public Transit, You Probably Shouldn't Use Uber

I’m writing this from a train. Without access to a car, I had to make a plan this morning for how to get to an interview: rent a car, ride a bike, take a train and a bus, use an on-demand ride service. I chose the train for a few reasons.

Once a Windows Phone exclusive, HERE Maps Beta for Android arrives in the Google Play store

Google Maps Now Suggests Riding the Loch Ness Monster Instead of a Bus

The next time you find yourself traveling around the Scottish Highlands, instead of grabbing a bus or other sensible form of public transportation, Google Maps suggests taking a ride on the mythical Loch Ness monster .Read more...

RIP HopStop, a Gift to the Directionally Challenged 

Apple is shutting down HopStop in October, even though the transit mapping app provides more international coverage and features than Apple Maps’ range. It is a loss to users who still rely on HopStop daily, like me. Read more...

A closer look at Google Glass: 16 neat features

We take a look at Google’s much talked about specs, and what users can expect to get out of the Glass platform.Read more:

Waze Is Missing a Huge Opportunity to Actually Help People Improve Their Commutes

There was a frightening message waiting for many Angelenos last Friday as they fired up Waze for their evening commute. Two freeways were closed—one covered in a mudslide —and for many, the app warned of drive times that were doubled or more.

Hey Uber, Welcome To China

Uber isn’t happy with its competitors in China. The U.S. ride-sharing goliath has “spoken out for the first time” about being blocked on WeChat, China’s hugely popular mobile messaging app which is run by Tencent, an investor in Uber rival Didi Kuaidi. Read More

Udacity tackles cybersecurity with its latest nanodegree

Responding to the talent shortage and increasing demand facing the cybersecurity industry, Udacity said that it is now developing a new nanodegree focused on security. Launched at the security industry’s RSA Conference, 

Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban

A shower of paper airplanes darted through the skies of Moscow and other towns in Russia today, as users answered the call of entrepreneur Pavel Durov to send the blank missives out of their windows at a pre-appointed time in support of Telegram,

Proxeus wants to be the WordPress of blockchain

Can blockchain technology fix the soul sucking tedium and cost of back-and-forth bureaucracy? The Swiss team behind a blockchain-based platform, called Proxeus, believes it can — and that that will be just the tip of what decentralization brings down the pipe,

Empathy technologies like VR, AR, and social media can transform education

Jennifer Carolan Contributor Jennifer Carolan is a general partner and co-founder of Reach Capital. In The Better Angels of Our Nature,

Amazon’s next conquest will be apparel

Sunny Dhillon Contributor Sunny Dhillon is a partner at Signia Venture Partners. More posts by this contributor The rise of experiential commerce Approaching e-commerce investments in the age of Amazon Late last year, after Amazon announced it had acquired the rights to J.R.R.

Connecting our homeless neighbors with their loved ones

San Francisco’s housing crisis is painfully obvious with a homeless population of 7,499 people, according to a 2017 homeless census and survey. People lose their homes for a variety of reasons — job losses, wrongful evictions, excessive rent hikes and so forth.

Gillmor Gang: Carrier Pigeon

The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Denis Pombriant, Keith Teare, Esteban Kolsky, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, April 20, 2018. G3: Privacy Fence — Mary Hodder, Maria Ogneva, Francine Hardaway, Kristie Wells, and Tina Chase Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, April 20, 2018. @stevegillmor,

Image Is Everything: Snapchat Tops WhatsApp As Biggest U.S. Messaging App

Snapchat may be getting a rap on the knuckles right now from regulators over how it handles user privacy, but the ephemeral messaging app is still a hot commodity. According to a report out today from network traffic specialist Sandvine,

Satago Secures $1M To Boost Its Automated Credit Control For SMEs

UK-based Satago, which officially launched at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin last year, has secured a $1 million second round funding to expand its automated credit control business. The startup previously raised $48,500 (£30,

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Could Be Unveiled Next Week

Microsoft might be gearing up to show off the third iteration of its Surface Pro Windows-powered computer/tablet next week at a special event. The surface event is confirmed, and reports suggest that there will be a smaller version of the Surface called the “Surface Mini” shown off there,



How to Enable Emoji on iOS

Emoji are more than just silly little smiley faces. These lovable icons have become a universal language ingrained in our messages, and an integral part of communication.If you spend a lot of time conversing through text, you may want to punctuate your messages with colorful animals or planes.

尼日利亚新款手机程序为新娘“标价” 被指歧视

据台湾“联合新闻网”7月7日报道,尼日利亚近日推出“新娘app”(Bride Price),让女性计算自己当新娘会“值多少钱”,吸引了众多使用者。但同时也被批评是对女性的贬低和歧视。



Gmail 5.0:最好用的电子邮件全新升级

Google Gmail凭借先进而独到的理念,仍不愧是最好用的电子邮件服务,而且还在不断地更好用。今天,全新的Gmail 5.0 for Android终于发布了!和版本号相同的Android系统一样,Gmail 5.

感谢陪伴!服务苹果用户 30年 MacUser 杂志宣布停刊

互联网的兴起又让一家纸质印刷杂志社倒闭,这次是服务苹果主题杂志 MacUser。MacUser 杂志社位于伦敦,本周五杂志社表示2015年2月是最后一期 MacUser,MacUser 在发行最后一期后关闭。



First Concept Art From CW's Legends of Tomorrow Looks Exciting

Legends Of Tomorrow isn’t due out until 2016 on The CW, but Entertainment Weekly has a cool glimpse of some concept art, and it looks exciting. Read more...



Hillary Clinton and Anonymous Have the Same Dumb Plan to Fight ISIS On Social Media 

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a plan to fight ISIS online, and it’s only marginally less impractical than the crackpot censorship strategies suggested in Congress.Read more...

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