Google’s Battle To Keep Maps Relevant In The Age Of Apps

The battle to own the digital map continues -- with Google stepping up its game in the U.K. today by significantly expanding the transit data embedded within its mapping interface. It's now offering Google Maps users public transport options for routes across the U.K.,

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Google’s Battle To Keep Maps Relevant In The Age Of Apps

The battle to own the digital map continues -- with Google stepping up its game in the U.K. today by significantly expanding the transit data embedded within its mapping interface. It's now offering Google Maps users public transport options for routes across the U.K.,

Google Maps massively upgrades public transport coverage in the UK

Maps users will now benefit from public transit information across England, Scotland and Wales, with fresh data being incorporated for some 17,000 routes.Read more:

Google Maps On Mobile Gets Uber Integration And More

Google has updated its apps for iOS and Android with a bunch of new features, including Uber integration directly in its collection of options for travel directions.

If You Want Better Public Transit, You Probably Shouldn't Use Uber

I’m writing this from a train. Without access to a car, I had to make a plan this morning for how to get to an interview: rent a car, ride a bike, take a train and a bus, use an on-demand ride service. I chose the train for a few reasons.

Once a Windows Phone exclusive, HERE Maps Beta for Android arrives in the Google Play store

Google Maps Now Suggests Riding the Loch Ness Monster Instead of a Bus

The next time you find yourself traveling around the Scottish Highlands, instead of grabbing a bus or other sensible form of public transportation, Google Maps suggests taking a ride on the mythical Loch Ness monster .Read more...

RIP HopStop, a Gift to the Directionally Challenged 

Apple is shutting down HopStop in October, even though the transit mapping app provides more international coverage and features than Apple Maps’ range. It is a loss to users who still rely on HopStop daily, like me. Read more...

A closer look at Google Glass: 16 neat features

We take a look at Google’s much talked about specs, and what users can expect to get out of the Glass platform.Read more:

Waze Is Missing a Huge Opportunity to Actually Help People Improve Their Commutes

There was a frightening message waiting for many Angelenos last Friday as they fired up Waze for their evening commute. Two freeways were closed—one covered in a mudslide —and for many, the app warned of drive times that were doubled or more.

Hey Uber, Welcome To China

Uber isn’t happy with its competitors in China. The U.S. ride-sharing goliath has “spoken out for the first time” about being blocked on WeChat, China’s hugely popular mobile messaging app which is run by Tencent, an investor in Uber rival Didi Kuaidi. Read More

And now, here’s a ‘Trumpy Cat’ augmented reality app from George Takei

Anyone who follows George Takei on Twitter can tell you that Star Trek‘s original Sulu is not a fan of President Donald Trump. But he’s found a new way to express that criticism — not just in tweets, interviews and op-eds, but also in an augmented reality app called House of Cats. The app was […]

Worried about a slowdown? It already happened in 2016, says one new venture study

In today’s market, it’s hard to make sense of what’s what. Deals have grown incestuous for the first time, with outfits like GV investing alongside Uber last week — just months after its parent company, Alphabet, was at Uber’s throat. A $10 million-plus round of seed funding is no longer a joke.

Midwest rising

Emerging venture capital firms in smaller American cities from Indianapolis to Princeton, NJ are attracting increasingly larger funding as investors see opportunities for returns beyond the coastal confines of the nation’s largest cities and the innovation epicenter of Silicon Valley.

‘Underwater Pokéball’ snatches up soft-bodied deep dwellers

Creatures that live in the depths of the oceans are often extremely fragile, making their collection a difficult affair. A new polyhedral sample collection mechanism acts like an "underwater Pokéball," allowing scientists to catch 'em all without destroying their soft, squishy bodies in the process.

Senate wants emergency alerts to go out through Netflix, Spotify, etc.

An emergency alert goes out, trying to let you know about incoming bad news — a missile, a tsunami, or something else terrifying. Your phone starts shouting..but it’s downstairs. A warning ticker pops on TVs, if you’re watching cable… but you’ve got your eyes glued to Netflix, or Hulu,

Hyundai teams up with Amazon to offer virtual showroom

Next time you’re grabbing a new charging cord on Amazon, you might be tempted to grab a new Hyundai as well. Hyundai announced today a partnership with Amazon to create a digital showroom to allow customers to compare pricing and reviews,

The Galaxy Note 9 is leaking out all over the place

The Galaxy Note 9 won’t be announced until August. You wouldn’t know it by reading the internet, however. Every nook and cranny of the upcoming phablet has been bared for the world, in a series of leaks over the past several weeks. Sure, not all of them will pan out, but plenty have come from […]

Image Is Everything: Snapchat Tops WhatsApp As Biggest U.S. Messaging App

Snapchat may be getting a rap on the knuckles right now from regulators over how it handles user privacy, but the ephemeral messaging app is still a hot commodity. According to a report out today from network traffic specialist Sandvine,

Satago Secures $1M To Boost Its Automated Credit Control For SMEs

UK-based Satago, which officially launched at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin last year, has secured a $1 million second round funding to expand its automated credit control business. The startup previously raised $48,500 (£30,

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Could Be Unveiled Next Week

Microsoft might be gearing up to show off the third iteration of its Surface Pro Windows-powered computer/tablet next week at a special event. The surface event is confirmed, and reports suggest that there will be a smaller version of the Surface called the “Surface Mini” shown off there,

西班牙 doodle:政治家 Clara Campoamor 诞辰 126 周年、捷克 doodle:布拉格建城 230 周年、印度 doodle:政治家 Sarojini Naidu 诞辰 135


OS X Yosemite测试版可直接从iPhone屏幕捕捉视频

随着开发者不断挖掘iOS 8和OS X Yosemite全新测试版本的特性,各类在苹果WWDC大会上未公布的一些小功能也纷纷浮出水面。 最新曝光的一项功能是,OS X设备可以直接拍摄iPhone和iPad屏幕上的内容视频。

This Map Shows You The Fastest Way to Get Anywhere In Your City

Conventional wisdom (especially when it's raining) whispers in your ear that you can get anywhere in your city fastest by jumping in a car. Turns out in many cases, that is probably not true. Now you can easily see which mode of transit will deliver you to your destination faster, wherever you are.

Poor Doors, Hot Trains, Old Ads: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

It's hot pretty much everywhere and everyone's in a horrible mood. Which means there is plenty of ruining of cities to be had—so much so, that I've had to double up on this week's selections. From a plan to plunge Russia into darkness, to a steamy, sweaty Tube in London,


业界分析师认为,对于三星而言,苹果智能手表‍‍‍‍‍Apple Watch反而是一个利好因素。今天,苹果终于发布期待已久的智能手表Apple Watch和大屏iPhone。当然,大家普遍认为,对于三星,新款iPhone和Apple Watch纯粹是一场灾难。

10 Fascinating Idioms From Around the World

Idioms, specific to each language, give us a glimpse into the similarities between disparate culturesThese unique expressions vary across the globe, and reveal how groups of people use language to convey universal human emotions.

Could You Save Money By Commuting to San Francisco From Las Vegas?

Many of San Francisco workers are being priced far out of the city due to the housing shortage . But how far? According to one person’s calculations, rents are so high, it would be worth it to move to Las Vegas and fly back to San Francisco for work.Read more...



vivo X6上手体验:金属机身,操控流畅

vivo在11月的最后一天带来今年的新款产品X6,售价2498元。X6是vivo首次在宣传用语中直接侧重流畅体验的一款产品。初拿到vivo X6时第一印象感觉比较平淡。X6在机身设计上回归了金属机身,尽管我十分怀念X5Pro双面2.

满满的科技感 这样的摩托车谁能不爱

作为 Moto GP 赛场上的王者,本田的摩托车一直也是许多机车迷们的最爱。而自从 2014 年成立以来,法国公司 praëm 一直都在选择一些拥有鲜明赛车血统的摩托车,将它们重新创造重绘成定制版摩托车。  这次他们盯上了曾经获得SBK 2000冠军的本田摩托车VTR 1000 RC51 SP2,这台传奇的摩托车将会被 praëm 改造成为 SP3 !  说到 SBK ——世界超级摩托车锦标赛,与 Moto GP 专门为赛事打造的专用赛车不同,出现在SBK上的都是市场上能买到的超级跑车,稍微进行改装就可参赛, SBK 越来越受到车迷和观众的喜爱,不断发展壮大。  

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