G2 Crowd Raises $2.3 Million To Challenge Gartner

With an eye on capturing some of Gartner’s $6.28 billion market cap, the crowd sourced software review service G2 Crowd has raised $2.3 million in its first institutional round of financing. The Chicago-based company touts itself as a Yelp for enterprise software,

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Abstract, a versioning platform that helps designers work like developers, raises $30M

Design and engineering are two sides of the same coin when it comes to building software and hardware, and yet — unlike engineers, who can use services like GitHub, Bitbucket,

Erectile pharmacy app Ro launches telehealth service for women

Called Rory, the new line will target menopausal women with treatments for hot flashes, insomnia and more.

Seven Africa-focused startups present at Y Combinator’s Demo Day

The seven African-focused companies which presented as part of Y Combinator’s 200 strong cohort of Winter 2019 class of 200 startups may seem like a small percentage for such a large class, but it represents the growing significance of African ventures in YC’s universe. Since 2016,

Portworx raises $27M Series C for its cloud-native data management platform

As enterprises adopt cloud-native technologies like containers to build their applications, the next question they often have to ask themselves is how they adapt their data storage and management practices to this new reality, too.

Law enforcement needs to protect citizens and their data

Robert Anderson Contributor Robert Anderson served for 21 years in the FBI, retiring as executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch. He is currently an advisor at The Chertoff Group and the chief executive of Cyber Defense Labs. Over the past several years,

Blameless emerges from stealth with $20M investment to help companies transition to SRE

Sight Reliable Engineering (SRE) is an extension of DevOps designed for more complex environments. The problem is that this type of approach is difficult to implement and has usually only been in reach of large companies, requiring custom software. Blameless, a Bay Area startup,

Google fined $1.49BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

The European Commission has just announced another antitrust fine for Google . The latest fine — $1.49BN — relates to its search ad brokering business which competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager noted today is “by far” the company’s main source of revenue.

Photos Of NSA’s Bug-Injecting Workshop Show The Banality Of Surveillance

The photo above, released to coincide with Glenn Greenwald's new book No Place To Hide, depicts the TOA - the Tailored Access Operations - division at the NSA where busy techs unpack expensive networking equipment in order to implant bugs and other tracking systems right into the hardware.

Netskope Brings In $35 Million More As Cloud Security Competition Heats Up

When it comes to understanding the profusion of applications employees are using to conduct business, IT departments are increasingly lost in the cloud.

Pantheon Raises $21.5M Series B Round To Expand Its Web Hosting Platform

Pantheonwp_front_promo, which currently offers a professional hosting solution for Drupal and WordPress sites, today announced that it has raised a $21.5 million Series B funding round led by Rory O’Driscoll at Scale Venture Partners,

流出信息显示 BlackBerry 也正开发个人助理,不甘向 Apple 和 Google 示弱(影片)

现时智能型手机界中有两位最有名气的个人助理,它们分别叫 Siri 和 Google Now,而似乎将会加入这个市场的对手不只会有 Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 的 Cortana,还有 BlackBerry 的「Intelligent Assistant」呢。

Instagram seems to be having some technical difficulties updating its feeds right now.

Instagram seems to be having some technical difficulties updating its feeds right now. Guess you'll just have to share your brunch pictures sans filter. [Instagram]Read more...


威锋网消息,美国时间周四的报道称,苹果传闻收购 Beats 电子是为了该公司的联合创始人吉米·艾欧文和 Dr.Dre ,不是为了流媒体音乐或耳机相关技术。  

在安卓上体验Sailfish OS 速参加Jolla Launcher alpha版测试

Sailfish OS背后的Jolla团队一贯很开放,他们希望将自家的Sailfish OS带到更多的安卓手机中去,而不是固守自家的Jolla手机。本周他们已经向公众公布了“Jolla Launcher”安卓启动器Alpha版。

Dr. Jolt: Give your mind a quick jolt with this shocking puzzle app for Windows 8.1 devices

Looking for a fun new puzzle game for your Windows 8.1 device? Check out Dr. Jolt, a popular game that has been available on Android and iOS. Dr. Jolt is a simple and fun app that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.


【Martin导读】如果说,想找一个最了解你状况的人,恐怕非你自己莫属了。你生活中的喜怒哀乐,你的很多不能公开 […]

Christmas lights are bad for you and for the environment

Last week, NASA released a report whose tone was misleadingly gleeful. Called "NOAA/NASA Satellite Sees Holiday Lights Brighten Cities," it began, “Even from space, holidays shine bright.



走大眾化路線?BlackBerry 發表新款中階機 BlackBerry Leap

今日 BlackBerry 在 MWC 2015 上發表了最新款的 BlackBerry Leap,是一款售價比較便宜的中階手機。The post 走大眾化路線?BlackBerry 發表新款中階機 BlackBerry Leap appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.



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