Cue Is A Connected Lab-In-A-Box For On-Demand Health Testing At Home

The quantified self and quantified health trends frequently overlap -- but few startups are quite as tightly screwed into that sticking place as Cue. Not yet anyway.

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How Scientists Plan to Hack Your Nervous System

One nerve connects your vital organs, sensing and shaping your health. If we learn to control it, the future of medicine will be electric. By Gaia Vince.Read more...

Mind Readers: The Scientists Setting Coma Victims Free

Thousands remain trapped between life and death. Three scientists are working to free them. Roger Highfield reports.Read more...

10 Former Internet Trolls Explain Why They Quit Being Jerks

For some people, the internet is like the wild west: a lawless play-pen where they can get away with being an asshole to anyone they’d like. You know—trolling. Read more...

Sheryl Sandberg claims she didn’t know Facebook hired agency behind ‘abhorrent’ anti-Soros campaign

Sheryl Sandberg has denied that she obstructed early investigations into election meddling and claimed that she was unaware Facebook was involved with an agency that ran “abhorrent” anti-Semitic campaigns that targeted George Soros among others. Facebook,

Tidal arrives on the Amazon Echo

One key thing the HomePod has on the competition: streaming service synergy. It’s an important advantage at the heart of the premium smart speaker. While both Amazon and Google have their own streaming options, they pale in comparison to the top services, so third-parties are really the way to go.

Tinder tests ‘Swipe Surge’ in US to connect users during peak times

Tinder today announced the test of a new in-app experience it’s calling “Swipe Surge,” that will send notifications to users when there’s a spike in Tinder usage in their area.

Shyft raises $6.5M to help retail and service workers swap shifts

Ignition Partners and Madrona Venture Group have invested in the app for workers.

Amazon launches ‘Alexa-hosted skills’ for voice app developers

Amazon on Thursday launched a new service aimed at Alexa developers that automatically provisions and helps them to manage a set of AWS cloud resources for their Alexa skill’s backend service. The service is intended to help developers speed the time it takes to launch their skills,

Walmart and Target embrace in-store mobile checkout for the holidays

Two of the U.S.’s largest brick-and-mortar retailers, Walmart and Target, are launching new mobile checkout systems in their stores to accommodate the influx of shoppers expected during the 2018 holiday season.

A leaky database of SMS text messages exposed password resets and two-factor codes

A security lapse has exposed a massive database containing tens of millions of text messages, including password reset links, two-factor codes, shipping notifications and more. The exposed server belongs to Voxox (formerly Telcentris), a San Diego, Calif.-based communications company.

Gillmor Gang: Fits and Starts

The Gillmor Gang — John Borthwick, Dan Farber, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — take a walk on the wild side as The New York Times publishes all the news that fits. Except, that is, the news about itself. The Twitterverse is clogged with leaked Innovation reports,

With A Revamped Website, Geek Culture Hub Nerdist Enters “Phase Two”

When I got on the phone with the team at Nerdist Industries to talk about the geek culture site's recent redesign, I had a confession to make — even though I'm a regular listener to the Nerdist podcast, and I've watched a number of their YouTube videos, I'd only been to the actual website ...

The Western Twitterer’s Burden

Sigh. Here we go again. The eyes of the world turn to something awful happening in a remote corner of Africa, and what feels like half of the Western population immediately rushes to proudly embarrass itself on social media everywhere. On the Internet, at least,

Digital Storm 为自己的游戏本换上 GeForce 800M 显卡

分类: 膝上电脑想要 NVIDIA 最新的 GeForce 800M 系列显卡?没问题,Digital Storm 已经为你准备好了。

[视频]“全球真正意义上的电波手表”--The Cesium 133


'I Can't Recognize Everyone Anymore': Life at a Fast-Growing Startup

Early employees are the backbone of most startups. They buy their own desks, they establish the culture, they interview future hires and they maintain the culture as the company grows. They jump on the proverbial rocket ship and work, work, work — fueled by passion, ambition, coffee,




qifei 写道 "新浪报道,新闻出版广电总局发布通知,要求有线电视网络公司大力开展TVOS1.0规模应用试验,并要求在试验中,所采购或集成研发和安装的智能电视机顶盒等终端,不得安装除TVOS外的其它操作系统。

This is the the U.S.S.

This is the the U.S.S. Anchorage devouring the Orion spacecraft. Actually, this was taken on a test mission on August 2nd, where NASA and the U.S. Navy practiced different techniques for recovering the craft after its upcoming mission this December. [NASA]Read more...

'Apparently Kid' Got Auto-Tuned and It's Awesome

Auto-tune makes everything better.A video of 5-year-old Noah Ritter on a live news broadcast went viral this week, gaining more than 10 million views in just four daysAnd now, Ritter is officially Internet famous — he's been auto-tuned by Schmoyoho,

Tinder’s Sean Rad Says He Has Not Swiped Right To Benchmark Or Other Investors

Tinder Co-founder Sean Rad dodged a lot of questions on the Disrupt SF stage today, not least of which was the rumor that the hot dating app is raising a round at a valuation north of $750 million from Benchmark. “Rumors,” Rad stated when our MC Jordan Crook pressed him about it.

盘古新越狱工具24小时之内放出 集成Cydia

威锋网讯,昨天晚上 Saurik 已经对 Cydia 的版本更新到了 1.1.



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