Suspicion: The new corporate asset

Trust in the workplace, once a team-building asset, is now such a risk that employees are required to be suspicious of their colleagues. Is this progress or a step backwards?Read more:

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Suspicion: The new corporate asset

Trust in the workplace, once a team-building asset, is now such a risk that employees are required to be suspicious of their colleagues. Is this progress or a step backwards?Read more:

The Horizon For Information Security Jobs

With graduation season upon us, many graduates entering the workforce are understandably anxious about their future employment. However, at least one group is poised to take advantage of a market suffering from a massive skills shortage: cybersecurity professionals. Read More

Making your enterprise video strategy fit for purpose

Michael Ping vice president of enterprise business at Kaltura provides essential insights into creating a killer video strategy for your business.Read more:

The perils of BYOD: Security implications and how to combat them

Ensuring secure passwords are used, and providing employees with software and services that promote security, can make BYOD the positive development it really should be. Read more:

Leasing Creative Office Space? Don’t Get Screwed

Good startups grow. Great startups grow smartly, with a watchful eye toward an unrestrictive future. Naturally, however, even the most brilliant of startups have blind spots in their management. One such blind spot is in the area of commercial real estate,

Why are some businesses still afraid of the cloud?

This HP whitepaper outlines what these concerns are and gives some hints as to how the perceived threats can be mitigated against. Read more:

Q&A with Brian Azzopardi: How can businesses control employee usage of the web?

Businesses are facing new and difficult challenges with staff making use of public cloud services – so how can they best monitor and control such activity?Read more:

Why It’s Right To Report On The Sony Hack

“No one’s private life can totally withstand public scrutiny,” reads an NYT op-ed pinned by screenwriter and playwright Aaron Sorkin, angrily blasting the media for reporting the private details revealed through the recent hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment,

71% of businesses failing on enterprise-grade collaboration

Employees are increasingly turning to consumer level tools to collaborate with external partners due to the fact that there are simply not enough business-grade alternatives on offer.Read more:

Can the cloud ever be both secure and flexible?

Whilst companies are aware of the cloud's benefits – speed of deployment, scalability, capital expenditure savings, flexibility – plenty of scepticism still remains. Read more:

Organisations doing password security in a risky way

Large majority of businesses are failing to keep track of passwords efficiently, leading to potential security risks, report says.

No cash, no staff: how can the NHS afford to digitise?

Tackling the real questions from NHS finance leads, IMS MAXIMS Leesa Ewing provides a commercial director’s honest reflections on recurring hurdles.

Intel confirms more problems with Meltdown and Spectre patches

Recent updates have led data centre computers to reboot more often than usual.

Tech firms still not close to replacing traditional banks

New analysis from S&P says “tech titans” are still a ways off from overtaking banks.

Milton Keynes gets Vodafone gigabit-speed fibre broadband

Investment with CityFibre means Milton Keynes is the first UK city to get Vodafone's fastest network.

The biggest enterprise initiatives for 2018 are all data-centric

Business intelligence, machine learning / AI, and big data are all in demand.

Phishing remains top cyberattack method

Employee training is essential to preventing phishing attacks and other malware in the workplace.

How to beat malware malaise at the point of sale

When C level executives are forced to resign due to the effects of malware attacks, the retail industry needs to think how to protect their retail systems from virus attacks. This guide shows how.Read more:

How banks stay secure: Don't stop attackers getting in, stop them getting out

Banks and financial institutions are increasingly the target of cyber attack and it's becoming more apparent that you can’t stop them getting in. You have to stop them getting out. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Music service set to shut down on 19 May

Music services these days are a dime a dozen. New ones pop up all the time, and some make it, while others fail. One of those, apparently, is more:

Could Earth's Infrared Emissions Be a New Renewable Energy Source?

Zothecula (1870348) writes "Could it one day be possible to generate electricity from the loss of heat from Earth to outer space? A group of Harvard engineers believe so and have theorized something of a reverse photovoltaic cell to do just this.




北京2014年12月9日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年12月05日,随着CA1276航班准点落地,标志着国航北京-乌鲁木齐-阿克苏航线成功首航。首航当日客座率达到100%。 国航北京-乌鲁木齐-阿克苏航线首航成功  该航班号为CA1275/CA1276,每日一班。

只为对抗谷歌 传微软将推10英寸廉价平板电脑

去年微软宣布了一个利好政策,所有小于 9 英寸的 Windows 设备系统都可以免费的获得授权许可。随后我们看到了很多搭载 Windows 的小屏幕移动设备大爆发,尤其是平板电脑。


就美国学术界目前的情况而言,经济学和政治学都有被称为political economy的子学科。




最近看到这样一个问题,到底是先有需求再有产品,还是先有产品再有需求? 支持先有需求再有产品的人认为,市面上无数 […]


A.我拍片有一个“怪癖”,最厌恶别人告诉我,要提交采访问题。B. 理解仔细想想,这或许根本就不是一个关于技巧的问题。

1 蚊引轉會?Samsung 美國推優惠吸引 iPhone 用家轉用 Note 5 / S6 edge / S6 edge+

作為銷量最高的手機品牌,Samsung 似乎仍不打算放過排第二的 Apple。他們最近就係美國推出新「試用」優惠,以 1 蚊美金成本引誘 iPhone 用家轉用 Note 5、S6 edge 或 S6 edge+!The post 1 蚊引轉會?


北京2015年9月25日电 /美通社/ -- 甜品大王鲜芋仙情定众投天地,于近日开启厦门罗宾森广场店众筹。

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