Suspicion: The new corporate asset

Trust in the workplace, once a team-building asset, is now such a risk that employees are required to be suspicious of their colleagues. Is this progress or a step backwards?Read more:

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Suspicion: The new corporate asset

Trust in the workplace, once a team-building asset, is now such a risk that employees are required to be suspicious of their colleagues. Is this progress or a step backwards?Read more:

The Horizon For Information Security Jobs

With graduation season upon us, many graduates entering the workforce are understandably anxious about their future employment. However, at least one group is poised to take advantage of a market suffering from a massive skills shortage: cybersecurity professionals. Read More

Making your enterprise video strategy fit for purpose

Michael Ping vice president of enterprise business at Kaltura provides essential insights into creating a killer video strategy for your business.Read more:

The perils of BYOD: Security implications and how to combat them

Ensuring secure passwords are used, and providing employees with software and services that promote security, can make BYOD the positive development it really should be. Read more:

Leasing Creative Office Space? Don’t Get Screwed

Good startups grow. Great startups grow smartly, with a watchful eye toward an unrestrictive future. Naturally, however, even the most brilliant of startups have blind spots in their management. One such blind spot is in the area of commercial real estate,

Why are some businesses still afraid of the cloud?

This HP whitepaper outlines what these concerns are and gives some hints as to how the perceived threats can be mitigated against. Read more:

Q&A with Brian Azzopardi: How can businesses control employee usage of the web?

Businesses are facing new and difficult challenges with staff making use of public cloud services – so how can they best monitor and control such activity?Read more:

Why It’s Right To Report On The Sony Hack

“No one’s private life can totally withstand public scrutiny,” reads an NYT op-ed pinned by screenwriter and playwright Aaron Sorkin, angrily blasting the media for reporting the private details revealed through the recent hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment,

71% of businesses failing on enterprise-grade collaboration

Employees are increasingly turning to consumer level tools to collaborate with external partners due to the fact that there are simply not enough business-grade alternatives on offer.Read more:

Can the cloud ever be both secure and flexible?

Whilst companies are aware of the cloud's benefits – speed of deployment, scalability, capital expenditure savings, flexibility – plenty of scepticism still remains. Read more:

Are marketing clouds finally ready to get social media right?

Software leaders are once again tipping their toes into social media but this time they're being considerably more cautious.

We must take data more seriously to deliver greater productivity

It's high time businesses and consumers realise the value of data.

SMEs look to RPA to improve GDPR compliance and staff productivity

It seems that many SMBs are already unlocking the power of RPA to improve efficiency, allowing them to use their best asset - their employees – to focus on and undertake more transformative activities.

Data: transforming the energy sector and generating customer loyalty through AI

AI and data analytics can provide energy service providers with greater insight into the wants and needs of their customers.

NHS to get £500m tech investment

Health secretary Matt Hancock stresses need for digital transformation in healthcare.

Too human? Keeping the personal touch in customer contact

Through automation and AI, contact centres can deliver even greater personalisation while reducing strain on employees.

Technology doesn’t mean you can forget the basics of customer service

There is no excuse to forget the basic rules of customer service; technology can be used to enhance this – not replace. So, what are these rules - and how can businesses get them right?

How to beat malware malaise at the point of sale

When C level executives are forced to resign due to the effects of malware attacks, the retail industry needs to think how to protect their retail systems from virus attacks. This guide shows how.Read more:

How banks stay secure: Don't stop attackers getting in, stop them getting out

Banks and financial institutions are increasingly the target of cyber attack and it's becoming more apparent that you can’t stop them getting in. You have to stop them getting out. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Music service set to shut down on 19 May

Music services these days are a dime a dozen. New ones pop up all the time, and some make it, while others fail. One of those, apparently, is more:

SpringMVC入门 - format丶

介绍SpringMVC是一款Web MVC框架。 它跟Struts框架类似,是目前主流的Web MVC框架之一。本文通过实例来介绍SpringMVC的入门知识。实例本文所写的实例是一个员工的CRUD demo。 用idea编写,基于maven, Web框架使用SpringMVC,视图采取Freema...


土耳其牧羊人也可以天天登入了!一家土耳其公司 Ser-Gün 為了讓牧羊人也可以天天 Online,最近推出了一組以太陽能版作為主要電力來源的的「電驢外掛」。閱讀全文



Marketing Startup Percolate Raises $40M More

Percolate is announcing that it has raised $40 million in Series C funding.I’ve written previously about the company’s social media tools, which allow marketers to find and publish content on social networks. (It works on mobile too.) Read More

Is Having A Baby More Depressing Than A Death In the Family?

A study of new parents out of Germany makes the claim that having a baby is more hazardous to mental well-being than divorce or the death of a partner. Read more...

Why (sad) Apple Newsstand had to die in order for (better) Apple News to live

Apple's new iPhone commercial includes a little interlude that says the new phone will "change the way you read the news." A little kid looks up as the narrator asks, "wait, do you read the news?" "Yeah,

iOS 适配iOS9 - 鸿鹄当高远


Sony's new Xperia X phones focus on better photos and battery life

BARCELONA — The sad reality is Sony's Xperia smartphones just aren't selling, despite having desirable features like a 4K display, long battery life and clean, minimalist designs.Even though its struggling, the company's not giving up on mobile. At Mobile World Congress,

毕马威:2016年亚太地区网络替代金融基准报告 (附下载)



2016年4月14日,饿了么宣布获得阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金服共同投资的 12.5 亿人民币的融资,饿了么将与阿里巴巴及蚂蚁金服将在多项业务上进行深入的合作,包括云计算、地图、金融、信用等等。其中最为重要的一项是:口碑平台的外卖服务将由饿了么提供运营支撑。2016年4月15号,饿了么联合创始人兼 COO 康嘉在亿欧网举办的餐饮行业论坛上发表了 2016年 外卖对整个餐饮行业影响的演讲。这份演讲中他描述了 2016年 外卖对餐饮行业的影响,以及饿了么可能会布局的方向。康嘉认为外卖对 2016年 的餐饮行业主要有四大影响:首先,结构和模式的变化众所周知传统餐饮行业有三座大山:房租,员工,原材料。

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