With Twitch acquisition, YouTube might finally make live streaming matter

YouTube has struggled to make live streaming work. Acquiring Twitch could change that.

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New Apple TV Review: Is This It?

Buying a set-top box changed the way I watched everything through my TV. I’ve tried many stream machines but avoided the Apple TV since its walled garden undermined that “everything” detail, but I was sure that the much buzzed upgrade would change my mind. After using it for a week,

Bertelsmann offers 15,000 scholarships for Udacity’s Online Data Science Course

In a joint initiative with Google and Udacity, Bertelsmann, the international media, services and education company, is inviting the people 18 and…

Sponsored post: How Regulation Will Unlock A New Crypto-Boom

Regulation is quickly becoming a hot topic in the crypto-world. The unregulated, “Wild West” environment of the crypto market left investors wide…

Where We’re Going With Unified Communications

A business is not an island. Businesses must be in constant communication with customers, clients, vendors, contractors, employees, partners, and more —…

Why can’t we work out a technological solution for music distribution?

In February 1983⁠ Iegor Reznikoff and Michel Dauvois, the Parisian archaeologists surveying the renowned cave pantings of the Pyrenéan Ariège, faced a…

Sponsored post: The Next Stage Of The Crypto-Boom

Cryptocurrencies have officially returned to a full-blown-frenzy. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the crypto-pie. Corporate coins, government coins, and…

Drama-Free Artificial Intelligence

Depending on who’s listening, the current discussion involving the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in business inspires a range of dramatically divergent…

Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame…

YouTube is reportedly buying video game live streaming site Twitch for $1 billion

YouTube is buying Twitch for $1 billion in cash, according to a report.

It’s official: AT&T will buy DirecTV for $48.5B

Last week it was reported that AT&T would make a run for DirecTV's satellite television business. It did, offering $95 a share for the company.

TV somewhere, sometimes: Pay TV’s rocky path towards a streaming future

TV Everywhere is too complicated and fragmented to be really popular -- but it has nonetheless changed television.

科技放卫星 | 极客早知道 2014 年 6 月 11 日

谷歌 5 亿美元收购卫星公司 Skybox Imaging来自腾讯科技、谷歌在周二宣布 5 亿美元现金收购提供高质量卫星图片的公司 Skybox Imaging,其主要业务是生产卫星和部署数据中心,此外还致力于记录并提供地貌详图及高清视频。



[视频]年度“最具献身精神”的iPhone 6测试在这里

去年 iPhone 5s 带着 120fps 慢动作视频拍摄功能上市,用户们为了测试这个新的功能,可以说使出浑身解数,而其中“最具献身精神”的大概要数“掌嘴”的慢动作拍摄测试了,不得不说这些用户是苹果的真爱粉啊!


在CES大展上,东芝推出了四款Canvio系列新品,包括Canvio Connect II便携式移动硬盘,一款3TBCanvio Basics移动硬盘,以及Canvio AeroCast无线硬盘和Canvio Cast Wireless Adapter无线串流设备。

Windows Server 10 build 9926 截图泄露

微软将在接下来的Windows Insiders计划中发布新版Windows Server 10,公司也曾表示正在紧张地针对新版本做功能上的改进,但这依然没有挡住Windows 10 Server Technical Preview Build版本9926泄露到互联网。

Report: Google's wireless plans will come with free roaming abroad

Google is in talks with the UK telecom Three to offer wireless plans that will allow people in the U.S. to use their smartphones abroad without roaming charges, according to a new report.The plans would include voice calls, text messages and data,


家庭樂本身是很值得高興的事,不過一旦放到網上分享,就可能會引起意想不到的爭議。 最近一家人在火車軌上拍攝家庭照,竟為他們帶來麻煩。以下有更多資料:The post 溫馨還是玩命?

企业信息化解决方案——插件式平台开发框架 - 辰希小筑

0、三板斧作为职业Programmer或是优秀Team,拥有一套成熟、稳定的开发框架,无疑是行走IT江湖、纵横IT市场的必备功底。无图无真相,作为一个讲究实效的ITer,先来几道的甜点凉菜,后续会上更多的硬菜啦~o(∩_∩)o ~0.

新iPhone明天开启预购: 需要注意什么东西

iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 已经正式推出,用户们关心的就是新 iPhone 何时才能购买和需要怎样购买。购买 iPhone 的途径有很多,对于想要买到“放心机”的用户来说,苹果的官方渠道是要首先考虑的。

'We are all Muslim': Michael Moore is starting a movement against Trump

Director Michael Moore stood in front of Trump Towers on Wednesday holding a sign denouncing the anti-Muslim proposed policies of presidential hopeful Donald Trump.Written in all caps, the poster-board read: "We are all Muslim."Trump called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S. a few weeks ago.

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