With Twitch acquisition, YouTube might finally make live streaming matter

YouTube has struggled to make live streaming work. Acquiring Twitch could change that.

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New Apple TV Review: Is This It?

Buying a set-top box changed the way I watched everything through my TV. I’ve tried many stream machines but avoided the Apple TV since its walled garden undermined that “everything” detail, but I was sure that the much buzzed upgrade would change my mind. After using it for a week,

Bertelsmann offers 15,000 scholarships for Udacity’s Online Data Science Course

In a joint initiative with Google and Udacity, Bertelsmann, the international media, services and education company, is inviting the people 18 and…

Sponsored post: How Regulation Will Unlock A New Crypto-Boom

Regulation is quickly becoming a hot topic in the crypto-world. The unregulated, “Wild West” environment of the crypto market left investors wide…

Where We’re Going With Unified Communications

A business is not an island. Businesses must be in constant communication with customers, clients, vendors, contractors, employees, partners, and more —…

Why can’t we work out a technological solution for music distribution?

In February 1983⁠ Iegor Reznikoff and Michel Dauvois, the Parisian archaeologists surveying the renowned cave pantings of the Pyrenéan Ariège, faced a…

Sponsored post: The Next Stage Of The Crypto-Boom

Cryptocurrencies have officially returned to a full-blown-frenzy. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the crypto-pie. Corporate coins, government coins, and…

Drama-Free Artificial Intelligence

Depending on who’s listening, the current discussion involving the growing role of Artificial Intelligence in business inspires a range of dramatically divergent…

Ransomware Attacks Rose Rapidly in 2017: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data

Unless you avoided reading or listening to the news last year (and with everything going on in the world who can blame…

YouTube is reportedly buying video game live streaming site Twitch for $1 billion

YouTube is buying Twitch for $1 billion in cash, according to a report.

It’s official: AT&T will buy DirecTV for $48.5B

Last week it was reported that AT&T would make a run for DirecTV's satellite television business. It did, offering $95 a share for the company.

TV somewhere, sometimes: Pay TV’s rocky path towards a streaming future

TV Everywhere is too complicated and fragmented to be really popular -- but it has nonetheless changed television.




美国堪萨斯州的威斯特布路浸信会(Westboro Baptist Church)宣布计划纠察苹果。这叫教会由弗雷德·菲尔普斯创立,成员大部份是创立者菲尔普斯的亲人,是一家族教会。

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Review: Bigger Is Still Beautiful (Updated)

We loved the Kindle Fire HDX . It's faux-Android wrapped up in a budget body so beautiful you'll learn to stop worrying and love the forked OS. Now its big brother, the HDX 8.9, is here with the same flavor of lovely in a stretched-out package.Read more...

企业将可使用Microsoft Band下发自定义通知

自从微软宣布 Microsoft Band,开发人员就开始寻找某种方法来创建自定义的 Band 通知,但苦于微软没有官方的 SDK,似乎鲜有成功先例。

26个创业团队登场天使湾秋季Demo Day,涉及内容、社交、O2O、智能硬件、在线教育、在线旅游等

12月5日,天使湾在杭州海创基地举办了第5次Demo Day(天使湾相关信息戳这里),来自北京、杭州、深圳、上海、南京以及成都的26支创业团队展示了他们开发的产品。

前青蛙设计 CCO 告诉你未来会出现的 4 款可穿戴

小时候我有一个梦想,希望能够像大力水手那样,吃一个菠菜就有无穷的力量。现在,我的梦想还没成真,但却接近了。前 Forg Design 的 CCO 马克·罗尔斯顿(Mark Rolston)持续对可穿戴设备进行思考,提出了 4 个有趣的产品原型。

[评论]苹果可能正在打造一辆汽车 但不会很快问世


Afroman punched a woman on stage and paid $330 to get out of jail

Afroman issued an apology on Wednesday for punching a female fan in the face who walked on stage and danced on him during a show.The 40-year-old "Because I Got High" rapper was arrested Tuesday night and charged with simple assault. He was later released on $330, according to police in Biloxi,

'Girls' Season 4, episode 8 recap: 'Your father is gay'

Hannah's father has come out as gay.It's a plot twist Girls seems to thrust at viewers without any forewarning, but in fact, the show actually laid the foundation for Tad Horvath's (Peter Scolari) revelation way before he admits his preference for men. "Sometimes ...



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