Netflix announces further European expansion plans

Germany and France will be receiving the streaming movie service, along with four other European countries, although no exact rollout date has been confirmed.Read more:

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Security budgets get an SME boost in 2019

Businesses will be spending more on cybersecurity and recruitment this year, report finds.

Two-thirds of Android antivirus apps are frauds

Some block themselves, report claims.

Google helps smash pi calculation record

It would take you more than 330,000 years to say the number out loud.

Huawei says it has its own OS in case it gets banned

OS should work on both PCs and smartphones.

Choosing an ecommerce platform? There is no good, bad, and ugly

Choosing the right solution will bring operational excellence and better ROI.

Supplementing the in-store processes in the retail sector

With more people venturing online to do their shopping, no business is safe.

Key data security and backup tips for the next 12 months

Here are some key security and backup tips for the next 12 months.

Dropbox cracks open the Bubbli with latest photographic acquisition

Bubbli, a startup which produces an iOS photo app that allows users to create panoramic images with audio, has just been snaffled by Dropbox.Read more:

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to work together

The new head of UK and Ireland for technology firm Fujitsu has criticised the government’s demand for more SME involvement – claiming companies of all sizes need to “work together.”Read more:

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a beautiful device, but pricing is disappointing

The freshly revealed Surface Pro 3 might be a lovely piece of hardware, but Microsoft has lost the plot in terms of the price tag.Read more:


香港公司注册处信息显示,阿里巴巴影业集团有限公司已于今年 4 月 3 日在香港成立,主要为了与大股东阿里巴巴对接,从事电影业务,但相关业务暂未正式开展。

特斯拉将推新车 Model III 17 年上市售价 20 万

特斯拉计划推出新款车型 Model III,据传新车将比 Model S 小 20% 左右,并采用低价电池技术,其售价或为 3.5 万美元。

前海微众银行不设柜台和网点 民营银行怎么玩



汪星人的Airbnb,宠物在线寄养会是下一个共享经济的宝藏吗? 提供点对点萌宠寄养服务的Rover.com昨天宣布获得2500万美金E轮融资,由Technology Crossover Ventures领投。



Putin's perfect man date with Medvedev: Pumping iron, BBQ, tea

Vladimir Putin's summer vacation is infinitely more badass than yoursWhile on a getaway in the Russian resort town of Sochi, Russia's perennial president and government-approved definition of "manliness" took his prime minister on the perfect man date:

iPhone用户不会大量涌向Android Wear手表

在谷歌发布 Android Wear for iOS 应用之后,有很多分析称,这一策略将会让iPhone 用户转移到 Android Wear 阵营,不选择 Apple Watchn 手表。  

Kayak-eating bear is impossible to reason with

Sometimes, there's a bear, and that bear is intent on eating your kayak. There are several courses of action you can take to prevent that from happening, but unfortunately for the woman who recently had her kayak eaten by a bear in Berg Bay, Alaska,



Stephen Fry has some crucial lessons in etiquette for anyone visiting the UK

If you fancy brushing up on your British etiquette, who better to get a lesson from than time-honoured English gent Stephen Fry?The fine art of queuing, awkward politeness, tutting, light cheering at broken glassware and, of course, the weather,

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