Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

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Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

Macklemore Apologizes: ‘Jewish Stereotype Never Crossed My Mind’

Macklemore says it was just a wig, a beard and a fake nose; by no means did he even think about mocking the Jewish people. But just in case anyone is still upset over his outfit during a brief appearance in Seattle on Friday, the rapper (whose real name is Ben Haggerty) says he's sorry.

Watch Jay Leno take over Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' monologue

Though Jay Leno gave up the Tonight Show desk back in 2014, he hasn't quite retired from television itself. To promote his upcoming CNBC show, Jay Leno's Garage, the comedian and former host stepped in for Jimmy Fallon during Tuesday night's showWhen Fallon faked a hamstring injury mid-monologue,

Microsoft's 'DO' campaign continues in latest ad with Satya Nadella and Fred Flinstone

One could argue that Microsoft has never been a company that has nailed marketing. Recent, questionable ads include the dubstep Surface Ads, flashy and uninformative Mobile IE 10 ads, Macklemore filled ads as well as the “Honestly” campaigns.

VMAs red carpet sneak peek: VR puppy cam, vintage TVs and more

LOS ANGELES — The MTV Video Music Awards' red carpet isn't, well, red this yearThe carpet will look like television color bars of yesteryear — the multicolored test screen on old TVs — Mashable learned during an exclusive sneak peek Friday.See also:

Get satisfaction with Ed Sheeran and Rolling Stones singing 'Beast of Burden'

Ed Sheeran, our modern-day male master of live duets, hopped onstage with The Rolling Stones to perform the 1978 classic "Beast of Burden" over the weekend.

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Our friends over at Gawker's Antiviral are calling bullshit on the flood of lies and fakery on Facebook. Part one: "satire" news sites. Check it:Read more...

This $19 course could teach you how to behave like an actual genius

What did Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs have in common? In their own way, they each altered the course of history because of their keen intellect and insights. Some might even call them geniuses. And now,

This extremely weird finger animation video is really cool and also horrifying

If you like fingers, and you like animation, you still probably won't like this.Seed Animation Studio released a video called "Finger Machines," consisting of, you guessed it, a whole bunch of animated fingers. Somehow, it lasts for almost 2 minutes.They put fingers everywhere.

Get a good night's sleep anywhere you go with this self-inflating bed set, on sale for $85 off

Camping is generally an exciting time for everyone until night comes and you're scrambling to set up your air mattress. While your fellow campers are having fun around the campfire, you're left there spending an exorbitant amount of time pumping air, helplessly struggling,

Hawaii's destructive lava flows hit the ocean, making the Big Island bigger

The history of Hawaii is a tale of lava flowing into the sea. Bounties of fresh lava poured out of the Kilauea volcano's recently opened fissures this weekend, producing orange molten rivers that flowed downslope to the Pacific Ocean. When they met,

Slack goes down and we're finally free of this curse

Slack is down. The messaging tool used around the world went offline Monday afternoon, and thank the lord we're finally free of this curse. No more inane chatter, no more @here messages — just blissful silence. SEE ALSO: Slack might be making it harder to know if your boss is reading your DMsStill,

Dude pours molten salt into a watermelon and the results are awesome

There's only one thing better than watermelon on a hot summer's day and that's an exploding watermelon.YouTube channel The King of Random decided to answer a question that no one really had: What happens when you pour molten salt inside of a watermelon?

Dell wants to sell you this monitor for $80 off *and* give you a $75 gift card on top of that

Hey, desktop people: If you've been waiting for a sign that it's time to buy a new monitor, the stars are on your side this week.This 23-inch Dell monitor is $80 off its original price of $209.99, knocking it down to just $130.But it doesn't end there,

Apple Finally Addressing Problems With iMessage

If you've ever had problems receiving texts after switching from an iPhone to Android, you're not aloneA long-standing problem with iMessage can sometimes prevent former iPhone owners from receiving texts from other iPhones, but now it appears Apple is finally doing something about it.See also:

Time and Sports Illustrated to Run Small Ads on Upcoming Covers

Two weekly magazines published by Time Inc.,Time and Sports Illustrated, will feature small advertisements on the covers of its print issues for the next two weeks, a controversial move that could open the door to a permanent spot for marketers.The new ad units have been purchased by Verizon,

Codecademy Takes Its Free Coding Lessons Worldwide

Codecademy, the free online learning platform that teaches users to code, is going global.Since its launch in 2011, more than 24 million users have completed more than 100 million exercises on the Codecademy platform. But even though 70% of all those users are from outside the United States,






极客 写道 "据 The Verge 报道(中文),机器人专家偏爱刚性结构,因为算法可以从成熟的工业机器人移植。但是软体机器人的出现解决了现有机器人的两大问题。

mysql 改 编码为utf8 - changye

在网上查了很多mysql改utf8编码的方法,发现大同小异,并且在mysql重启的时候都会报'start: Job failed to start'这个错误.最后终于找到了正确的修改方法:1) 查看当前的编码:show variables like 'character%';+-----------...






史蒂芬说:大众点评经过十年的奋战,终于在数百万app中脱颖而出,成为目前生活中不可或缺的重要工具。十年来他们如 […]

Apple Watch 注定失败?

在苹果的历史上,Apple Watch 也许是争议最多的产品之一。自从 Tim Cook 在发布会上展示第一张产品图,吐槽声和赞美声便同时开始了。



Fandango Brings Its Web Video Series To Hulu

Fandango is known to most users as a web and mobile ticketing service, but it’s also been creating its own web TV shows. Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s announcing that those programs are coming to Hulu,

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