Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

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Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

Macklemore Apologizes: ‘Jewish Stereotype Never Crossed My Mind’

Macklemore says it was just a wig, a beard and a fake nose; by no means did he even think about mocking the Jewish people. But just in case anyone is still upset over his outfit during a brief appearance in Seattle on Friday, the rapper (whose real name is Ben Haggerty) says he's sorry.

Watch Jay Leno take over Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' monologue

Though Jay Leno gave up the Tonight Show desk back in 2014, he hasn't quite retired from television itself. To promote his upcoming CNBC show, Jay Leno's Garage, the comedian and former host stepped in for Jimmy Fallon during Tuesday night's showWhen Fallon faked a hamstring injury mid-monologue,

Microsoft's 'DO' campaign continues in latest ad with Satya Nadella and Fred Flinstone

One could argue that Microsoft has never been a company that has nailed marketing. Recent, questionable ads include the dubstep Surface Ads, flashy and uninformative Mobile IE 10 ads, Macklemore filled ads as well as the “Honestly” campaigns.

VMAs red carpet sneak peek: VR puppy cam, vintage TVs and more

LOS ANGELES — The MTV Video Music Awards' red carpet isn't, well, red this yearThe carpet will look like television color bars of yesteryear — the multicolored test screen on old TVs — Mashable learned during an exclusive sneak peek Friday.See also:

Get satisfaction with Ed Sheeran and Rolling Stones singing 'Beast of Burden'

Ed Sheeran, our modern-day male master of live duets, hopped onstage with The Rolling Stones to perform the 1978 classic "Beast of Burden" over the weekend.

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Our friends over at Gawker's Antiviral are calling bullshit on the flood of lies and fakery on Facebook. Part one: "satire" news sites. Check it:Read more...

Kids who dab on Snapchat aren't actually helping cure cancer

"Dab if you hate cancer" is the latest ~trend~ making it's way around Snapchat, but the Bitmoji-loving kids sharing these chain snaps aren't actually making a charitable impact.Participating in Snapchat's "screenshot and dab" trend is simple. Users screenshot an image,

Anger management isn't going so well in new 'Jessica Jones' trailer

We're less than a month away from Season 2 of Netflix's Jessica Jones, and the second trailer released Tuesday kicks a whole lot of ass.The trailer above features all the staples that made us fall in love with Jessica Jones in the first place: sarcasm, brute strength, and heavy drinking.

'Black Panther' hides a key to the Marvel's future in Wakanda

Excited for Black Panther? So are we. Which is why we're rolling out obsessive coverage with Black Panther Week. Black Panther spoilers ahead. You have been warned.As the credits roll on Black Panther, a seismic shift occurs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A gorgeous 'Game of Thrones' tarot deck can now be yours

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.The world of Westeros is now a bit closer to our own. Chronicle Books is releasing a gorgeous Game of Thrones-themed tarot deck,

Very good dog stars in very own trailer for a faux action movie

Move over Dwayne Johnson – there's a new action star on the rise. His name is Dougie and he is a very good boy. SEE ALSO: People are celebrating Lunar New Year by dressing up their dogsAnd because he is such a good boy,

This little attachment adds creamy foam to cocktails or beer — congrats, you're a mixologist n

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Any respectable drink connoisseur knows that beer, cocktails, or even soda without foam on the top are,

Facebook data is powering Stanford economist's American inequality study

Facebook is sharing some of your financial secrets with the world's leading researchers. The tech giant has offered up some of its massive treasure trove of personal data to academia.Stanford economics professor Raj Chetty has been leading a team working on an America inequality study,

Apple Finally Addressing Problems With iMessage

If you've ever had problems receiving texts after switching from an iPhone to Android, you're not aloneA long-standing problem with iMessage can sometimes prevent former iPhone owners from receiving texts from other iPhones, but now it appears Apple is finally doing something about it.See also:

Time and Sports Illustrated to Run Small Ads on Upcoming Covers

Two weekly magazines published by Time Inc.,Time and Sports Illustrated, will feature small advertisements on the covers of its print issues for the next two weeks, a controversial move that could open the door to a permanent spot for marketers.The new ad units have been purchased by Verizon,

Codecademy Takes Its Free Coding Lessons Worldwide

Codecademy, the free online learning platform that teaches users to code, is going global.Since its launch in 2011, more than 24 million users have completed more than 100 million exercises on the Codecademy platform. But even though 70% of all those users are from outside the United States,

The Worst Blunders People Make in Inventing Fictional Alien Worlds

We love stories that take us to alien planets and let us explore whole new environments. But not every alien planet is totally realistic, especially given how much we've learned about exoplanets lately.

Sherpa’s Shervin Pishevar’s First $100K Cyrus Prize Goes To Dropbox Co-Founder Ferdowsi

Shervin Pishevar was just a six-year-old child when when the bombs from the Iran-Iraq War started to fall in 1980. His father, a high-ranking television executive, felt the family was in danger during the Iranian Revolution and so they left for the U.S.

This guy using a wheel barrow to do skateboard tricks is so hilarious

Here's the progression of my thoughts when I first saw this video of Hä Wie using a golden wheel barrow to do skateboard tricks on the street. I thought it was so dumb. So, so stupid. And then I started giggling. And then I started laughing. And then I started wondering, wait,

Nest's Smart Thermostat and Smoke Detector Just Got Smarter

Nest Labs, which Google recently acquired for $3.2 billion, opened its smart Nest thermostat and smoke detector to developers in June to make more products work together in the home, from washing machines and garage doors to lights and cars.Now, more than 4,


苹果市值能达万亿美元?分析师称这不是梦  11月19日,美国苹果公司将成为全球首家市值过万亿美元的公司吗?越来越多的分析师开始倾向这种可能性。  

给个理由呗 : 苹果店或将重新开售Bose产品

今年 10 月苹果公司零售店下架了所有Bose音频产品,但是消息称苹果近期或会重新开售 Bose 的产品。iGen.





股东欲力荐苹果收购特斯拉 库克避重就轻打太极

据彭博社网站报道,苹果CEO蒂姆?库克(Tim Cook)发现,股东迫切希望公司收购电动汽车厂商特斯拉。库克昨天刚刚发布了苹果5年来推出的首款全新产品Apple Watch。

This Is What 15,000 Aircraft Look Like to Satellites in Space

The main task of European Space Agency’s Proba-V minisatellite is monitoring vegetation growth on our planet—but it also sees something a little higher in our atmosphere, too: signals from thousands of aircraft.Read more...

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