Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

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Macklemore Moves Past Costume Controversy at First Show Since Uproar

Rapper Macklemore preached the virtues of tolerance and acceptance during a rowdy concert Wednesday night in New York City, during which he decided not to dwell on the controversy surrounding his outfit choice during a performance in Seattle on Friday.This week,

Macklemore Apologizes: ‘Jewish Stereotype Never Crossed My Mind’

Macklemore says it was just a wig, a beard and a fake nose; by no means did he even think about mocking the Jewish people. But just in case anyone is still upset over his outfit during a brief appearance in Seattle on Friday, the rapper (whose real name is Ben Haggerty) says he's sorry.

Watch Jay Leno take over Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' monologue

Though Jay Leno gave up the Tonight Show desk back in 2014, he hasn't quite retired from television itself. To promote his upcoming CNBC show, Jay Leno's Garage, the comedian and former host stepped in for Jimmy Fallon during Tuesday night's showWhen Fallon faked a hamstring injury mid-monologue,

Microsoft's 'DO' campaign continues in latest ad with Satya Nadella and Fred Flinstone

One could argue that Microsoft has never been a company that has nailed marketing. Recent, questionable ads include the dubstep Surface Ads, flashy and uninformative Mobile IE 10 ads, Macklemore filled ads as well as the “Honestly” campaigns.

VMAs red carpet sneak peek: VR puppy cam, vintage TVs and more

LOS ANGELES — The MTV Video Music Awards' red carpet isn't, well, red this yearThe carpet will look like television color bars of yesteryear — the multicolored test screen on old TVs — Mashable learned during an exclusive sneak peek Friday.See also:

Get satisfaction with Ed Sheeran and Rolling Stones singing 'Beast of Burden'

Ed Sheeran, our modern-day male master of live duets, hopped onstage with The Rolling Stones to perform the 1978 classic "Beast of Burden" over the weekend.

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Our friends over at Gawker's Antiviral are calling bullshit on the flood of lies and fakery on Facebook. Part one: "satire" news sites. Check it:Read more...

Emmanuel Macron lures top U.S. climate scientists fleeing from Trump research cuts

In the name of furthering climate research (and trolling Donald Trump), French President Emmanuel Macron awarded "Make Our Planet Great Again" grants to 18 climate scientists, 13 of whom are from the United States.On Monday,

Adorn the top of your Christmas tree with these inspirational women

A nonprofit called Women To Look Up To has created Christmas tree toppers of powerful women that better represent our modern icons. Read more...More about Christmas, Mashable Video, Women, Beyonce, and Holiday

Let's look back at the year in Hollywood Chrises

The Hollywood Chrises were not invented in 2017. They've all been kicking around in some form or other since the early '80s, and people have been cracking jokes about Hollywood's fixation on blandsome young white male Chrises since at least 2013, when Chris Pratt was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Winter Workout: How to keep warm without sacrificing performance

PAID CONTENT | UNIQLOFor the sporty crowd at Mashable who refuse to allow bad weather keep them down, Uniqlo’s HEATTECH, BLOCKTECH and Ultra Light collection keeps the game going strong all winter long.Winter is that magical time of year when people bundle up, bake pies,

People are tweeting their failed attempts to make gingerbread houses

People may be good at getting into the Christmas spirit, but that doesn't mean they're any good at constructing a sound gingerbread house.SEE ALSO: Upside down Christmas trees are trending, and the internet is outragedNobody is, it seems. This holiday season Twitter has been awash with dismal,

A food critic is taking one for the industry and eating tacos for a full year

Mike Sutter is a restaurant critic for the San Antonio Express-News. For 2017, he made it his goal to go to 365 taquerias and try their tacos. So far, he's eaten 1,300 tacos and spent around $600 a month doing so. The reason for this mission: to get to know the culture of the city of San Antonio.

Ambulance gets called out for figure in park, turns out to be a statue

We know better safe than sorry is the old adage, but if you call an ambulance out for a statue this idiom loses its wisdom a bit.SEE ALSO: Police wait for snake to cross the road, and nopeAn ambulance in the UK received a call about a person in a park.

Apple Finally Addressing Problems With iMessage

If you've ever had problems receiving texts after switching from an iPhone to Android, you're not aloneA long-standing problem with iMessage can sometimes prevent former iPhone owners from receiving texts from other iPhones, but now it appears Apple is finally doing something about it.See also:

Time and Sports Illustrated to Run Small Ads on Upcoming Covers

Two weekly magazines published by Time Inc.,Time and Sports Illustrated, will feature small advertisements on the covers of its print issues for the next two weeks, a controversial move that could open the door to a permanent spot for marketers.The new ad units have been purchased by Verizon,

Codecademy Takes Its Free Coding Lessons Worldwide

Codecademy, the free online learning platform that teaches users to code, is going global.Since its launch in 2011, more than 24 million users have completed more than 100 million exercises on the Codecademy platform. But even though 70% of all those users are from outside the United States,

三星Chromebook 2上手 仿皮革外观做工一般

现在,越来越多搭载谷歌Chrome OS系统的笔记本电脑产品不断的在冲级Windows系统笔记本的市场,而三星公司也在最近推出了旗下的第二代Chromebook笔记本,同样搭载了Chrome系统。

This Is What It's Like to Feed Thousands of People at a Music Festival

San Francisco's Outside Lands is a major destination for music lovers, but the fairgrounds also offer prime real estate for small businesses looking for awareness among the festival's 65,000 attendees.This year, Azalina added the annual festival to her to-do list.

Linq编程小趣味爱因斯坦谜题 - Fly_Elephant


消息称苹果明年春发售Apple Watch 下半年发大屏iPad

据福布斯网站报道,尽管iPhone 6和最近发布的iPad产品线仍然供不应求,但苹果已经在考虑明年发布的产品了。苹果零售业务副总裁Angela Ahrendts表示,“我们将于明年春季在市场上推出一款智能手表。

PLSQL_PLSQL Hint用法总结(概念) - 东方瀚海

2014-06-20 BaoXinjian一、摘要手工指定SQL语句的执行计划1. hints是oracle提供的一种机制,用来告诉优化器按照我们的告诉它的方式生成执行计划。

Facebook发布新管理规则 能否有效作用14亿用户

3月17日消息, 据国外媒体报道, 曾几何时,管理Facebook是比较简单的工作。因为当时的用户主要是美国大学生,这些用户至少拥有相同的文化背景。但现在Facebook拥有13.9亿用户,  

我的 CES Asia 日记(一):审美疲劳下的消费电子

忘记是谁说过,曾经的世界级大型科技展都开始有没落的征兆,比如游戏界的 E3。这样的趋势也许的确存在,所以关注消费电子的 CES 终于也来到了上海,并立下了辐射亚洲的豪言壮语。

Show off your gorgeous Windows 10 desktop right here

Windows 10 has been officially launched as of July 29th and chances are you spent a considerable amount of time to set up your Start menu and desktop. Now it's time for you to share your gorgeous Windows 10 desktop for the whole world to see.

How Microsoft Edge can be the perfect teacher’s aide

Students learn in a variety of different ways — mostly in a combination of auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods. This means that we need things explained verbally and visually, and then need to actually practice or take a hands-on approach.

果粉的共鸣?iPad Pro很好但Mac无可取代

关于 iPad Pro 是否可以取代 Mac 成为用户主要使用设备的讨论仍在继续。也许对于一些人来说,答案是肯定的。但是对于另外一部分人来说,答案显然是“不可以”,哪怕他们是忠实的果粉。

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