Even Asylum in Russia Can't Save Snowden From Becoming a Meme

You can run, but you can't hide from the Internet Photoshopping you.NBC News announced on Thursday that anchor and managing editor Brian Williams traveled to Moscow this week for an exclusive in-depth interview with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.See also:

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Snowden clashes with NSA in fresh PRISM interview

Edward Snowden has contradicted the US National Security Agency in a recent NBC interview, claiming he initially went through official channels in order to voice his criticisms of the spy agency.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/30/snowden-clashes-with-nsa-in-fresh-prism-interview/

The Biggest Moments From Edward Snowden's Big NBC Interview

This is a developing story...Mashable will continue to update it throughout the hour...Edward Snowden speaks.The bespectacled NSA-leaker, currently living under asylum in Moscow, Russia, is giving a wide-ranging interview to NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams on Wednesday night,

In First American TV Interview, Snowden Talks Accountability and Patriotism

mspohr (589790) points out NBC News's interview with Edward Snowden, the first time Snowden has talked with an American television reporter. It's a wide-ranging conversation, in which Snowden emphasizes his ongoing belief that he did the right thing to release the many documents that he did,

Edward Snowden Brags About Being a Spy to Brian Williams

NBC News just published some telling quotes from its much anticipated interview with Edward Snowden. Among other self-aggrandizing things, Snowden said he "was trained as a spy"and is "a technical expert." Snowden added, "I don't work with people."Read more...

The NSA's least-favorite person, Mr Snowden himself, is doing a live video interview with the New Yo

The NSA's least-favorite person, Mr Snowden himself, is doing a live video interview with the New Yorker as we speak. If you want to see how a year in Russia has treated the whistleblower, or you want to hear his opinions on the most recent leaks, it's worth hopping over. Read more...

Snowden Reveals NSA Intervention In Syria, Hacking Program Compelled Him To Leak Documents

Many in the media have conjectured that supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were responsible for a series of Internet outages in Syria in 2012. But National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden claims at least one was caused by the United States Government.

Watch Edward Snowden’s SXSW Interview

Did you miss the chat between Edward Snowden and the ACLU’s Ben Wizner and Christopher Soghoian? The good news is that you can watch the entire thing now. Bad news: The currently available video is the talk in its entirety, but only with Snowden in the picture. 

Snowden Claims U.S. Policy Is Creating A Black Market For Digital Weapons

Edward Snowden says in a new interview with NOVA Next that the U.S. government wrongly promotes cyber offense strategies at the expense of weakening the system and leaving it open to cyber attacks from the black market.

Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google

According to Edward Snowden, people who care about their privacy should stay away from popular consumer Internet services like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google.Snowden conducted a remote interview today as part of the New Yorker Festival,

Watch The Live Stream Of Edward Snowden’s SXSW Talk Here

Edward Snowden is set to give his SXSW talk at 12:00 EDT. Thanks to the Texas Tribune, the interview will also be live streamed and the video is embedded below. Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist of the American Civil Liberties Union,

Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila' isn't meshing with Mexico's tequila industry

Elon Musk could soon need a lemon wedge for a salty trademark battle with Mexico's tequila industry.The founder and CEO of Tesla announced a new brand of tequila called "Teslaquila" in October, vaguely tweeting it was "coming soon.

Essential's $149 magnetic dongle will bring back your headphone jack

We know, you miss your headphone jack.Like other smartphones, the Essential Phone has done away with the feature, but the company has just launched its long-touted external headphone adapter and DAC, which magnetically snaps on to the back of your phone.SEE ALSO:

Bitcoin Cash is set to hard fork, and people are losing their cool

Nothing says the future of finance like a good old-fashioned meltdown, and the upcoming bitcoin cash hard fork has that in spades. This is thanks, in no small part, to a man named Craig Wright. Wright,

A college bathroom hides a bizarre Danny DeVito shrine, and we have questions

Do you ever leave a small offering to our Lord and Savior, Danny DeVito, during your restroom breaks? A bathroom apparently located at Purchase College in New York hides a mildly terrifying secret: The paper towel dispenser leads to a "cavernous shrine" to American icon. In one video,

JUUL restricts flavors and asks social media companies to crack down on vape posts

Is this the end of JUUL memes?JUUL announced a number of new measures to try to prevent teens from using its products on Tuesday.Notably, it will stop allowing retailers to sell flavored pods until they install advanced age verification software from JUUL.

Let's all admire Wilfred Warrior, the ridiculous-looking Instagram famous cat

Wilfred the Chinchilla Persian is simultaneously the most adorable and the most horrifying creature you'll ever lay your eyes on. The internet fell in love with the scraggly white cat when comedian Michael Rapaport posted a video of the cat on Instagram. Horrified,

Um, that's not Spike Lee, newspaper front page

We've all made a typo in our time.So has New Zealand's Gisborne Herald, who made an almighty error on the front page of its Tuesday newspaper when it commemorated the late comic book legend Stan Lee.SEE ALSO:

Disney's 'Big Hero 6' Trailer: This Robot's Struggle Is Real

In Disney's first full trailer for Big Hero 6, teen prodigy Hiro Hamada turns his synthetic buddy Baymax — who looks like a much fatter, taller Pillsbury Doughboy — into a battle-ready robot. The movie is inspired by Marvel's comic book series of the same name.The new trailer,

This Is the Earth (in 36,422 Selfies)

All the world's a selfie. It just took NASA's help to figure that outNASA created a mosaic of the globe from 36,422 selfies taken by people across the planet and released the image on Thursday.See also: Snowden Snaps a Selfie With Glenn Greenwald and CompanyOn Earth Day this year,

Yelp to Add User-Generated Videos to Its App

Yelpers will soon be able to supplement their reviews with short video clips when using Yelp's mobile appVideos will be between three and 12 seconds long and are meant to complement reviews, not be act as their own standalone assessments.See also:


编者注:此文作者是Vox Media视频产品总监Joe Alicata。“你看见这个了吗?”“这个”可以是任何东西:歌曲、视频剪辑,很棒的图库。

Yes, Windows 10 Is Coming This Summer--But Only For PCs

We already knew that the next version of Windows was slated to arrive sometime this summer (and for free !)—but it wasn’t completely clear what that meant. Read more...



Windows 95迎来20岁生日:回顾“开始菜单”诞生的年代

日前,Windows 95迎来了它的20岁生日。虽然从数字上来看,Windows 95一点也不老,但在发展迅速的科技领域中,20年代表的是年代久远。

视频演讲: 京东弹性计算云:软件定义数据中心与容器集群调度


家贼难防 苹果店员工被控诉盗近百万礼品卡

威锋网 10 月 21 日消息 每当我们去到苹果零售店总会见到热情洋溢的员工为我们竭诚提供服务,不过即便是在苹果公司工作也会有人不安分守己,近日有报道称一家苹果零售店的员工因为涉嫌盗窃巨额礼品卡而被控诉。  

淘宝弹性布局方案lib-flexible实践 - 流云诸葛


Slow Motion Laser Hair Removal Is a Tiny Massacre

Laser hair removal might be the most requested cosmetic procedure, but how does it work?Read more...

: GTC 2016 : NVIDIA 宣布將 DRIVE PX2 車載自動駕駛學習平台投入 ROBORACE 無人駕駛賽事

還記得先前公布的 ROBORACE 賽事的大會賽車嗎? NVIDIA 在 GTC 宣布,這場標榜電動與人工智慧自動駕駛的賽事將採用於今年 CES 所發表的 NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 作為其人工智慧核心,未來參與賽事的車隊將展現各自對於自動駕駛邏輯撰寫的能耐在這場賽事中爭豔。閱讀全文

The Grammy's won't award a free album — which could be a problem for Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper might have to change the game.The Chicago native recently released his newest mixtape "Coloring Book," and it's already being called an early contender for rap album of the year. Except, it won't be by the Grammys.

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