New York Sports Club Ad Trolls Kim and Kanye Wedding

New York institutions are having a field day with the Kimye weddingThe New York Sports Club has decided to turn the celebrity wedding into a marketing gimmick. In a print ad, spotted by Wall Street Journal tech reporter Katie Rosman,

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The Kimye Wedding Photos in All Their Glory

The moment has arrivedThe #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple as released their wedding images — which is to say, E! News, to whom the Kardashians basically owe their first-born children, has shared Kimye's official wedding picsSee also:

'New York Post' Gives Kim and Kanye the World's Worst Wedding Announcement

The New York Post clearly is not a fan of Kimye.The publication marked the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with a news story short on words and long on snark. "Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday," the Post's story begins,

New York Sports Club Ad Trolls Kim and Kanye Wedding

New York institutions are having a field day with the Kimye weddingThe New York Sports Club has decided to turn the celebrity wedding into a marketing gimmick. In a print ad, spotted by Wall Street Journal tech reporter Katie Rosman,

This cyborg houseplant can automatically drive itself toward light

We usually think of plants as vegetables or home decoration, but Harpreet Sareen, an MIT Media Lab researcher,  developed a plant-robot hybrid that moves on its own in response to the changes happening in its environmentElowan is a houseplant, but it is much more than that.

Tech gifts for people who love the great outdoors

Got a friend who seems to love nature and animals more than they like people? Yep, we all have one — and even if they're constantly forgetting to text back because they never have service, we love them anyway.

Gift ideas for your in-laws so you don't have to get them a gift card (again)

Ah, the in-laws. Whether you love them or just tolerate them, one of the easiest ways to get on their good side is by wowing them with the perfect gift. Have a mother-in-law who's always misplacing her keys? That's where Tile comes in.

Apple just hired a Tesla designer. Let the speculation begin.

The hiring of a former Tesla designer has reignited speculation over Apple's self-driving car ambitions. Andrew Kim was hired by Microsoft after his minimalist redesign for the company went viral in 2013. He then spent two years as a senior design manager at Tesla. Now it looks like he's at Apple. 

Johnson & Johnson reportedly knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder products

A report from Reuters claims that Johnson & Johnson apparently knew that there were asbestos — or microscopic fibers that can cause cancer — in its baby powder productsEarlier this year, J&J ordered by a judge to pay over $4 billion in damages to 22 women and their families.  Read more...

Co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia dead at 34

Colin Kroll, who co-founded the once widely popular game HQ Trivia, was found dead in his apartment in New York. TMZ reported the cause of death as an apparent drug overdose. Kroll was 34. Read more...More about Twitter, Apps, Vine, Mashable Video, and Mobile Games

Hacker uses internet meme to send hidden commands to malware

A recently discovered piece of malware has a unique way of communicating with its creator—through an internet meme posted on Twitter.The mysterious hacker has been using the "What if I told you" meme to secretly tell a Windows-based strain of malware when to grab screenshots from infected PCs,

YouTube Removes All of Elliot Rodger's Videos

YouTube has removed all videos uploaded to the account believed to be operated by Elliot Rodger, the man suspected of killing six and injuring 13 in Isla Vista, California, including numerous videos discussing his loneliness and frustrations with women.

'Watch Dogs' Review: Hacking Fun Meets Hackneyed Writing

Watch Dogs stole the show at gaming conventions two years ago, and many gamers have looked to it as potentially the first game to exemplify the potential of the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.When it was delayed from its original holiday 2013 release window,

Report: Twitter Will Have Nearly 400 Million Users By 2018

Better late than never.Twitter is projected to top 300 million users worldwide in 2016 and have nearly 400 million users by 2018, according to a new report from eMarketer. That might sound like a lot in the aggregate,



[图+视频]厨房自动化操作设备亮相 可远程解冻食材


波音欲引进全新行李箱系统 存放空间将到大幅得升




PowerbyProxi 宣布针对消费电子设备推出无线充电评估套件

-- 该评估套件支持共振模式充电和遵守 Qi 标准 加州普莱森顿2014年8月13日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最先进、最安全的无线充电解决方案的开发商 PowerbyProxi 今天宣布发布面向消费电子设备无线充电的评估套件 Proxi-2D EVK-1。

Spotify shows Windows Phone love, goes free on the platform

While Windows Phone gets a lot of attention for what it doesn't have, the Microsoft mobile platform is slowly making progress. Now it is scoring a major win, and getting on par with rivals, as SpotifyRead more: http://www.itproportal.


氪加是36氪旗下的创业服务平台,我们整理收录每周的国内外创业项目投融资数据供业内朋友阅读研究。以下是 09.15—09.21国内外完成的创业项目投融资情况数。

三星发新广告揶揄苹果:Note 4的对手是iPhone 7

三星发新广告揶揄苹果:Note 4 的对手是 iPhone 7  9 月 29 日消息,三星和苹果这对老冤家总是不会放过任何一个揶揄对手的机会,日前三星在报纸上刊登了最新的 Galaxy Note 4 广告,表示 Note 4 的竞争对手不是 iP ... ...


在闹出了 Superfish 的丑闻之后,联想已经表示会重新考虑自己的软件预载策略。时至今日,他们终于做出了决定。从今往后,联想电脑在出厂时将仅会安装 Windows、自家应用和必要的保安软件。

Uber创办新杂志 欲改善同签约司机之间的关系


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