12 Cliched Online Dating Photos Every Guy Should Dump

When a photo is all you have to represent yourself, the pressure can be danting — especially in online dating.How can a dude woo the ladies with cars, money and sensitivity when she could swipe to the next face in seconds? You want to look casual, but not sloppy. Adventurous,

12 Cliched Online Dating Photos Every Guy Should Dump

When a photo is all you have to represent yourself, the pressure can be danting — especially in online dating.How can a dude woo the ladies with cars, money and sensitivity when she could swipe to the next face in seconds? You want to look casual, but not sloppy. Adventurous,

Steve Harvey's 10 Tips for Online Dating

Browsing for love in all the wrong places? Perhaps you need Steve Harvey's help.The TV host and personality has teamed up with Match.com to provide a unique dating experience for singles looking for the real thing, baby. The new online dating platform, called Delightful,

10 Worst Types of First Messages in Online Dating

You only get one chance at a first impression, even when it's online.It's tough when all you have is a blurry photo and a text message to make a love connection. You have to say something to make yourself stand out, but sometimes that's not always a good thing.See also:

10 perfect pies for your bad Tinder dates

The dating world is a tough place, so come home to something sweet.While you're swiping left and right, you'll start to meet slews of guys who tend to prove certain stereotypes that single people have come to expect on Tinder.See also:

It's Like Tinder, But Just for the Over-50 Crowd

Tinder, the dating and hookup app, has become a runaway success over the past year and spawned plenty of offshoots.Now, one Australian entrepreneur thinks there's room for a competitor targeted at the 50-plus demo.See also:

The Art of Dating: Past and Present

Once upon a time, dating meant finding the right person to share a lifetime of romantic meals and intimate conversationToday, dating means finding someone to sit next to while you play Candy Crush on your iPad.See also: Heat Index: Find the Right Dating Site or App for YouIn these comics,

The 11 Types of Snapchat Users Everyone Knows

Snaps may disappear after 10 seconds, but some terrible Snapchat tropes live on forever.It's time to pay proper tribute to the friends and randoms who flood our inboxes every day with formulaic Snaps of life eventsSee also:

The Friends That Play Together, Stay Together

Swiss photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have released a series of pictures — and a corresponding book — titled Hobby Buddies, which examine people who are pursuing a common cause or shared ideasThey staged scenes that are both humorous and heartfelt,

'Truth About Hookups' Takes a Hard, Hilarious Swipe at Love

Online dating apps like Tinder can be a great way to find a fun, summer fling. Just don't get your hopes up if you're looking for true love.Comedian Paul Gale explores the painful side of hookups in this hilarious and amazingly detailed sketch comedy video.

Huawei founder speaks amid pressure: 'The U.S. can't crush us'

The founder of Chinese electronics giant Huawei said it doesn't need the U.S. to survive. Ren Zhengfei spoke to the BBC in his first interview since the arrest of his daughter, Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng, in Canada.SEE ALSO:

Please enjoy the unnecessarily lit 'Act My Age' by One Direction meme

One Direction may have disbanded three years ago, but their songs are still undeniable meme-worthy bops. You've probably stumbled across this bizarre meme in the past few days: A trio goes hard and dances in perfect sync to what sounds like the beginning of a sea shanty. 

Buckle up, Queen is performing at the Oscars

Guys. Queen is performing at the Oscars this year. With Adult Goth/possible vampire Adam Lambert at its helm, Queen is set to dazzle us all during the awards show, which controversially tried to cut four categories from its broadcast in hopes of saving time.SEE ALSO: Never mind,

Creators on Instagram and other platforms made nearly $7 billion, study says

Creators in the U.S. are earning more than ever on internet platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr — nearly $7 billion, according to a new study.The sprawling 97-page report by the Re:Create Coalition analyzes how many people in the U.S. are creating online content,

This 'Alien' cake is the only good gender reveal

Congrats, it's a parasitic alien! Gender reveal parties are exhaustingly overdone — from starting wildfires to nearly killing Grandpa, the heteronormative announcements can backfire beautifully. Twitter user @mskittenfish posted a video of a rare gender reveal done well. SEE ALSO:

Why is everyone on Twitter talking about towels?

Good morning, everyone. Apparently we're mad about towels. Scrolling through Twitter on Monday, you might have seen a feed full of people arguing over the amount of towels you're supposed to own.

Lightsaber dueling is now an official sport in France

Good news, Jedi. France's fencing federation has recognized lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport, the Associated Press reports. Now you can channel your inner Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, or Qui-Gon Jinn (lol just kidding) with a French Fencing Federation judge watching you.SEE ALSO:

Take a Virtual Stroll Through Marseille With Google Night Walk

Google Night Walk is magic. At least it feels like it. Thanks to a combination of maps, music, story, and narration, users can teleport to the streets of Marseille, France and virtually walk among the sights and sounds. It’s an elevated version of Google Maps that’s high on culture and cool.

Throwback Tunesday: Tegan and Sara Get Nostalgic

Welcome to Throwback Tunesday, where Mashable amplifies the echoes of music past. From genre trends of former years ('90s boy bands, anyone?), to throwbacks from current artists (c’mon … who doesn't regret that Myspace-y haircut?), we synthesize music and nostalgia.For our first installment,

15 Quotes to Inspire You to Do Something Meaningful Today

Sometimes, sitting on the couch and guzzling Cheetos like they're going out of production is the perfect remedy to get you out of that sour mood.Other times we need a little less messy inspiration.

T-Mobile will be releasing the HTC One M8 for Windows this fall

Good news for all T-Mobile subscribers. The recently launched HTC One M8 for Windows is headed towards your network this fall.

167,000 Different Microbes Live in Central Park

When you think of a place teeming with life forms, you usually think of the Amazon rainforest or some other wilderness. But Manhattan’s Central Park, located in the midst of the nation’s most densely populated city with 27,000 people per square mile,

Hands On With The Motorola Droid Turbo From Verizon

The latest Droid device is fully unveiled, and it’s truly a beast of a device. The most prominent and highlighted feature of the phone, it’s ability to charge quickly and last for up to 48 hours, is hard to test properly in a matter of hours. However, the look, feel,


北京2015年1月21日电 /美通社/ -- 1月17日,由中国证券市场研究设计中心与和讯网联合主办的第十二届中国财经风云榜暨“书写改革信心”财经中国年会在北京举行。

宾得K-3 II发布会前硬件细节曝光

第一代宾得K-3于2013年发布,现在第二代宾得K-3 -宾得K-3 II将于明天也就是4月23日发布,今天,宾得K-3 II硬件细节已经提前曝光,显示宾得K-3 II和宾得K-3相比改进不多。

Ribose成为首个通过英国Cyber Essentials Plus认证的合作平台

伦敦和香港--(美国商业资讯)--Ribose成为全球首个通过英国Cyber Essentials Plus认证的协作平台─Cyber Essentials Plus是由英国政府制定,得到行业支持并认可的信息安全认证计划,旨在帮助企业防范外来网络威胁。

Moz:搜索排名调查 域级别链接特征对搜索排名影响最大


Windows 10 Build 10568曝光:变化不大,集中漏洞修复

上周,微软向Windows Insiders项目fast ring(快车道)用户推送了build 10565,前日,slow ring用户也终于迎来了这一版本。

美国少年因自制闹钟被当炸弹被捕 家长索赔近一亿元


从此再不用掏手机 索尼智能耳机有点强大

早有传闻说索尼会在 MWC 2016 上发布智能耳机,如今 Xperia Ear 正如我们所期待的那样亮相了。除了听音乐,它能够做到的还有很多很多。  无论是日程安排、天气预报还是最新新闻,Xperia Ear 都能直接“说”给你听,而无需从兜里掏出手机来。它支持语音指令,你可以不用手实现打电话、网络搜索、地图导航等操作。  Xperia Ear 拥有 IPX2 防水等级,意味着你可以在雨天里戴着它出门。当然了,直接浸在水里的话还是不行。  就目前来看,Xperia Ear 只支持安卓,因为它需要专属的安卓应用来进行个性化设定以及通知过滤。耳机通过蓝牙和手机匹配(支持 NFC 快速连接)。

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