Google’s search link removal request form goes live following EU judgement

Following the EU ruling on the “right to be forgotten”, Google has set up an online form to allow European citizens to request removal of “irrelevant” links from its search engine.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: Google that form this search will with removal req

This Week In The Digital Panopticon: Google And The Right To Be Forgotten

The ongoing tug of war between data capture and individual privacy in the digital space involves myriad threads, usually moving in different directions. Getting an overview of and a handle on developments can therefore be almost impossible.

IBM to sell seven major software brands to Indian firm

While IBM focuses on cloud computing, analysts are slamming the deal.

O2 outage caused by Ericsson software fault

Consumers, as well as a few services, couldn't use O2's cellular network.

Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

Ecommerce giant wants to bring its cashierless experience to time-deprived passengers.

Mobile shopping now makes up a quarter of all spending

Clothes and accessories among the most popular items bought on smartphones, Mastercard finds.

2019 predictions: the year of SD-WAN

Throughout 2019, SD-WAN is set to further change the business landscape, unlocking the cloud’s potential and empowering businesses.

Japan to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment

Government set to revise internal rules on procurement to protect national cybersecurity.

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises in 2019?

In reviewing a year of heated and varied competition, there are two key themes that have emerged as central to 2018’s cloud wars, and which help set the stage for 2019.

Report: CIOs must adapt or become “obsolete”

CIOs must recommend and deploy new technologies rather than managing legacy IT systems if their roles are to remain relevant, claims new research released by IT services company Advanced 365.Read more:

Anger as Student Loans Company reveals scale of data breaches

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has slammed the Student Loans Company (SLC) after a number of data breaches compromised customer records.Read more:

UK retailer Office suffers data breach

Customers have once again been asked to change passwords after their address, date of birth and login details have been accessed by hackers.Read more:

Tweet an Innovative Idea for Exploring a New City to Win a Trip to London

As advances in technology improve our everyday lives, they also make traveling more convenient. From jetlag-reducing apps and traffic maps to currency calculators and paperless tickets, gadgets are cutting costs and saving time every step of the way.See also:

Google beefs up security in the name of fairness

Following concerns regarding income disparities in San Francisco, Google has recently announced plans to hire more than 200 security guards as official employees rather than contracted personnel. Read more:

Nokia Loupe:可穿戴设备需考虑社交礼貌




【品牌案例】雪碧释放夏日100招 鼓励90后走出家门拥抱夏天


阿里百川:全架构PaaS TAE 2.0的Docker实践

随着Docker及容器技术的火热发展,PaaS进入了新时代,最近一些传统PaaS开始基于Docker及类似技术进行升级改造,也出现了一些专门提供容器托管的平台。淘宝应用引擎TAE是国内较早规模化使用Docker的PaaS平台. By 徐川



Fundera, Funding Circle And Others Introduce The Small Business Borrowers’ Bill Of Rights

Today in Washington D.C.,a coalition of lenders, credit marketplaces, brokers, non-profits and others (including Fundera and Funding Circle) have introduced the “Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights,” aimed at eliminating predatory lending to small businesses.

1935年 小说家Chandler就预言了谷歌的存在

互联网上的人通常都相当具有攻击性,而且非常刻薄,不过好像和美国著名犯罪小说家Raymond Chandler比起来,还是差着档次的。在他1953年致H. N.


中文学名青蒿的,拉丁名为Artemisia caruifolia,不含青蒿素。中文学名黄花蒿的,拉丁名为Artemisia annua,含青蒿素。

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