Google’s search link removal request form goes live following EU judgement

Following the EU ruling on the “right to be forgotten”, Google has set up an online form to allow European citizens to request removal of “irrelevant” links from its search engine.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: Google that form this search will with removal req

This Week In The Digital Panopticon: Google And The Right To Be Forgotten

The ongoing tug of war between data capture and individual privacy in the digital space involves myriad threads, usually moving in different directions. Getting an overview of and a handle on developments can therefore be almost impossible.

Customer experience makes the difference – whether B2C or B2B

Adopting a customer-centric approach can help your business break into new sectors.

Outdated cyber defences putting companies at risk

Legacy systems are no match for ransomware and other new cyber threats.

Sage: Why embracing tech can be the key to smashing your productivity problems

Sage CEO outlines UK giant’s plan to help businesses boost their productivity.

Microsoft launches new Azure Databricks service

Platform is designed to help customers accelerate innovation and simplify the process of building Big Data & AI solutions.

Why evolving the RAN is fundamental to 5G’s success

vRAN can provide operators with the increased flexibility necessary to support next-gen network deployments.

Google Assistant now lets you send money to your contacts

Expansion to Google's smart assistant includes Google Pay functionality to send or request payments.

UK government to launch cryptocurrency task force

Overseeing body introduced alongside several other new regulations.

Report: CIOs must adapt or become “obsolete”

CIOs must recommend and deploy new technologies rather than managing legacy IT systems if their roles are to remain relevant, claims new research released by IT services company Advanced 365.Read more:

Anger as Student Loans Company reveals scale of data breaches

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has slammed the Student Loans Company (SLC) after a number of data breaches compromised customer records.Read more:

UK retailer Office suffers data breach

Customers have once again been asked to change passwords after their address, date of birth and login details have been accessed by hackers.Read more:

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SteamBoy Machine Team Promises a Portable Console for Valve's Steam Games

According to an article at The Escapist, a group of hardware developers is working on a portable version of the long-rumored SteamBox console, dubbed the SteamBoy. (Video tease.) This portable version wouldn't be as powerful as some other Steam-centric rigs,



Financial Services Group WCS Sues Online Forum Over Negative Post

First time accepted submitter kavzee writes The popular Australian online discussion forum, Whirlpool, is being sued by a financial services group for refusing to remove a negative review about its services.


2014年8月12日,“阿里巴巴进军婚庆O2O,马云究竟要干什么”这篇文章在各大网站和微信朋友圈热传,给本来已 […]




微软已在下一代浏览器上酝酿了很长一段时间,这款代号为“Project Spartan” […]

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上海2015年8月21日电 /美通社/ -- 拜耳宣布其对天津滨海新区爆炸事故进行第一期救助,向中国扶贫基金会捐赠35万元人民币,用于支援爆炸事故的医疗救助工作。并将密切关注救助需求,考虑进一步的实物捐赠以支持重建工作。

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