Nigeria Bans ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Protests

Nigerian police have banned protests calling on the government to “bring back our girls.”The protests, which began in Abuja in late April and spread into a global movement by May 1, have "degenerated" and are "now posing a serious security threat," Abuja police commissioner Joseph Mbu said,

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If Humans Never Existed, the World Would Have More Mammals

There aren’t many large mammals around anymore in, most of the world. That’s mostly because one mammal species — Homo sapiens — has taken a heavy toll on its competition. Now, a team of researchers demonstrates what would have happened to the world’s megafauna if humans had never existed.

Microsoft wants to convince the world that they have become a different brand

Can Microsoft redefine their brand?

Americans Have World Cup Fever. The Only Prescription Is More Tickets.

Americans officially have World Cup fever — and the only prescription, it seems, is more tickets. The United States Men's National Team should have more supporters, by a vast margin, than any country other than host Brazil at the World Cup this summer,

Half the World's Natural History Specimens Might Have the Wrong Name

The next time you visit a natural history museum, don’t believe everything you see. At least that’s according to Oxford University researchers, whose new study suggests that half of the specimens held in their collections may have the wrong name.Read more...

There are now more mobile devices than people in the world

Feeling outnumbered by technology? Well you should be – though the actual total number of mobile owners is much less than the world's population, of course.Read more:

World Cup Ads Have Already Been Shared More Than Super Bowl Ads

World Cup 1, Super Bowl 0Before the first kickoff, ads related to the World Cup have already been shared more than this year's crop of Super Bowl commercials, according to marketing-technology company Unruly. The top-20 World Cup 2014 ads have so far netted 6.9 million shares across social media.

Microsoft may have threatened the UK government over plans to go Open Source

In recent years there has been an almost constant debate over the state of privacy in the Western world. With much criticism resting on governments the world over, private companies have often been cast as the underdogs in these conflicts, a characterization that benefits them greatly in the media.

How much it would cost to build Jurassic World

Thanks to the release of Jurassic World, have you been finding yourself thinking about opening up a dinosaur theme park of your very own? Well, if you do, I sure hope that you have about $23,432,400,000 laying around. How do we know that would be the cost of such a venture?

Anonymous lives up to threats: FIFA World Cup hacks get underway

The Anonymous hacker collective is making good on its promise to launch cyberattacks to disrupt the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which started last night in Brazil, with a number of hacks hitting websites.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Nuggets you may have missed from Microsoft at Mobile World Conference

At last night’s Mobile World Conference (MWC) Microsoft didn’t drop a lot of bombs on the public but there were quite a few nuggets throughout the event. They showed a deeper look into Office on Widows 10, highlighted the universal Action Center,

Elon Musk's underground tunnel has potential, but leaves a lot to be desired

At first, the alley looked like many others: cinder block walls, neglected asphalt, and chain link fences that back up on beige single family bungalows.There was one big difference, though. At the end of this unnamed alley between 122nd and 120th streets in Hawthorne,

Yes, there is an 'Aquaman' dildo you can buy

While everyone isn't quite pleased with Aquaman, maybe this clearly unlicensed piece of merchandise will do better.Australian company Geeky Sex Toys have released AquaMoan, a silicone dildo which features a scaly texture and curves reminiscent of the Justice League hero, played by Jason Momoa. 

Google Chrome may soon keep your back button from being hijacked

You've been there: Caught on a dodgy website, faced with a barrage of ads or suspicious content, and found yourself trapped — no matter how much you hit the back button.It's a sinister issue called "history manipulation,

GDPR transformed the internet in 2018, and it's not done yet

Time seems to work differently when you spend your days online. The memes, moments, and scandals that feel like ages ago are often really only months, weeks, or even days in the past — and what was once unthinkable quickly transforms into how it's always been. 

The 'guys really live in apartments like this' meme has a point

We stan a meme that calls for standards. Last week, Twitter user Kat Hasty posted a picture of a depressing living room, bare except for a single reclining armchair and a TV. There's no art on the walls, no surfaces other than the kitchen counter, and no lamps other than a harsh overhead light.

'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over the Carlton dance

Ribeiro made a name for himself with his moves, which were then apparently copied by a video game. Now, the actor is suing.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Lawsuit, Fortnite, Fresh Prince, and Entertainment

Uber fired Anthony Levandowski. Now he's back with a self-driving truck startup.

A name that came up often during the Uber v. Waymo trade secrets trial is back in the headlines: Anthony Levandowski.The former Google-engineer-turned-autonomous-truck-startup-founder-turned-Uber-self-driving-executive announced his latest startup, Pronto.

Plus-Size Models Beautifully Recreate Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Plus-size swimwear company Swimsuits For All is proving sexiness comes in all sizes with a re-enactment of the Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Edition coverThe original cover, featuring supermodels Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal,

Egypt's Jon Stewart, Bassem Youssef, Cancels Program Amid Safety Concerns

Egypt's most potent satirist is off the air.Bassem Youssef has canceled his television program, "Al Bernameg." The anchor said he had been spurred by "harassment" and pressure, the source of which he did not directly identify.See also:

Mix and Mingle With Mashable at Social Media Day NYC

Mark your calendars for June 29, 2014.To celebrate the fifth annual Social Media Day, Mashable is hosting a party at one of the hottest new venues in Brooklyn,

IAB:2013年美国互联网广告营收428亿美元 超电视广告收入

根据Interactive Advertising Bureau本周四公布的最新报告称在美国2013年互联网广告总营收达到了428亿美元,相比较2012年增长了17%,其中移动终端广告总营收为71 亿美元,相比较去年的34亿美元增长了110%。



The Best New Year's Day Deals

Amazon's back with another insane bundle of free Android apps and games, including Thomas Was Alone, Riptide GP2, Republique, Monopoly, and a lot more. [FREE 33 Premium Android Apps]Read more...

在巴克莱 (Barclays) 工作是一番怎样的体验?

刚刚结束在巴克莱银行Corporate Banking部门的实习,并且拿到return offer。就伦敦而言,巴克莱的投资银行办公楼在5 The North Colonnade (5NC),

App Store中国区2015年度精选—游戏篇



1个月前,unix.se的Anders Jensen-Urstad曾经发文展示了著名编程人员或Unix大神在2002年的桌面截图。近日,Anders再度与这些人联系,获得并对比了其中一些人桌面截图的变化。接下来,本文就通过对比这前后十几年桌面的差别,来展示时代的变迁。 By 张天雷

Win10 Build 11102更新发布:Edge新增功能

威锋网 1 月 22 日消息,就在今天凌晨,微软发布了一个全新的 Windows Redstone 预览版更新:Windows 10 Redstone Build 11102。本次更新主要针对参与 Windows Insider 测试会员的用户,并且要求开启“快速更新(Fast ring)”选项。据称,Build 11102  仅重点针对 Windows 10 默认浏览器 Microsoft Edge 进行了一些重要特征的更新。  

一起看看 Apple TV 的应用预览视频是怎样的

威锋网讯,上周三开始苹果开发者就可以为 Apple TV 应用创建和增加应用预览视频,此举可以看作是苹果为改善 tvOS App Store 体验所作出的又一努力。  在 iOS 设备上,应用预览视频从 iOS 8 就开始出现,但 tvOS App Store 一开始仅限静态图片预览,这对于用户了解一款应用或游戏来说都不够直观,通过支持应用预览视频,用户在购买或下载应用/游戏之前就能够通过动态视频来作出决定。  和 iOS 不同的是,在应用下载界面,苹果为 Apple TV 上的应用预览视频新增了一个按钮(在下载按钮旁边),用户在预览应用视频的时候可以对视频进行播放、暂停、快进、倒退操作。  

Masterpiece Scratching Posts Let Your Cats Destroy Priceless Works of Art

At just shy of $200 each, these Copycat Art Scratchers are an expensive way for your cat to stay entertained while you’re at work all day. But, relatively speaking, they’re a lot cheaper than your cat destroying an actual priceless piece of artwork like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa,


就在几天之前一次加利福尼亚州的会议上,三星北美业务的负责人 Gregory Lee 宣称,公司很快将引入两款可弯曲的智能手机,对此他还提到了“指日可待”一词。因此,不出意外的话,在 2017 年 2 月份正式召开的 MWC 2017 世界移动通信大会上三星有可能对此进行大肆宣传。  当然了,三星的可弯曲智能手机也不一定等到 2017 年年初才完成,也可能在今年晚些时候公布,目前还只是猜测。Gregory Lee 表示,三星大概从十年前就已经开始致力于可弯曲屏幕手机的设计了,主要障碍还是制造成本太高,仅作为一般设备使用的话根本无利可图。  

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