Turkey Unblocks YouTube After 2 Months

Turkey has finally restored access to YouTube, 67 days after the government blocked the video-sharing website.The Turkey's telecommunications authority (TIB) lifted the ban on Tuesday, removing YouTube from the "blocked sites" listed on its website.

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Turkey Blocks Google DNS, YouTube Could Be Next

The social media crackdown in Turkey continues, as the country has moved to block backdoor access to communications services like Twitter via Google DNS. YouTube, another service offered by the global search giant, might be next after refusing to remove videos alleging government corruption.

Local Court Orders Turkey to Lift YouTube Ban

A local court ordered Turkey to lift its ban on YouTube on Friday, just one day after the government finally unblocked Twitter following another court rulingThe Court of Peace in Ankara’s Gölbaşı district ruled that a blanket ban on YouTube is too broad and violates Turks' human rights,

Turkey Unblocks YouTube After 2 Months

Turkey has finally restored access to YouTube, 67 days after the government blocked the video-sharing website.The Turkey's telecommunications authority (TIB) lifted the ban on Tuesday, removing YouTube from the "blocked sites" listed on its website.

Turkey Blocks Access to YouTube

Turkey has blocked access to YouTube, just a week after the country blocked Twitter.Turkish netizens started reporting the block after 10.30 a.m. ET. The ban was ordered on Thursday after leaked recordings of a security meeting were published on YouTube, according to Hurriyet Daily News.See also:

Turkey Youtube ban imposed amid national security concerns

First it was Twitter, and now it’s YouTube suffering the wrath of the Turkish government due to its spreading of “misinformation.”Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/03/28/turkish-pm-edrogan-now-hits-youtube-with-ban-stick/

Turkey reportedly blocks Twitter and YouTube

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is calling for a ban on social media once againA spokesperson for this office said on Monday that a prosecutor has ordered Internet providers to block sites that include YouTube and Twitter, which is extremely popular in the country.

YouTube Remains Blocked in Turkey, Despite Court Order

YouTube remains and will remain blocked in Turkey for the time being, even though a court ordered the government to unblock the video-sharing website on WednesdayThe Turkish telecom regulator, the Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK),

Turkey expands Internet blocks from Twitter to DNS

Turkey's Internet crackdown has expanded from Twitter to the Domain Name System (DNS), according to Google. Internet firm Renesys confirmed the report and said Level 3 DNS servers are also blocked.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/01/turkey-expands-internet-blocks-from-twitter-to-dns/

YouTube Stays Blocked in Turkey as Court Reverses Itself

The same Turkish court that ruled to lift the ban on YouTube on Friday morning reversed its decision hours later following a petition for appeal, according to multiple local news reports.The Ankara Gölbaşı Public Prosecutor's Office appealed the ruling,

Is Turkey Really Going to 'Pixellate' Tweets It Doesn't Like?

The Turkish government will now pixelate or blur all "malicious" content on Twitter, according to the local Dogan News AgencyTwitter has also agreed to implement court orders "quickly" and to "act meticulously" to shut down fake accounts,

Slack on an SNES? Engineer beams Slack messages to decades old Super Nintendo game

The Super Nintendo really was far ahead of its time.Bertrand Fan, a senior engineer for the messaging and chat application Slack, recently came across an interesting find. During the mid-'90s in Japan,

Transgender rights activists are flooding Twitter with helpful tips for allies

Sometimes social media is a good thing.The anger over a Trump administration plan to curtail the rights of transgender citizens is still palpable.

NYPD pulls thousands of body cameras after one caught fire while a police officer was wearing it

The New York Police Department is pulling thousands of body cameras from the field after one of them caught on fire while a police officer was wearing it.

A Hawai'ian singer reinvented the national anthem and it's beautiful

The Star-Spangled Banner has stayed the same, with the same words and the same tune for 87 years, but a Hawai'ian musician reinvented the song while performing the song at a football game in Hawai'i and left quite an impression. SEE ALSO: The top karaoke songs from 'A Star Is Born'The singer,

Tesla pulls useless 'Full Self-Driving' add-on from its cars

For years, Elon Musk has been touting the promise of a self-driving car. Well, it looks like that promise is a little further off than Musk previously thought, if it materializes at all.On Thursday, Elon Musk unveiled a new “lower cost, mid-range” Tesla Model 3 car coming in at around $45,000.

'Halloween' opened with $77.5 million, the second highest ever for a horror movie

Just over a year ago, the adaptation of Stephen King's It shook horror fandom with a $123.4 million opening weekend — the highest ever for a horror movie. Now Halloween is here to join the party.The 40-years-later sequel that opened on Friday picked up an estimated $77.5 million in the U.S.

Selma Blair shared her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in an uplifting Instagram post

Selma Blair is starring in Another Life, a new Netflix sci-fi series, but an experience getting fitted for a costume for the show led her to disclose that she has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for years. SEE ALSO: Selma Blair says director James Toback threatened to 'gouge' her eyes out,

Step Right Up to See the World's First Elephant Selfie

Out in the West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestshire, England, one of the parks' residents took the very first "elfie" — you know, an elephant selfie.Latabe the elephant snatched up a dropped cellphone and took a very flattering photograph of himself grazing in his enclosure, the BBC reported.

Ryan Lewis Proves That No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

Ryan Lewis — that's Macklemore's accountant, right? The duo has had a successful year in music (like winning four Grammys), but while Macklemore is synonymous with hip hop and thrift shops, sidekick Ryan Lewis hasn't managed to gain the same fameSee also:

Philadelphia Is Breaking Mental Illness Stigma. Is Your City Next?

Approximately 57.7 million American adults experience diagnosable mental health disorders each year, but widespread stigma prevents many of them from seeking adequate help.

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