Apple WWDC: No Hardware, No Problem

SAN FRANCISCO — I know, it’s hard to sit through a two-hour Apple event and walk away without a single piece of new hardware. No new categories, no life-changing gadgets. But if you think that’s all there is to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote,

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Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy hits the limelight at Apple event

A little more than a year ago, Microsoft announced Office Mobile for iOS, hinting that cross-platform productivity solutions were going to be important to their future strategy. This morning, Microsoft demonstrated Office Mobile on...

Apple receives patent for Surface Book-like hybrid

Via Business Insider Australia, we learn that although Apple might consider hybrid devices to be mistaken monstrosities, they’re not averse to at least spend some time dreaming up one of their own. As a...The post Apple receives patent for Surface Book-like hybrid appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft beats Apple in online tablet sales

Apple’s iPad tablet ushered in the modern tablet era when it was introduced in 2010, and it’s dominated tablet sales ever since. iPad sales have stagnated recently, but nevertheless Apple has maintained its lead...The post Microsoft beats Apple in online tablet sales appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft Store carolers send message of peace and joy to Apple Store staff

Hugs and tears abounded on November 16, 2015 as Microsoft’s New York flagship Microsoft Store sent some holiday cheer to their frenemies at the Apple Store up the street. Microsoft and Apple have enjoyed...

The problem with Apple’s peering is that we don’t know if it’s a problem or not

Apple is reportedly in talks to set up paid peering arrangements with U.S. ISPs, but before we compare Apple to Netflix in peering fights we need more information.

Apple’s Tim Cook calls Microsoft’s Surface Book efforts “deluded”

Apple’s Tim Cook, who’s been known to be less than a fan of hybrid devices, apparently hasn’t changed his opinion even given Surface’s recent successes. As the reports, Cook was discussing Apple’s Ireland...

Judge says 33 states can seek Apple ebook money, report cites “much work to do” on antitrust

There's no end in sight for Apple's legal misery over an alleged ebook conspiracy. New court reports scold the company, and clear the way for a damages trial to start on July 14.

Partnering with Microsoft is good for Apple customers, says Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook, at a BoxWorks fireside chat alongside Box CEO Aaron Levie, made some interesting remarks about its long-term strategy and how Microsoft factors into that equation. According to Cook, there has...The post Partnering with Microsoft is good for Apple customers,

Move over Xbox Kinect, Siri might be coming to Apple TV

It's about time Siri learned a new trick and it may come in the form of Apple TV support. Code snippets in iOS 7.1 suggest that Siri could help you find new television content or change the channel for you.

Microsoft toaster fridge makes appearance at October 6 hardware event

Apple and Microsoft are very different companies, in a number of important ways. One example is in how the companies treat their competition during important events. Apple tends to poke fun, to put it...

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton apologises for calling his British hometown a 'slum'

When Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton spoke on stage at the 2018 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, he chose an unfortunate word to describe his hometown.  Hamilton used the word "slum" to describe Stevenage in the UK. His exact words were:

Blippi is the YouTube star you need to know, because your kids already do

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Despite having the best of intentions to screen what my kids,

Save 58% with this exclusive TunnelBear VPN Christmas deal

With Amazon starting its Christmas sale in early December, just a few days after the Black Friday sale ended, we could be forgiven for losing our way amidst all the deals. With less than a week to go before Christmas Day however,

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Xbox One bundles, LEGO sets, Amazon tablets, and more

We hope that you have all your Christmas shopping sorted by now as there's less than a week to go before the big day. And if you haven't, then don't worry. We have put together the very best deals on gifts for kids and adults alike, including offers on fragrances, tablets, Xbox One bundles,

Thank you, podcast gods, for the 15-second skip button

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.I realized this year that podcasts have supplanted practically every other form of media to become my most consumed entertainment. My Spotify usage has dwindled.

Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and James Corden cram 22 musicals into just 12 minutes

How many musicals can you get into a 12 minute sketch? 22. If you are Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and James Corden, that is. The stars of Mary Poppins Returns joined Corden on The Late Late Show for a 22-song medley of songs from famous musicals – choreography and all. La La Land, Fame,

These pictures of kids at protests in 2018 will make you cry happy tears

Kids had something to say about politics this year. Even little ones still perfecting their handwriting made their voices heard.Alongside their (ahem) taller counterparts, children of all ages protested immigration policies separating families at the border, gun violence killing students at school,

5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts For The Latest on Thailand’s Coup

Bangkok is the number one global tourist destination of 2013. The tourism industry accounted for 16.7% of the country’s GDP in 2012. Since the military coup that overthrew the Prime Minister on May 22,

Fierce 7-Year-Old's Karate Chops Could Topple the Mightiest Warriors

Even the deadliest of weapons can come in the tiniest of packages.Seven-year-old Mahiro practices the intricate art of Kanku Dai, an advanced, open hand form of Shotokan karate. Karate students spend years mastering its precise moves, but little Mahiro has already worked her way up to black belt.

What the Winners of Apple's Design Awards Thought About WWDC

SAN FRANCISCO — They stood on stage beaming like parents, many holding hefty metallic squares with glowing Apple logos.

玩转轻巧型C/C++ IDE之C-Free(配置GCC、Visual C++、Borland C++编译器) - 海 子

玩转轻巧型C/C++ IDE之C-Free(配置GCC、Visual C++、Borland C++编译器) 之前在写一点简单的C/C++代码时习惯了VC++6.0,但是由于在windows7下VC6.0存在兼容性问题,因此只好放弃。在尝试了众多C/C++IDE之后,本...


日前,科幻片《年轻人》发布了首支预告片。末世的设定及俊男靓女的搭配为影片带来了足够的话题性,但这远远不够,该片导演Jake Paltrow还请来了谷歌名下的波士顿动力公司,为他们重新制作了其早几年前研发的四足机器人。

scoket理解流程图 - 耀舞风刃


PhotoMath 让你只要用手机上的相机就能快速解答数学方程序了!还有步骤详解呢

面对满满的数学方程序习题常不知道从何下手?这个由 MicroBlink 所制作的 App,应该可以大大地帮上你的忙。他们所开发的 iOS 与 Windows Phone 应用 PhotoMath(Android 版本预计将会在 2015...



Google 发布了新玩意 OnHub,称只是想简简单单的





编者按:本文经授权转载自移动营销媒体平台 Morketing (微信公众号 ID:Morketing),作者 neo 。Facebook在数字广告上一直与谷歌进行着全面竞争,在推出自己的DSP产品之前,Facebook已经有了Ad sever“Atlas”,SSP平台“LiveRail”和Ad network“Audience Network”。在旁观者眼中,Facebook 推出自己的DSP已经到了水到渠成的最后一步,结合其强大的人群定向能力和经验,Facebook完全有机会挑战谷歌的DoubleClick Bid Manager。

位图应用之布隆过滤器 - This_My_Way

布隆过滤器 布隆过滤器 (Bloom Filter)是由布隆(Burton Howard Bloom)在1970年提出的。它实际上是由一个很长的二进制向量和一系列随机映射函数组成,布隆过滤器可以用于检索一个元素是否在一个集合中。它的优点是空间效率和查询时间都远远超过一般的算法,缺点是有一定的误识别率

ChargePoint raises $50 million to charge more cars

ChargePoint announced this month that it had raised $50 million in its latest round of funding, thanks in large part to Linse Capital. That makes a total of $164 million raised from investors like BMW iVentures and Siemens, among others.

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