From the rumor mill: Expect to see touch-first Office make it to Android before Windows

Not too long ago, Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad, which included touch-centric Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now, according to a new rumor, Microsoft will roll out a touch-centric version of Office for Android, before the company even releases a Modern version of Office for Windows.

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Poll: Halo: Infinite will have microtransactions, do they bother you in AAA games?

Many AAA games these days come with microtransactions, and the upcoming Halo: Infinite will also have them. Do you find them bothersome in full-priced games?

Adobe Creative Cloud to cease support for Windows 7

Perhaps, one of Microsoft's most popular software developers, Adobe, has recently announced via its Adobe blog, Adobe Creative Cloud will, "no longer support Windows 7, 8 and even some versions of 10."

Score one of these custom Xbox One consoles and help Make-A-Wish

You might want to check out Team Xbox's latest charity Auction, which teams up with some of the biggest sports, entertainment, and internet figures.

New Surface Pro firmware update brings improved battery stability

Microsoft has released another firmware update for its 2017 Surface Pro yesterday to improve batter stability, with no impact on performance and overall reliability.

Microsoft gives back to shareholders, raises quarterly dividend by almost 10%

Microsoft announced yesterday a quarterly dividend increase of $0.46 per share ahead of its annual shareholders meeting on November 28.

Microsoft’s latest Dynamics 365 applications bring AI and Hololens to workplaces

Microsoft is looking into bringing Artifical Intelligence and AI to workplaces everywhere by introducing two new products to their Dynamics 365 suite of applications

PUBG gets rated for PlayStation 4 in South Korea

The battle royale phenomenon has recently been rated for PlayStation 4 by the Korean Game Rating Board (via Eurogamer), right when the game is nearing one year of console exclusivity on Xbox One.

Houston school district selects Office 365 and Windows to improve education

Microsoft has been on a roll lately, with government agencies and school districts making the move to Office 365. In an official blog post today, Microsoft announced that the Houston school district in Texas has made the move to Office 365 and Windows to improve education.

Viber needs you to improve their upcoming Windows Phone 8 app

Viber is one of the most used applications for calling, sending photo messages, and location-sharing. Viber is looking to improve their Windows Phone 8 app and needs your help. The company is planning on releasing a beta version to all the volunteers who will be participating.

Apple's new OSX Yosemite update utilizes Bing by default for Spotlight search

It looks like Apple and Microsoft are improving their relationship just a tad bit. During Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco (June 2nd), the company unveiled that Microsoft's Bing will power Spotlight search in the next update to the OSX operating system, called Yosemite.

用虚拟现实设备体验性别互换 不同视角看世界

也许我们从来没有想过,如果换成与自己不同性别的身份来看这个世界会是什么样子呢?最近来自西班牙的一家长期探讨艺术 […]




Google研究员发布了第一个基于浏览器的量子计算机模拟器Quantum Computing Playground,模拟器是基于WebGL,在一个简单的IDE界面中模拟GPU加速的量子计算机,支持用脚本语言编写调试代码,可视化2D和3D量子态,根据电脑的GPU可模拟最多22个量子比特。



大牛们是怎么阅读 Android 系统源码的?

由于工作需要大量修改framework代码, 在AOSP(Android Open Source Project)源码上花费了不少功夫, Application端和Services端都看和改了不少.如果只是想看看一些常用类的实现, 在Android包管理器里把源码下载下来,

[图]华人黄牛为抢iPhone 6 天天在美国Apple Store斗殴

当地媒体报道,今天在美国康涅狄格州的 New Haven 市 Apple Store两批来自中国或者是美籍华人的黄牛为了抢夺购买 iPhone 6/6 Plus竟然在店门口大打出手,超过十几个人参与斗殴,最终警方赶来逮捕了其中几个人。



Tracking a Bitcoin Thief

An anonymous reader writes A small group of researchers were able to publish an investigative report on the hacking of a popular Bitcoin exchange earlier this year by the name of Close to a million dollars stolen in crypto currency lead the group to discover evidence,

From palate to palette: 10 dressed-up dishes of food art

To many, food is art. There's something spectacularly satisfying about preparing beautifully constructed cuisine. In fact, any chef will tell you that a large part of the job rests on designing an aesthetic just as delicious as the dish's tasteYou, too, can master this artistry in your kitchen,

互联网产品获得最初 10 万个用户有哪些常用的有效方法?

伊底回答 首先,10万用户指的是什么呢?安装?注册?2日/7日留存?日活?月活? 我偷个懒就当是要10万APP […]

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