Microsoft announces 45 new apps for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 globally, includes Twitter

Microsoft has announced today that they're bringing more than 45 new experiences, including Twitter, HBO GO, Comedy Central, MLG and Vine for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 globally. All these entertainment apps are scheduled to launch by the end of this holiday season. 

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Microsoft announces 45 new apps for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 globally, includes Twitter

Microsoft has announced today that they're bringing more than 45 new experiences, including Twitter, HBO GO, Comedy Central, MLG and Vine for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 globally. All these entertainment apps are scheduled to launch by the end of this holiday season. 

How Sony Or Microsoft Could Use Subscription To Win Video Games

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The Reason To Be Cheerful About HoloLens

With the release of the HoloLens, Microsoft put something out there that has a chance of being transformative. Not in the high concept way, but in a general way especially for gaming. But is Microsoft able to bring it home, or will it get lost in its own ambitions as it has so often before.

One Year Later, Should You Get An Xbox One Or A PS4?

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The Terrifying Experience of Building A PC For The First Time

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Why I Cautiously Support the App Store Change

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Rare Replay: The Kotaku Review

Rare games meant a lot to the people who played them, so a collection of 30 of (most) of their best works should mean a lot to children of the Spectrum ZX, the Nintendo 64 and even the Xbox 360. Combined,

Amazon Fire TV Review: A Fast Ride That'll Cost You

Take your pick of streaming devices —there are already plenty out there. Amazon says its new Fire TV can best every Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV in the land on speed, ease of use, and a treasure box of extras. In most cases, Fire TV delivers on those promises. But it comes at a price.

I Hath Seen The Future Of Video Games!

When considering the latest E3 I’m minded by how the games seem very cool, but the industry as represented by E3 has never been more divided. I’m pondering whether the promise of an ultimate platform can be the bridge, and just how likely or unlikely such a device is. Read More

Mobile’s “One Game Wonder” Problem

Mobile gaming is a massive success, but it’s notable how many big game makers struggle to convert their successes into longer term franchises or other offerings. This week’s King news is just another example. Perhaps with stronger community features, however, that could change. Read More

Check out these Xbox, Surface Laptop 3D models on Remix 3D

There have been some pretty cool things uploaded to Remix 3D in the past, but nothing is cooler than these Surface Laptop, Xbox, and Surface Studio models.

Federal court rules DACA must live on, Microsoft issues statement

After a long legal battle, a third federal judge came to a decision in the DACA case yesterday and ruled that the program should be restored in full, causing Microsoft's Brad Smith to issue a new statement on the ruling.

Microsoft seeks to shut down rogue “Halo Online” project from ElDerito

In 2015, Microsoft partnered with 343 Industries and Sabre Interactive to create Halo Online exclusively for the Russian market. Due to some game development issues, Halo Online was put on hold indefinitely, much to the disappointment of Halo fans. The project was taken up independently, however,

Microsoft Teams won’t work at all on Windows Phone next month, not even the web app

Microsoft Teams will become completely unusable next month as even the web app doesn't work on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Authenticator gets backup and recovery, coming first to iOS

It was announced yesterday that the Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS is getting a backup and recovery feature.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 update now looks slated for a Build 2018 release

In the latest "when will it release?" saga, a tweet from a Chinese retail vendor now suggests that the big update may actually release in May just in time for Build 2018

State of Decay 2, PES 2018 and six other games are coming to Xbox Games Pass in May

The Xbox team has just announced that eight new games will be added to the Xbox Games Pass catalog in May, including the upcoming Microsoft Studios title State of Decay 2

Chinese manufacturer Emdoor shows off $100 tablet running Windows 8.1

Microsoft and University of Maryland researchers introduce Permacoin, a better alternative to Bitcoi

Microsoft hints at the revival of its partnership with HTC, new Windows Phones imminent?

Microsoft's Nick Parker showed some Windows Phone devices from Blu and other OEM partners at Computex 2014. Well, it was not just these small manufacturers. Along with them, Parker hinted at their renewed partnership with HTC,

科研常用优化代码软件介绍 - 射手炎魂

Free and Open Source softwareNameLicenseBrief infoADMBBSDnonlinear optimization framework, usingautomatic differentiationALGENCANGPLFortran code for g...

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多国科学家在最新一期美国《科学》杂志上发表研究报告说,尽管地球的生物多样性正处于其35 亿年进化历程中的顶峰,但由于人为活动和破坏,地球可能正在进入新一轮物种大灭绝的早期阶段。


小编按:每个人、每篇文章都有他们自己的观点,这些观点是否正确,需要读者你自己来消化。   2014年 […]


伦敦2014年9月16日电 /美通社 -- 今天(周二)发布的 QS 世界大学排名 (QS World University Rankings) 显示,伦敦是世界顶级大学数量最多的城市,有五所跻身全球100强。

【WP 8.1开发】How to 图像处理 - 东邪独孤

在今天的吹牛节目开始之前,先交代一件事:关于玩WP 8.1开发所使用的VS版本问题。对版本的要求是2013的Update2,这是最低要求,只要是这个版本或以上都可以,而update3,update4,update5是不是必须更新呢?



伦敦国王学院:调查显示全球人类智商IQ不断上升 但英国人在下降


Kids dubbing 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' will Hulk smash your heart

Marvel doesn't need a lot of help packing its movies chock-full of action, but even someone as tough as the Hulk can be taken down by a few cute kidsAdults and children of all ages are salivating at the mouth for any peek at the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, set to hit theaters May 1.

Fujifilm 推出最新防水鏡頭 16mm f/1.4

Fujifilm 已經有防水相機,當然也需要有防水鏡頭才能夠發揮功效。最近 Fujifilm 終於推出了令人期待已久,首款防水的定焦鏡頭。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post Fujifilm 推出最新防水鏡頭 16mm f/1.4 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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