Warner Bros. Give 'Jupiter Ascending' Chance For Success in Early 2015

Throughout last year, the Wachowskis were building a solid head of buzz with the production of their latest film, Jupiter Ascending. Right from the initial synopsis,

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VSCO发布“Eclectic Films”胶片滤镜新套包:特价仅售89美刀


David Cross Is Letting Fans Name Their Price And Download His First Film Creation Hits On Bittorrent

Actor David Cross is foregoing the usual indie film distribution model for his darkly satirical film HITS. He’s letting the public pay whatever they want to download it on BitTorrent for the first two weeks, starting this Friday, February 13.

There Are Still 4,000 Cold War Nuclear Test Films That Remain Classified

Sarah Zhang has a fascinating post over at Wired about the systematic study of Cold War-era nuclear test films that’s currently being undertaken by nuclear physicist Gregg Spriggs. One of the most interesting elements to the story is the fact that of the 7,000 films discovered so far, 4,

实例剖析:如何用Foundation For Apps创建完美Web应用

不久前,Zurb推出了单页面App框架Foundation for Apps,其与Foundation 5密切相关。它试图提供一种开发Web应用既快速又简单的方法,本文通过实战案例,分析了该框架的使用方法,是一份综合性指南。

Digital Distribution Is Changing Who’s Going To See Indie Films

Combine a culture that increasingly encourages self-expression; an economy that generates considerable surplus capital with low interest rates; Moore’s Law-like improvements in performance-per-dollar in production technology; proliferating on demand distribution outlets for digital media; and persistent underemployment for liberal arts graduates; and what do you get?

There's a brilliant hidden gem in the film poster for 'Legend'

LONDON – The real legend in this story is whoever designed the film poster for Legend – a British crime thriller starring Tom Hardy that's been getting a lot of attention for its sneaky marketing material.See also: Classic movie posters get an entirely emoji makeoverFirst,

Kickstarter's 3-City Film Festival Will Be Live-Streamed

In the five years since Kickstarter launched, film projects on the crowdfunding platform have raised nearly $225 million in pledges, snagged accolades at awards shows, earned praise at film festivals and nabbed airtime on such TV networks as HBO, PBS and Showtime.This year,

18 facts about 'The Goonies' in honor of the film's 30th anniversary

The Goonies, the cult film that features an all-kid cast, just turned 30 this weekendThe classic 80's film is a story about a group of working-class kids who set out to find a hidden pirate's treasure in their native Astoria, Oregon. This weekend, the town is hosting a four-day Goonies festival,

Netflix’s Exclusive Content Push Continues With A Foray Into Film

Over the last few days, Netflix has announced a couple of deals that will bring a series of films to its streaming video platform over the coming years. The partnerships represent a new form of “exclusive” content for Netflix, and what could be seen as a new outlet for film production studios.

Kickstarter Bypasses Hollywood With iTunes Film Channel

Using Kickstarter to fund film projects has gradually moved from the fringe to the mainstream as major film stars and Hollywood directors have turned to the crowd-funding site for support.

HQ's Scott Rogowsky races master painter Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

The Quizmaster Scott Rogowsky puts his knowledge of oil panting to the test. Read more...More about Funny, Art, Mashable Video, Landscapes, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Facebook fights local 'news deserts' it helped create

Facebook is once again touting its attempt to solve a problem it helped create. The company announced Monday that it would provide select researchers access to information about news deserts, which are places with little to no local news coverage.

Fyre Festival merch to be auctioned off so Billy McFarland can pay back the people he cheated

You may soon get the chance to shell out for some official Fyre Festival merch.Billy McFarland, the festival's founder, owes a breathtaking $26 million in restitution to the victims of his scam, and according to Vulture the U.S.

'Surf Rock' creator Dick Dale dead at 81

The guitarist had been suffering from diabetes and an unknown form of cancer since at least 2012. Dale is credited with creating the 1960s genre, "surf rock." His signature sound mixed staccato picking and reverb with Middle Eastern melodies. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Dick Dale,

Lupita Nyong'o went to some 'dark places' filming 'Us'

The actress plays a dual role of Adelaide Wilson and her terrifying doppelgänger, Red, in Jordan Peele's new psychological horror. She spoke about what the roles required on a recent episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Read more...More about Us, Mashable Video, Red, Jordan Peele,

Greyp G6 hands on: The smart e-bike, redefined

How smart can a bike get? The Greyp G6, a battery-powered bicycle launched Friday, March 15, provides a new answer to that question. It raises the bar for every other e-bike manufacturer with a ton of original features that turn the bike into a powerful, high-tech gadget. Over the weekend,

Say hello to this photo of Tim Cook writing on an iPad that was made to be meme'd

Hello, Mr. Apple. Nice to see you back in the meme circuit again.If you've been missing Tim Cook since the Tim Apple meme died down a bit, you're in luck. Twitter users are trolling the Apple CEO yet again, after he posted a photo of himself writing "hello" on an iPad on Monday morning. 

Xbox One Ups Its App Ante With Vine, Twitter, HBO Go

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it will be adding 45 new apps to both its Xbox One and Xbox 360 consolesSome of the major new additions include Vine, Twitter, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Comedy Central and Major League Gaming. It will bring the total app count to more than 225.See also:

The 'Orange Is the New Black' Opening Credits Reworked Like 'Arrested Development'

If you don't think this is greatest Orange Is The New Black mashup ever made, you're sorely mistaken.Netflix plugged its already highly anticipated second season of Orange is the New Black, which debuts Friday, by marrying it with another one of its fan favorites — Arrested DevelopmentSee also:

The World Remembers While Tiananmen Square Is Forced to Forget

It has been 25 years since the Chinese government deployed 200,000 troops armed with assault rifles and tanks to inflict devastating violence on unarmed civilians trying to block the military's advance towards Tiananmen Square in the heart of Beijing,



How One Scammer Manipulated Apple’s Top Charts To Earn Tens Of Thousands Daily Using A $10 GameSalad

Something fishy has been going on with Apple's App Store top charts. No, I'm not talking about "Flappy Bird" (well, maybe that too), but rather how on earth two different developers used a $10 GameSalad template to send their respective apps -- one free,

这是Android 5.0?Android或将迎来重大变革

现在的 Android 系统风格基本上是由 Android 4.0 发展演变而来,换句话说就是 Android 从 Android 4.0 以来已经有些年没有重大变革了。   



英特尔、华为联合举办中国首届OpenStack Hackathon

2015年4月13-15日,由英特尔与华为联合举办的国内首届OpenStack Hackathon在上海举行。

Alt Inc. Welcomes JSAI President as Its Tech Advisor

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Alt Inc. (CEO: Kazutaka Yonekura; headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Hitoshi Matsubara, president of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), as its technology adviser. Dr. Matsubara will guide Alt Inc.

好声音“黄金小二班”四强出炉 途牛国庆档强劲升级

北京和上海2015年9月2日电 /美通社/ -- 上周五晚,《中国好声音》第四季那英组 BATTLE 战落下帷幕,“黄金小二班”12位学员展开激烈竞争。最终,学员孙伯纶、张磊、长宇、朗格拉姆成功晋级四强,进入下一阶段战队混战。


手机上的应用越来越多,但是人机交互指南却一直每个平台只有一份,但这好像并不能妨碍喜欢创新的产品经理的奇思妙想, ...


攝影的潮流變得很快,曾幾何時日本學生妹流行影「飄浮照」,人人一窩蜂彈起。然後又試過興起「仆街照」, 人人瞓街瞓樓梯,不顧危險不理身世最緊要潮。無論「飄浮照」還是「仆街照」都有明星潮玩,然後網民就跟風。

[视频]阿迪达斯推出Futurecraft Leather材料 为顾客定制跑鞋

阿迪达斯在不久前推出了一款Futurecraft 3D打印跑鞋,顾客只需在阿迪达斯店里的跑步机上跑几步,阿迪达斯就能快速获取跑步者的足部特征及各项数据,并利用3D打印技术就能制造出这款跑鞋。

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