On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $10.5 Million Led By Canaan Partners

On-demand laundry Washio wants to be available in all the major cities throughout the U.S. With that in mind, the company has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding, led by Canaan Partners. Founded a little more than a year ago,

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On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $10.5 Million Led By Canaan Partners

On-demand laundry Washio wants to be available in all the major cities throughout the U.S. With that in mind, the company has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding, led by Canaan Partners. Founded a little more than a year ago,

Fear And Laundry In London As Rocket Internet’s ZipJet Launches In The U.K. Capital City

If there’s one thing likely to cause fear amongst European startup entrepreneurs, it’s when Rocket Internet — the Samwer brothers’ incredibly well-funded German startup factory — enters a burgeoning market.

Mode raises $33M to supercharge its analytics platform for data scientists

Data science is the name of the game these days for companies that want to improve their decision making by tapping the information they are already amassing in their apps and other systems. And today, a startup called Mode Analytics, which has built a platform incorporating machine learning,

Sony’s excellent over-ear headphones get smarter

Sony knows how to make a great pair of headphones. The WH-1000XM3 are one of the best received pairs of over-ear models in recent years. Two years later, the company is ready to unveil their successors, which sport a number of smart connected features. In fact,

Google discontinues the Pixel 4, nine months after release

Days after announcing the Pixel 4a, Google has quietly discontinued sales of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The move, noted early by the Verge, represents an extremely truncated lifecycle for a Google flagship — around half of the 18 months the company continued to sell its two predecessors.

Special raises $2.26M to build a subscription platform for online creators

Special is a new startup offering online video creators a way to move beyond advertising for their income. The service was created by the team behind tech consulting and development firm Triple Tree Software.

Majority of tech workers expect company solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Our survey found that 79% of tech employees expected public statements from their employer supporting #BLM.

Crossbeam announces $25M Series B to keep growing partnerships platform

As sales teams partner with other companies, they go through a process called account mapping to find common customers and prospects. This is usually a highly manual activity tracked in spreadsheets. Crossbeam, a Philadelphia startup, has come up with a way to automate partnership data integration.

WordPress.com launches new P2 to take on internal communication tools

WordPress.com, a division of Automattic, is launching a new product called P2. And this time, it’s all about improving internal communications for private groups. As a remote company, Automattic has been using P2 internally for years to communicate asynchronously.

The Strange Promise Of Everyday AI

In addition to the promise of flying cars and jetpacks, science fiction has taught us that we should have artificial intelligence by now. Sadly,

Apple Begins Rejecting Apps That Offer Rewards For Video Views, Social Sharing

Apple has begun to crack down on tools that app developers use to monetize and grow their applications, including incentivized video viewing and rewarded social sharing, as well as discovery tools that allow users to find apps inside the games they’re already playing.

Mobile Analytics Startup Splitforce Raises $150,000 Seed Round, Launches Automatic A/B Testing For i

Mobile analytics company Splitforce has launched an automatic A/B testing service for iOS and Android that it says will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of running user tests for startups. The company, which currently serves over 250 app developers,

This Oculus Rift-Powered Light Cycle Sim Is the Ultimate Arcade Game

The Oculus Rift hasn't even made it out of beta testing and it's already changing the world for the better—at least for one dedicated developer. He's integrated one into an incredible, full-scale Tron: Legacy light cycle replica. Strap on a headset and hop aboard, we're going racing. Read more.

Google 出价强压 Facebook,买下 Titan Aerospace 无人机公司!

分类: 交通相关, 产业新闻早前 Facebook 曾跟 Titan Aerospace 无人机公司洽谈收购事宜,不过事件竟峰回路转。Titan Aerospace 已经指出他们会加入 Google 旗下,交易的金额没有被透露。



17 Subway Pictures That Show the Beauty in Public Transportation

Most people think of the subway as a dark and damp rat kingdom that's sole purpose is to transport you places while you uncomfortably inhale air that was recently inside another person's lungsBut the filthy tunnels can make for works of art,

Windows 10开启毛玻璃效果Mod工具即将推出

如果你还在使用Windows 7,那么肯定开启了Aero毛玻璃效果。这个主题已经在Windows爱好者当中广泛流行多年。如果你运行的是Windows10,那么你很快就有办法能找回这个主题。现在,Glass8.eu网站正在努力研发需要启用主题的工具。




由於可以人手操控及飛到高空避開障礙物,因此無人機的應用可說是相當廣泛,除 可以在空中進行拍攝外,更能運送物件。

Guess which character 'Star Wars: Battlefront' is teasing on Instagram

With just a few days to go before Electronic Arts spills the first details on Star Wars: Battlefront, a mystery of sorts is shaping up on the game's Instagram account.On Monday, the publisher shared three images that, sewn together, tease a piece of art that features a familiar character.See also:

想要金色限定版PlayStation 4主機嗎?快去Taco Bell點一份Big Box套餐就有機會!

倘若有機會,你想不想得到一台金色限定版的PlayStation 4主機呢?要是你現在住在美國的話,就有這個機會囉!閱讀全文

Jon Stewart staged a powerful 'Daily Show' return to support 9/11 first responders

Monday night marked the first ever The Daily Show with Trevor Noah with Jon Stewart.It was what host Noah admitted as a monumental moment, but Stewart did not find himself back at the iconic desk for just any reason — he was there so show his support for the Zadroga Act,

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