On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $10.5 Million Led By Canaan Partners

On-demand laundry Washio wants to be available in all the major cities throughout the U.S. With that in mind, the company has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding, led by Canaan Partners. Founded a little more than a year ago,

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On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $10.5 Million Led By Canaan Partners

On-demand laundry Washio wants to be available in all the major cities throughout the U.S. With that in mind, the company has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding, led by Canaan Partners. Founded a little more than a year ago,

Fear And Laundry In London As Rocket Internet’s ZipJet Launches In The U.K. Capital City

If there’s one thing likely to cause fear amongst European startup entrepreneurs, it’s when Rocket Internet — the Samwer brothers’ incredibly well-funded German startup factory — enters a burgeoning market.

Relativity Space could change the economics of private space launches

The private launch market is an area of a lot of focus in the emerging space startup industry, not least because it unlocks the true potential of most of the rest of the market. But so far, we can count on one hand the number of new, private space launch companies that have actually transported […]

Wikipedia now has more than 6 million articles in English

Wikipedia has surpassed a notable milestone today: The English version of the world’s largest online encyclopedia now has over six million articles. The feat, which comes roughly 19 years after the website was founded, is a testament of “what humans can do together,” said Ryan Merkley,

Playing traffic cop for drones in cities and towns nets Airspace Link $4 million

As the number of drones proliferates in cities and towns across America, government agencies are scrambling to find ways to manage the oncoming traffic that’s expected to clog up their airspace.

Aki acquires Eyeview’s ad personalization tech

Video advertising company Eyeview shut down in December, but its technology will live on thanks to an acquisition by Aki Technologies. Aki CEO Scott Swanson told me that he’s anticipating serious growth in the demand for ad personalization,

Goldman says it won’t take companies public without at least one “diverse” director; here’s what it

Some of the biggest banks in the United States are among the powerful institutions in the world. But like every incumbent, they still have to hustle to stay relevant. Morgan Stanley has increasingly gotten behind investors who say they want to see more direct listings, for example.

US regulators need to catch up with Europe on fintech innovation 

Consumer fintech adoption in the U.S. lags well behind much of Europe, where forward-thinking regulation has sparked an outpouring of innovation in digital banking services and infrastructure.

Uber’s Shin-pei Tsay is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

Government and policy experts are among the most important people in the future of transportation. Any company pursuing the shared scooters and bikes business, ride-hailing, on-demand shuttles and eventually autonomous vehicles has to have someone, or a team of people, who can work with cities.

The Strange Promise Of Everyday AI

In addition to the promise of flying cars and jetpacks, science fiction has taught us that we should have artificial intelligence by now. Sadly,

Apple Begins Rejecting Apps That Offer Rewards For Video Views, Social Sharing

Apple has begun to crack down on tools that app developers use to monetize and grow their applications, including incentivized video viewing and rewarded social sharing, as well as discovery tools that allow users to find apps inside the games they’re already playing.

Mobile Analytics Startup Splitforce Raises $150,000 Seed Round, Launches Automatic A/B Testing For i

Mobile analytics company Splitforce has launched an automatic A/B testing service for iOS and Android that it says will dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of running user tests for startups. The company, which currently serves over 250 app developers,

孩子偷拿千元买游戏点卡 称等级比同学低会被笑

金报热线66111111报道 前些天,古林的潘先生家里丢了一千元,细查之下他发现,钱居然是年仅11岁的儿子拿的。一个四年级的孩子要一千多元钱干什么呢?追究之下潘先生发现,儿子小莫(化名)把这些钱买了游戏点卡。



C#联通新版验证码识别的实现 - 幸福海

以前写了篇 联通充值卡自动充值的实现,最近发现联通官网改版了,随便看了下发现新版的验证码和以前的不同,发了点时间研究了下他的识别码,它现在的验证码如下现在将识别步骤说下1,转换灰度图片2,清除2px的边框3,

Please Join Us For The 9th Annual August Capital Party In Silicon Valley

TechCrunch’s annual summer soirée is almost here. As in years past, August Capital will host TechCrunch and hundreds of local investors, founders and developers at its sunny office on Sand Hill Road. All are welcome to the August 1 event, but space is very limited. Read More


一开口就是相对流利的中文打招呼老三样:你好,我很开心,我爱北京……以为这就完了,结果看到全程中文我就醉了……Facebook创始人扎克伯格今年加入清华大学经管院的顾问委员会,其他两位新加入的成员分别是百威英博CEO Carlos Brito和IBM的CEO Ginni Rometty。

繼續發力!Sony PlayStation 4 全球銷量突破 1,850 萬部

早前我們才報導過 Microsoft 的 Xbox One 銷量在 2014 年完結前終於突破 1,000 萬部,不過另一邊廂的 PlayStation 4 亦不甘後人,因為 Sony 今日宣佈這款主機的全球總銷量已超越 1,850 萬部,再進一步與 Xbox One 拉開距離。

Kantar: Windows Phone market share hits new low as Microsoft struggles to compete with Google and Ap

The latest report for the mobile operating system usage from Kantar, a UK-based market research company is out, and we are afraid it won’t please folks at Redmond. According to the stats from Kantar,


德国殷格翰和美国印第安纳波利斯2015年8月24日电 /美通社/ -- 勃林格殷格翰与礼来今日发布的EMPA-REG OUTCOME®初步阳性结果显示,在心血管事件风险较高的2型糖尿病成人患者中,标准治疗基础上加入 Jardiance®(恩格列净)在降低心血管风险上优效于安慰剂。




按照全部成交数据所得到超高频数据,理论研究的主要模型包括知情信息模型、存货模型等,你可以找一些相关论文来查看;中金股指是按照500ms切片给出Tick切片数据,就是严格的离散时间序列分析,可以做相关统计分析来处理,对于Tick的数据可以做一下初步处理A:原始数据 a.

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