Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Here, Guarantees 10 Years Of Support

Red Hat released version 7.0 of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) flagship operating system today. It boasts Windows interoperability, a new default file system, Docker containerization and guarantees 10 years of support across any future major or minor releases.

相关内容: that this they says RHEL customers Linux with Cogg

Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist

Local news sites Gothamist, LAist and DCist are coming back from the dead. Their assets (including story archives) have been acquired by three public radio companies — WNYC in New York, KPCC in Southern California and WAMU in Washington, D.C.According to the acquisition announcement,

Ledger is working on new native apps for its cryptocurrency hardware wallet

French startup Ledger is making some of the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there. But the company’s apps aren’t that great. That’s why the company announced that Ledger has been working on brand new native apps for all desktop and mobile platforms. Right now,

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware

After Microsoft signed a deal to test Windows 10 on Xiaomi devices in 2015 and then Xiaomi bought a trove of patents to help run other Microsoft services on its devices in 2016, today the two companies announced another chapter in its collaboration. 

Tesla wants to install chargers at the office

Tesla expects to sell 100,000 electric vehicles in 2018. But electric vehicles don’t make much sense unless chargers are easily accessible and convenient. That’s why Tesla is introducing the Workplace Charging program.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mute’ is a big disappointment

Mute is the latest film from Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code. He’s called it his Don Quixote, a passion project that he’s been pursuing for well over a decade. The movie goes live on Netflix today, so Jordan Crook,

Google publicly launches ARCore 1.0 on 13 phones, will begin expanding Lens preview

After playing around in the experimental phase, Google is bringing its ARCore augmented reality platform to its 1.0 release with availability on over 100 million Android devices. If you have a new Pixel phone,

Google adopts a new approach to bring its AR service to China

Google has adopted a novel way to circumvent China’s internet censorship system, which continues to block its services, after it partnered directly with three OEMs to bring its augmented reality service to the country. ARCore, the company’s augmented reality SDK for Android,

Amazon Adds Audible Integration To iOS And Android Kindle Apps For Easy Listening

Sometimes you want to read, and sometimes you want to listen – and you might get through more books if you can switch easily between the two options. Amazon recognizes this,

Placed Raises $10 Million Series B For Mobile-Powered Location Analytics

Location-based analytics provider Placed, which operates an opt-in mobile surveying panel that now reaches over 175,000 people, is announcing $10 million in Series B funding in a round led by Two Sigma Ventures, the VC arm of Two Sigma Investments.

Spydy Contacts Is An Android-Flavored Launchpad For All Your Communication, Copy That?

I have 17 contacts named John in my phone’s Address Book. Some I talk to every day. Some I can’t remember who the hell they are.Enter Spydy Contacts, an app built by 18-year-old Ryan McKinney to help keep the people on your phone organized.The app is currently available for Android,

熵、信息增益以及其他 - 夜与周公

很长一段时间,都对熵、信息增益懵懵懂懂,一知半解。最近,正巧碰到研究决策树算法,于是乎,恶补了这方面的知识。 1.

维基解密网站创始人露面 暗示将曝更多秘密


Amazon press event hints at release of TV streaming device

Amazon is getting ready to unveil its TV streaming device next week. Journalists are invited to a press event in New York next Wednesday.    

AT&T U-verse Service Suffers Massive, Nationwide Outage

AT&T's U-verse service began suffering significant service outages across the country on Monday.U-verse, which delivers TV, phone and Internet service to roughly 10.7 million subscribers, began having issues at 11:20 a.m. EDT, according to,


7月刚刚退休的Alan Mulally现在又兢兢业业的来到了新岗位,这个新岗位和传统汽车行业并没有太大的关系, […]

Slashdot Asks: Should Schooing Be Year-Round?

Around the world, American schools' long summer break is viewed as an anomaly, and the long summer seems to be getting shorter. While most American primary and secondary schools used to start after Labor Day,

单车“手牵手” 不受场地限制想停哪就停哪!



今天下午,在360总部大厦,快按钮和360智键部门正式宣布合并。360智键部门员工将搬往快按钮在望京SOHO的 […]

只是炒作?分析师称iPhone 6掰弯视频乃造假

iPhone 6 的“弯弯门”仍然在继续。最早有个别用户在互联网上抱怨 iPhone 6/6 Plus 经不起折腾,很容易被外力压弯,但是这些用户的抱怨似乎并没能吸引太多人的注意——因为早在 iPhone 5 时代我们就已经见过类似的事件。

The Best Free Android Apps in Amazon's Hallowe'en Giveaway

The Amazon Appstore already gives away one free app each day, but today it's decided give away 30 apps, worth a combined total of $115, for free to anyone with an Android phone. Here are the pick of the bunch that you should download first.Read more...

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