Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Here, Guarantees 10 Years Of Support

Red Hat released version 7.0 of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) flagship operating system today. It boasts Windows interoperability, a new default file system, Docker containerization and guarantees 10 years of support across any future major or minor releases.

相关内容: that this they says RHEL customers Linux with Cogg

Report: NYC and Arlington, VA win the contest for Amazon’s split East Coast headquarters

New York City and Arlington, Virginia have reportedly won Amazon’s lengthy and highly-publicized pageant for the locations of its new headquarters, beating out 238 other contestants. According to the Wall Street Journal, which broke the news, an official announcement may come as early as Tuesday.

YouTube VR finally lands on the Oculus Go

Today, Google’s YouTube VR app arrives on the $199 Oculus Go, bringing the largest library of VR content on the web to Facebook’s entry-level VR device. YouTube brings plenty of content in conventional and more immersive video types.

Tinder to roll out expanded set of gender options in India

Tinder is preparing to roll out more gender options in its app in India. The company will announce shortly that users will be able to edit their profile in order to choose a different option for their gender identity, instead of just “Man” or “Woman,

Analysts weighing in on $8B SAP-Qualtrics deal don’t see a game changer

SAP CEO Bill McDermott was jacked up today about his company’s $8 billion  Qualtrics acquisition over the weekend. You would expect no less for such a big deal.

These antique phones are precious, private Alexa vessels

Amazon's Alexa may be in ten thousand different devices now, but they all have one other thing in common: they're new. So for those of us that prefer old things but still want to be able to set timers and do metric-imperial conversions without pulling out our phones,

GM is going to allow Ford vehicles and other competitors on its Maven car-sharing platform

GM’s car-sharing subsidiary Maven is undergoing another expansion. This time, it’s not just to a new city. Maven plans to open up its new peer-to-peer car rental service to allow owners to rent out non-GM vehicles. It is also setting its sights on bigger changes in the future,

Airbnb ends forced arbitration days after Google, Facebook did the same

Uber and Lyft put an end to forced arbitration earlier this year.

Amazon Adds Audible Integration To iOS And Android Kindle Apps For Easy Listening

Sometimes you want to read, and sometimes you want to listen – and you might get through more books if you can switch easily between the two options. Amazon recognizes this,

Placed Raises $10 Million Series B For Mobile-Powered Location Analytics

Location-based analytics provider Placed, which operates an opt-in mobile surveying panel that now reaches over 175,000 people, is announcing $10 million in Series B funding in a round led by Two Sigma Ventures, the VC arm of Two Sigma Investments.

Spydy Contacts Is An Android-Flavored Launchpad For All Your Communication, Copy That?

I have 17 contacts named John in my phone’s Address Book. Some I talk to every day. Some I can’t remember who the hell they are.Enter Spydy Contacts, an app built by 18-year-old Ryan McKinney to help keep the people on your phone organized.The app is currently available for Android,



Facebook: The DEA Can't Use Fake Profiles to Chase Suspects

Remember how the Justice Department decided it was just fine for a Drug Enforcement Administration agent to steal a woman's identity and set up a fake Facebook account to chase subjects? Well, Facebook's not OK with that.Read more...

So You Want To Be An Adventure Photographer...

So you like photography and go on some pretty cool adventures too? Then adventure photography might be for you. We'll teach you everything you need to know to get started.Read more...

[CES 2015]联想新产品真机上手合集

在CES大展前夕联想对旗下多条产品线进行了升级,包括Thinkpad X系列、T系列和E系列都有新成员加入,并推出了名为ThinkPad Stack的笔记本扩展配件套装产品。接下来让我们跟随外媒的脚步看看这些设备的真机上手。



Over 1,800 Minecraft login credentials leaked online, change your password right now

Microsoft appears to be a frequent target for attackers lately. The company's Xbox Live service was attacked last month, resulting in an outage for gamers on Christmas. And now,




这里是快消品公司市场部的回答,当然我工作级别还较低,只能回答我理解的部分。先赞一下 @霸爷的回答,品牌的销售指标也未必是“年年增长的”。他已经清楚的解释了这个问题。



短片示範 PS 神技:攝影師 Erik Johansson 將想像畫面 Photoshop 「畫」出來

小編成日都會係 Flickr 見到一啲超現實既作品,一直都好奇到底要點樣先做到;知名既藝術攝影師 Erik Johansson 以呢類作品著名,擅長光學幻覺,但原來背後需要好長時間既拍攝同 Photoshop 修圖架!

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