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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Here, Guarantees 10 Years Of Support

Red Hat released version 7.0 of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) flagship operating system today. It boasts Windows interoperability, a new default file system, Docker containerization and guarantees 10 years of support across any future major or minor releases.

相关内容: that this they says RHEL customers Linux with Cogg

A university is outfitting living spaces with thousands of Echo Dots

Soon, Saint Louis University students won’t be able to avoid Amazon’s near ubiquitous smart speakers. The university announced this week a plan to outfit living spaces with 2,300 Echo Dots. The devices are set to be deployed by the time classes start, later this month.

Soon you’ll be able to watch high school football on Twitter

Just at the NFL is gearing up to kickoff its regular season, Adidas has announced that it will be partnering with Twitter to livestream high school football games on the platform. The “Friday Night Stripes” series (Get it? Get it?) will include eight games, featuring teams from California, Georgia,

HUD complaint accuses Facebook ads of violating Fair Housing Act

A new complaint filed Friday by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) accuses Facebook of helping landlords and home sellers violate the Fair Housing Act. According to the grievance filed by the department,

Original Content podcast: ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is a charming high school romance

While Hollywood’s interest in romantic comedies seems to be fading, Netflix has been picking up some of the slack. Just a few months ago, it released the tremendously fun Set It Up. And now we’ve got To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,

What the hell is the deal with Tether?

It was a simple concept: a cryptocurrency whose units were always and constantly worth exactly one dollar, because they were backed by dollars held in a bank. Voila: dollars with the powers of crypto, such as the ability to quickly and permissionlessly transfer an arbitrary amount … and, er,

The tech angle in dogs, mac and cheese and working out

Welcome back to TechCrunch Mixtape, the podcast where Megan Rose Dickey and I, Henry Oliver Pickavet, talk about some of the stories of the week that we feel like talking about. This week it was dogs, working out and mac and cheese. BarkBox creators Bark and Co. decided that Nashville, Tenn.

Distributed teams are rewriting the rules of office(less) politics

When we think about designing our dream home, we don’t think of having a thousand roommates in the same room with no doors or walls. Yet in today’s workplace where we spend most of our day,

Amazon Adds Audible Integration To iOS And Android Kindle Apps For Easy Listening

Sometimes you want to read, and sometimes you want to listen – and you might get through more books if you can switch easily between the two options. Amazon recognizes this,

Placed Raises $10 Million Series B For Mobile-Powered Location Analytics

Location-based analytics provider Placed, which operates an opt-in mobile surveying panel that now reaches over 175,000 people, is announcing $10 million in Series B funding in a round led by Two Sigma Ventures, the VC arm of Two Sigma Investments.

Spydy Contacts Is An Android-Flavored Launchpad For All Your Communication, Copy That?

I have 17 contacts named John in my phone’s Address Book. Some I talk to every day. Some I can’t remember who the hell they are.Enter Spydy Contacts, an app built by 18-year-old Ryan McKinney to help keep the people on your phone organized.The app is currently available for Android,

MacPorts on Mac OS X Mavericks - iFantasticMe

什么是MacPorts?MacPorts是使用于Mac OS中第三方包管理工具。MacPorts让你可以轻松编译、安装和管理开源软件。MacPorts可以分为两个核心部分:MacPort base和MacPorts ports。每个MacPorts port都是一个Portfile,在这个文件中定义...


编者注:此文是 CamMi Pham 的文章,原文发表在Medium上。作者通过自身经历和一些科学证据说明,有 […]


[摘要]Facebook推出免费上网APP,支持20多种在线服务。   腾讯科技讯 7月31日,fa […]

一个疑难杂症 IIS URL区分大小写(FF的自动变换URL问题)? - magicDict

(II8 VS14 CTP3 Windows7 ASP.NETWEBFORM)在我的印象里面,IIS的URL在一般情况下面是不分大小写的。所以下面两个URL应该是一样的。http://localhost:61658/default.aspxhttp://localhost:61658/Defau....

视频访谈: 智慧风能与云计算

工业物联网的世界究竟跟我们所知道的IT世界有多大关联?一位具有十年Sun资深IT经验、三年网游创业经验的工程师在两年前加入了一家智慧风能公司,跨界进入了能源行业,他将在本次访谈中分享他的理解。 By 潘怡鸿

在 Swift 中实现单例方法 - Swift_World

我们通常在进行开发的时候,会用到一个叫做 单例模式 的东西。相信大家也都对这种模式非常熟悉了。而且单例的使用在平时的开发中也非常频繁。 比如我们常用到的 NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults()。

【氪TV视频】要做霸气的领主:可以彩色打印的Overlord 3D打印机

优酷播放地址欢迎关注氪 TV 的微信号“krvideo”,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频。新版36氪 iOS 客户端正式上线。该有的都有了,想看创业资讯,想分享,想看视频,想来活动现场,下载36氪 iOS 客户端,即氪触达。


Netflix Is About to Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox

Well, we saw this coming: The explosive, cord-cutting popularity of Netflix will finally torch the laurels of traditional broadcast television networks. Analysts predict that if Netflix were measured as a 24-hour station by Nielsen, it would have more viewers than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.Read more...

重回當初的恐怖感!「惡靈古堡2 Reborn」重製版遊戲動畫讓你再次體會刺激

還記得當年為了從警察局逃出生天,不停被未知敵人追擊的緊張和刺激感嗎?義大利的invader Games工作室,以CAPCOM在1998年推出的超人氣遊戲「惡靈古堡2」為主題,製作了一部重製版的遊戲動畫「惡靈古堡2 Reborn」。

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