Soccer-Playing Beagle Is the David Beckham of Dogs

Even if you're not a soccer fan, this beagle's trick shots will have you shouting, "GOOOOOOAL!" Dubbed "Purin the Super Beagle", the cute canine demonstrates his soccer skills in honor of the 2014 World Cup. Soccer has never been so cuddly.See also: World Cup Stars:

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This Is How Astronauts Play Soccer in Zero Gravity

Sure, you can bend it like Beckham, but try scoring a goal in zero gravity.Astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst celebrated the start of the World Cup on Thursday in Brazil by kicking around a soccer ball aboard the International Space Station.

Check out the only online multiplayer air soccer app for Windows 8.1: Air Soccer Fever

Air Soccer Fever is a fantastic soccer game in the Windows Store that also offers multiplayer capabilities. Not only is the game free, but you can play anyone across the world online. How well can you score and how high can you rank in the worldwide leaderboard?

This App Can Tell If a Soccer Ball Needs Air By Listening To It Bounce

Nothing tops talent when it comes to how well a soccer player performs on the field, but believe it or not, how inflated (or under-inflated) a soccer ball is can affect how the ball moves when kicked. You can throw your antiquated pressure gauge away, though,

Watch this adorable robot score a soccer goal, and then take a tumble

Robot soccer players — like their human counterparts — sometimes dive in the penalty box.The University of Newcastle's robot soccer team was a starring attraction at the CeBIT technology conference in Sydney on Tuesday. Developed in the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory,

The History of Soccer: From Violent Pastime to Multi-Million Dollar Industry

With the World Cup about to kick off, there are many out there who have no idea about the history of this long-loved sport. If you love football, you’re probably only aware of its history from recent times. But football has a long, gruesomely violent, and hugely interesting past.

Dropbox Dudes Tried to Kick Children Off a Soccer Field

Tech bros will stop at nothing to get what they perceive to be theirs. In the latest example of unchecked hubris, we witness as a squad of adults in Dropbox jerseys argue with and cuss at children over a San Francisco soccer field.Read more...

Players Help Power the Lights on This Soccer Field Just by Running

As they make their way up and down the field chasing the ball, the players on this new soccer pitch in Rio de Janeiro are actually helping to keep the lights powered when the sun sets.

Soccer-Playing Beagle Is the David Beckham of Dogs

Even if you're not a soccer fan, this beagle's trick shots will have you shouting, "GOOOOOOAL!" Dubbed "Purin the Super Beagle", the cute canine demonstrates his soccer skills in honor of the 2014 World Cup. Soccer has never been so cuddly.See also: World Cup Stars:

Hundreds Protest At San Francisco City Hall After Soccer Conflict With Dropbox, Airbnb Employees

A week after a video of an argument between a handful of local teenagers and Dropbox and Airbnb employees went viral, hundreds of demonstrators protested at San Francisco City Hall, asking for the city’s parks to be freely open to the public.

Obama welcomes 'badass' women's soccer team to the White House

President Barack Obama invited the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their World Cup victory earlier this year. "This team taught all of America’s children that playing like a girl means you’re a badass," he said, before taking a selfie with the group.

How to become a graphic designer without going to art school

Look, it doesn't matter if you can't draw to save your life. You shouldn't let your inability to illustrate anything beyond stick figures and random doodles impede your pursuit of becoming a graphic designer. You're trying to become a digital artist here, not emulate Pablo Picasso's career.Plus,

The thinnest wallet you'll ever own is on sale for Black Friday

Maybe you're sick of being unorganized. Maybe you're tired of constantly dropping your credit cards. Maybe your current wallet is so overstuffed that it forces you to sit on a slant whenever it's in your back pocket. (Who do you think you are, George Costanza?) Whatever the reason,

Did you catch the one 'Harry Potter' actor who shows up in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelw

This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Read at your own risk!The 1920s setting of the Fantastic Beasts franchise is a great opportunity for younger versions of beloved Harry Potter characters to appear in their own stories. Most of them,

Adidas has launched its Black Friday UK sale in a very big way

The coming festive season, or party season, is a difficult time for those that like to hide from social settings and would honestly prefer to be in bed, alone.Christmas time means work parties, reunions, and drinks — so many drinks. So if you absolutely have to socialise,

Original Tamagotchi review: The reboot of the '90s classic is still addictive

Original Tamagotchi$19.99View ProductThe GoodChoose from either classic colors (Gen 1) or new colors (Gen 2) • Includes original addictive gameplay • Small size makes it super-portableThe BadNon-backlit display is antiquated • Battery isn't rechargableThe Bottom LineOther than some color updates,

Fed-up moms respond to 'Can I cook a turkey in the microwave?'

The "How do you microwave a turkey?" prank is breaking our mothers' hearts.With Thanksgiving just around the corner, young people are pranking their poor mothers by asking them for advice on one of the greatest sins against the holiday season: microwaved turkey.SEE ALSO:

Get a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership on sale for $40 at Amazon, the cheapest we've seen all ye

One of the good things about shopping for a gamer on Black Friday: it's really easy to find some stocking stuffers. This could include games, a basic headset, extra cables, or even a gift card.

Innovation by Necessity: 3 Non-Tech Businesses and the Technology They Created

The story of modern tech innovators typically follows a well-mapped path: A scrappy group of entrepreneurs gathers in a garage, warehouse or loft. They iterate and reiterate. Investors kick in funds. And then, eventually,

RadioShack May Soon Be Over and Out

During the Super Bowl, RadioShack ran an ad showing two red-shirted workers. One answers the phone and looks troubled. Then we hear the receiver click. "What?" asks the other. "The '80s called," the employee replies. "They want their store back." By the looks of it, they may get it soon.

Forget John Oliver — FIFA Makes a Mockery of Itself

Of course you've heard by now — it's all over the Internet: John Oliver on Sunday absolutely eviscerated FIFA, world soccer's governing body, in that special form of dressing-down that only he can conjureComing days ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil,



Uber Is Suing Columbus, OH to Keep Its Insurance Program Secret

Uber hates rules. Laws, regulations, checks, balances—they're all barriers. The company is so accountability-averse that it's suing the city of Columbus, Ohio to keep its driver insurance plan in the dark.Read more...

[多图]HTC Desire 820真机上手

在今天召开的IFA大会上HTC隆重推出了搭载64位处理器的渴望家族新成员--Desire 820。该机搭载1.5GHz的高通骁龙615八核处理器,2GB的内存,16GB的内置储存,支持最高128GB的MicroSD卡扩展,机身正面配5.



Can You Solve The World's (Other) Hardest Logic Puzzle?

Last week, we asked you to solve 'The Hardest Logic Puzzle In The World." This week, we're asking you to do it again – with a brand new puzzle.Read more...

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This Enormous Boat of a Car-Boat Probably Needed Oceans of Oil to Run

Life for Americans after World War II was supposed to be filled with open roads and open waters. The roads, more often than not, were for getting to work. And the water? That was pure leisure time. This "water-mobile" of 1947 was imagined to provide the best of both, with an enormous (and,

索尼首款2K屏幕手机Xperia Z4v胎死腹中

Xperia Z4无论外观设计还是硬件规格都有愧于旗舰之名,以致于在国际市场上只敢叫Xperia Z3+,但是索尼为美国Verizon准备的Xperia Z4v却相当彪悍,是索尼首款配备2K分辨率屏幕的手机,5.2寸564PPI,同时还加入了高通Quick Charge 2.

瓜子“调表车”引出二手车通病 电商坦言监管无奈


Ryan Murphy still hasn't decided what the next season of 'American Horror Story' will be about

LOS ANGELES — Sorry, everyone: American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy isn't ready to spill too many details about his FX horror anthology's new season. Murphy mostly stayed mum Sunday night at the closing panel for this year's PaleyFest,

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