Slingshot, You're Not Alone: 5 Other Accidental App Launches

Facebook abandoned its longtime "Move Fast and Break Things" motto in April, but that doesn't mean the company is completely accident-free.Facebook jumped the gun on a product launch Monday,

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Facebook’s Slingshot app launches in the UK

Following its launch in the US last week, Facebook has made its Snapchat-style app available this side of the pond.Read more:

Facebook Audience Network Mobile Ad Network Launches At f8

Facebook today launched its mobile ad network called Facebook Audience Network so developers don’t have to sell their own ads or do their own targeting, handle measurement, or payments. Facebook will take care of it all. Just as my scoop said,

Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads Targeted To People Within A Mile Of A Business

Facebook’s mobile ubiquity and push for always-on location sharing came to fruition today with the launch of hyper-local advertising that could convince people to visit stores they’re nearby. Soon,

Facebook Partners With 50 Publishers To Launch Instant Articles In Asia

Facebook is bringing its Instant Article media format to Asia after more than twenty media from eleven countries in the region — including China, India and Indonesia — jumped aboard the program and live on the platform. Over 30 more media partners will begin publishing Instant Articles “soon,

How to launch a product successfully

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, outlines ways in which companies and brands can ensure their product launches generate positive buzzRead more:

Facebook Launches Dedicated Web Interface For Messenger

Ever try to read a Facebook message on the web and get distracted by your News Feed and notifications? Well now Facebook has a way to let you use Messenger in peace from your web browser. Today it launched as a dedicated chat interface. It’s rolling out worldwide for English users,

How to plan the perfect product launch

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, outlines ways in which companies and brands can ensure their product launches generate positive buzzRead more:

Facebook Launches Mobile Like Button For Sharing From Apps

Facebook today announced the launch of its mobile 'Like' button for sharing from apps. This complements Facebook's Like button for the mobile and desktop web. Given the importance of mobile apps for Facebook, it's a surprise the company didn't launch this before. Read More

Facebook launches Safety Check to keep friends updated after natural disasters

With many people turning to social media following a major crisis, the service will provide peace of mind by letting loved ones know that users within the affected area are safe.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Facebook, Now With Over 2 Million Active Advertisers, Launches Ads Manager App For iOS

Facebook today rolled out a new mobile application designed to help the company’s now over 2 million active advertisers manage their ads from their smartphone. The app, called Facebook Ads Manager, is initially available on iOS, and allows its users to create and edit ads, track spending,

Enroll in online film school for $29 and start earning that future Oscar

Awards season is now in full swing. All the cinematic masterpieces that made a splash in the past year are now getting accolades from around the globe. There's Alfonso Cuarón's Roma, Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk,

Treat your dog with this bacon-flavored CBD oil for pets, on sale for 29% off

You've probably heard about some of the anecdotal medical benefits of CBD for us humans, but did you know that your dog can get in on the action, too? No, you won't find doggie doobies on pet store shelves anytime soon,

9 of the best drones according to Amazon reviews

Over the past few years, drones and quadcopters have become more accessible. The cost of designing and manufacturing a good quality drone has gone down, so now more and more people can take up the hobby or up their photography game with impressive and daring photos and videos.

Facebook to teens: Plz laugh at these old memes

Facebook, as part of its never-ending quest to win over teens, is now working on a feature just for memes and funny viral content.The social network is experimenting with something it's calling "LOL," according to TechCrunch, which got a look at some early beta versions of the feature. 

New self-driving features are about to make the road safer for terrible drivers

Distracted? Tired? Bad at staying in your lane? Just plain out of it? Don't worry, your car's got you.While fully autonomous vehicles might not be here for awhile, new driver assistance systems are so advanced you'll feel like you're in a self-driving car. 

Spotify's rumored $100 music player is a great idea, thinks dumb person with cash to burn

So you've got a $100 to spare. Maybe grandma included a crisp hundo in this year's birthday card, or, hell, let's just say you're a brain genius who always has extra cash laying around. Yeah, let's go with that. The question is, just what are you going to do with your excess wealth?

The Weather Channel previews ice storm in scary immersive mixed reality

Let Jim Cantore scare you into staying inside this weekend.The Weather Channel meteorologist stars in a new video previewing this weekend's winter storm, which is set to strike the Midwest and Northeast. Like the network's previous videos about storm surges and wildfires,

'Daredevil' Nabs Vincent D’Onofrio to Play Villain in Marvel Netflix Series

The Kingpin is coming to Marvel's Daredevil series for Netflix.Law & Order: Criminal Intent alum Vincent D'Onofrio will play the character, a powerful businessman who comes into conflict with blind lawyer Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox). Also known as Wilson Fisk,

There Have Been 74 U.S. School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

On Tuesday morning, a gunman walked into Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon, and killed one student and injured a teacher. According to police, he then took his own life in a school bathroom while cops encircled the buildingThe teacher, Todd Rispler, will luckily survive his wounds.See also:

Russian Hackers Reportedly Confess to 'Find My iPhone' Ransom Plot

Two alleged Russian hackers have reportedly confessed to remotely hacking users' Apple devices and holding them for ransom.Authorities are holding a 17-year-old and 23-year-old from Moscow on accusations related to locking Apple devices and demanding payment for users to access them again,



再也不怕忘带 iPhone 数据线的手机壳:CasePlug

前言和采用 micro USB 的 Android 设备相比,iOS 用户经常会焦头烂额的寻找数据线充电、同步,那些什么随身携带的数据线也常常被忘在家里派不上用场。



苹果2014年12大瞬间 有得有失值得纪念

2014 年对苹果来说是值得纪念的一年。虽然还是受到了很多质疑,但无可否认的是,这是一家不会满足于现有成绩的公司。

观点:2015 年将成为“移动支付元年”

编者按: 亚历克斯·墨菲(Alix Murphy)是移动电信行业专家,在电子与移动身份识别、移动支付与海外业务发展领域具有丰富的经验。她还是市场研究机构 WorldRemit 高级移动分析师。

索尼连年巨额亏损 其实都拜手机业务所赐

索尼几乎每年都有令人惊喜不已的黑科技产品面世,PS4 游戏主机持续热销,另外全球高端的图像传感器市场也几乎是索尼垄断。


王坚( 开心是非常主观的,如果个人的目标在腾讯得到实现了,大概就 ...

Here's How Acer Plans To Consume Your Gaming Hardware Budget

Acer has doubled down on gaming here at the IFA tech show in Berlin, unveiling a barrage of new gaming gear including a Predator tablet and phone, 15- and 17-inch gaming laptops with Intel’s new Skylake processors, and powerful PCs—plus a 200Hz ultra-wide curved display.Read more...

工研院新技術 讓老人小孩的靜脈血管看得清清楚楚 抽血打針不再誤插了~

【GRi草根影響力新視野╱記者梁瓈月】 工研院在2015TWTM技術交易展中,發表20項應用創新科技展現,主要是以人為核心的智慧科技。包括:



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