Slingshot, You're Not Alone: 5 Other Accidental App Launches

Facebook abandoned its longtime "Move Fast and Break Things" motto in April, but that doesn't mean the company is completely accident-free.Facebook jumped the gun on a product launch Monday,

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Facebook’s Slingshot app launches in the UK

Following its launch in the US last week, Facebook has made its Snapchat-style app available this side of the pond.Read more:

Facebook Audience Network Mobile Ad Network Launches At f8

Facebook today launched its mobile ad network called Facebook Audience Network so developers don’t have to sell their own ads or do their own targeting, handle measurement, or payments. Facebook will take care of it all. Just as my scoop said,

Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads Targeted To People Within A Mile Of A Business

Facebook’s mobile ubiquity and push for always-on location sharing came to fruition today with the launch of hyper-local advertising that could convince people to visit stores they’re nearby. Soon,

Facebook Partners With 50 Publishers To Launch Instant Articles In Asia

Facebook is bringing its Instant Article media format to Asia after more than twenty media from eleven countries in the region — including China, India and Indonesia — jumped aboard the program and live on the platform. Over 30 more media partners will begin publishing Instant Articles “soon,

How to launch a product successfully

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, outlines ways in which companies and brands can ensure their product launches generate positive buzzRead more:

Facebook Launches Dedicated Web Interface For Messenger

Ever try to read a Facebook message on the web and get distracted by your News Feed and notifications? Well now Facebook has a way to let you use Messenger in peace from your web browser. Today it launched as a dedicated chat interface. It’s rolling out worldwide for English users,

How to plan the perfect product launch

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, outlines ways in which companies and brands can ensure their product launches generate positive buzzRead more:

Facebook Launches Mobile Like Button For Sharing From Apps

Facebook today announced the launch of its mobile 'Like' button for sharing from apps. This complements Facebook's Like button for the mobile and desktop web. Given the importance of mobile apps for Facebook, it's a surprise the company didn't launch this before. Read More

Facebook launches Safety Check to keep friends updated after natural disasters

With many people turning to social media following a major crisis, the service will provide peace of mind by letting loved ones know that users within the affected area are safe.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Facebook, Now With Over 2 Million Active Advertisers, Launches Ads Manager App For iOS

Facebook today rolled out a new mobile application designed to help the company’s now over 2 million active advertisers manage their ads from their smartphone. The app, called Facebook Ads Manager, is initially available on iOS, and allows its users to create and edit ads, track spending,

Shop this Gryphon wireless router sale

Home is where the WiFi is. And when there's WiFi, there's a wireless router.You never really think about your router unless your connection becomes unbearably spotty. In which case,

Gain access to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers for an entire year

We're living in the age of digital subscriptions. But between Netflix, Audible, Kindle, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and a host of other services you're currently paying recurring fees to, you might be draining your checking account more than you think. On top of that,

Harry and Meghan are expecting a baby and yes we are screaming right now

You can always rely on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to bring out some good news when everything else is burning down around us. And they've gone and done exactly that. This morning the royal couple announced on Twitter that they're expecting a baby in spring 2019. SEE ALSO:

7 of the most heart-crushingly sad moments from 'BoJack Horseman' Season 5

Warning: Contains spoilers for BoJack Horseman Season 5.BoJack Horseman is a funny and consistently entertaining show, but I'd be lying if I said those were the qualities I love most about it.Nope: it's the heart-shredding poignancy I can't get enough of. Don't ask me why,

Two 'Bachelor: Vietnam' contestants who fell in love on the show are now a couple

When two contestants on The Bachelor: Vietnam fell in love and wanted to run away from the show together last month, there wasn't really a happily ever after — one contestant returned to the show.But maybe now, they've found it.SEE ALSO:

U.S. Embassy apologises after cat picture mistakenly sent out

We'd never get you to say sorry for sending an adorable cat picture.But the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia has apologised on behalf of the Department of State who did just that, accidentally sending a test email featuring a photo of a cat dressed in a Cookie Monster costume.SEE ALSO:

Trump tells '60 Minutes' that climate change will 'change back again'

In a seemingly rare instance, Donald Trump was pressed about his views on climate change on Sunday in an interview with 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl.Although Trump stepped back from his previous claims that climate change is a hoax, he stopped short of acknowledging that it is a manmade problem,

'Daredevil' Nabs Vincent D’Onofrio to Play Villain in Marvel Netflix Series

The Kingpin is coming to Marvel's Daredevil series for Netflix.Law & Order: Criminal Intent alum Vincent D'Onofrio will play the character, a powerful businessman who comes into conflict with blind lawyer Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Charlie Cox). Also known as Wilson Fisk,

There Have Been 74 U.S. School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

On Tuesday morning, a gunman walked into Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon, and killed one student and injured a teacher. According to police, he then took his own life in a school bathroom while cops encircled the buildingThe teacher, Todd Rispler, will luckily survive his wounds.See also:

Russian Hackers Reportedly Confess to 'Find My iPhone' Ransom Plot

Two alleged Russian hackers have reportedly confessed to remotely hacking users' Apple devices and holding them for ransom.Authorities are holding a 17-year-old and 23-year-old from Moscow on accusations related to locking Apple devices and demanding payment for users to access them again,






可穿戴技术创业公司Soundhawk研发出一款智能耳机系统,允许用户听到想听的声音。在过去的两年中,Soundhawk一直在研发这款入耳式耳机。通过智能手机应用, Scoop允许用户听到想要的声音。


感谢思的投递20年前,大学物理专业的本科生Jim Hall发起了FreeDOS项目。他如今是Minnesota-Morris大学的IT总监,仍然积极参与该项目。他称,FreeDOS项目目前有30到50名活跃开发者。

Mojang开发者透露正在着手WP版《我的世界》 开发设备为Lumia 630

微软以25亿美元收购《我的世界Minecraft》工作室Mojang后,当然会善加利用来发展旗下移动业务。Mojang工作室的一位开发者Tommaso Checchi发布了一系列推文,表明工作室正在致力于开发WP平台的Minecraft移动版的。


10月初,曾在5月份高调宣布获得亿元天使轮投资的小区社交软件“叮咚小区”被爆出资金链断裂,北京办公室关停,上海团队裁员70%以上。而同时, 10月13日,另一家社区O2O公司“小区无忧”宣布完成A轮2000万美元融资。






最近《环境健康展望》(EHP)上出了一篇题为Vaping and Health: What Do We Know about E-Cigarettes? 的科普文: EHP – Vaping and Health: What Do We Know about E-Cigarettes?


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