Report: Cloud revolution could be "as big as computing itself"

The cloud revolution could be as big as that created by the impact of data processing on business itself, industry experts have claimed. Is this a new industrial revolution?Read more:

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Report: Cloud revolution could be "as big as computing itself"

The cloud revolution could be as big as that created by the impact of data processing on business itself, industry experts have claimed. Is this a new industrial revolution?Read more:

How the cloud supports green IT computing

How can cloud computing help to improve sustainability, and what role should the cloud play in green IT planning? This HP whitepaper examines the green credentials of cloud computing. Read more:

IBM Will Acquire The Weather Company’s Digital Business

IBM announced this morning it’s acquiring The Weather Company, the parent company to the The Weather Channel, as well as the company’s B2B, mobile and web properties, in a deal that’s being valued at more than $2 billion, according to a report from The Wall St. Journal.

Bing contributes $1 billion to Microsoft’s bottom line in 1Q16

Microsoft reported their 1Q16 financial results yesterday, and so far they’ve been well-received–Microsoft stock is up around 10% this morning. Clearly, Microsoft strategy of shifting from a focus on the Windows platform to a...

The Marmite effect: Businesses either love or hate the cloud

Frost and Sullivan recently surveyed 1,028 IT decision-makers for its "Future of Cloud Computing Technologies in Enterprises in the United States and Europe" report, and the results were interesting. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Transform backup and recovery from being reactive to adaptive

How can organisations manage without slowing their organisation down with complicated data management, backup and recovery techniques? Read on to find out.Read more:

A study by Arthur D. Little and Bell Labs says that NFV and SDN are a strategic opportunity and a necessity for the telecom industry PARIS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Challenged by anticpated growth in fixed, mobile and IoT traffic, European operators are devising new technology designs and standards,

How HP cloud has transformed IT delivery

This HP whitepaper explains the transformation and outlines why the cloud is now so central in how IT services can be quickly and flexibly delivered to organisations' IT users. Read more:

America's self harm problem: How the NSA is killing the US economy

A recent report has uncovered the financial cost of the NSA's PRISM program to the US's economy and the pitfalls that a culture of unbridled mass surveillance could bring about in the future. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Twitter Partners With IBM To Bring Social Data To The Enterprise

Twitter and IBM announced a significant partnership today that will involve Twitter sharing its data with IBM for integration into IBM’s enterprise solutions, including the Watson cloud platform. The deal means IBM will gain access to the Twitter “firehose,

Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years

As companies rush to enable digital business models as fast as possible, they leave the doors open for possible cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity funding hit record levels in 2018

$5.3 billion invested into cybersecurity organisations last year.

IBM and Vodafone sign major new tech partnership

The two parties want to help businesses everywhere innovate faster and ultimately succeed in the digital world.

Three steps for avoiding devastating security breaches

With the cost of endpoint attacks climbing to a record average of $7.12 million, the stakes have never been higher. Companies must act fast.

Smarter and more connected technology will lead intelligent transformation in 2019

In 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation and immersion into extended realities will inch closer than ever before.

China says Huawei 5G ban will mean "repercussions"

Trade war continues to heat up following latest Huawei warning.

Mis-valuation of data poses a huge threat to businesses

A business must fully understand the value of its data if it is to protect it properly.

Mobile app of the day: The Guardian

The Guardian app offers a daily newspaper delivered to your handset with news personalised to your own tastes.Read more:

Feedly taken down by enormous DDoS attack, with hackers demanding ransom

If you moved to Feedly after the much lamented shut-down of Google Reader, as many RSS users did, then you may have noticed that the service is currently down. Read more:

Uber protests and Apple trolling backfire spectacularly, Google grabs some satellites and Evernote g

The best of today's ITProPortal news, including a big acquisition, a worrying DDos hack and a couple of huge embarrassments. Read more: http://www.itproportal.



伊朗法院傳喚 Mark Zuckerberg,就臉書旗下服務侵犯使用者隱私做出解釋


Tim Cook's Philosophy at Apple, in His Own Words

One week after Steve Jobs announced plans to go on his first medical leave of absence from Apple in 2009, the man tasked with temporarily leading the company — or so it was assumed at the time — had to answer to Wall Street.

三星收购步伐加快 不断拓展新业务


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Urges Girls To Participate In’s Hour Of Code

Young Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has thrown in her support for’s Hour of Code program to get young women and girls into computer science. Just days after becoming the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history,

迷你MVVM框架 avalonjs 学习教程22、avalon性能大揭密 - 司徒正美


一个人打球,也有 NBA 式的呐喊助威


IKEA furniture will soon be able to wirelessly charge your mobile device

BARCELONA — You'll soon be able to charge your mobile device directly on various pieces of IKEA furniture, from nightstands and desks to even the base of a lamp.

進入無蓋 IP68 防水世代, Sony 展示 MWC 重點機種 Xperia Z4 Tablet 與 M4 AQUA

Sony Mobile 也在 MWC 不久後在台展出將於第二季推出的重點機種超薄平板 Xperia Z4 Tablet 以及中階旗艦 Xperia M4 AQUA 兩款 IP68 等級防水機種,這兩款產品的出現也同時代表 Sony 的防水技術正式進入 USB 無蓋防水設計。



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