Microsoft updates its terms and policies, says it won't look into your emails

Over the past few months Microsoft has shown its concerns toward users’ privacy. Today, in an effort to make things more transparent to users and gain people’s trust, Microsoft updated its service agreement and privacy policy.

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Microsoft Introduces Send, A Short-Form Email App That Works More Like Instant Messaging

Microsoft today is introducing a new application aimed at reducing the time it takes to check and respond to email while on your smartphone. With Send, as the app is called, the idea is to make email perform more like instant messaging,

Hackers Are Using Popular Websites To Attack Governments And Other Targets

There’s evidence to suggest that hackers are using popular websites to attack government agencies, NGOs and other cyber espionage targets with increasingly more subtle insurgencies. Read More

Microsoft files reply brief in Ireland email case, pushes for Congressional action

In December of 2013, the US government issued a search warrant to Microsoft, demanding access to emails stored on servers in Dublin, Ireland.  Since then, Microsoft has been fighting the warrant, and taking the fight public.  

Why The Gmail Scan That Led To A Man’s Arrest For Child Porn Was Not A Privacy Violation

No one will argue against the outcome of a case which saw a man arrested on child pornography charges, after Google tipped off authorities about illegal images found in the Houston suspect’s Gmail account.

Meet Xim: An app from Microsoft that lets you express your ideas, not just another photo-sharing too

Xim is the newest creation coming out of Microsoft's Research department. It is designed to share pictures in a way that makes it as easy and convenient as possible for everyone involved. They accomplished this by creating an app where only one person needs to have the app downloaded,

Zero’s New Email App Can Help You Reach “Inbox Zero”

A new mobile email application called Zero is launching today to help users power through their inbox on the go, in order to achieve the often sought-after state of “inbox zero” – meaning an inbox that has no unread emails. Aimed at heavy email users who receive a lot of inbound email,

Hacker Emails Testing Service BrowserStack’s Customers, Says Company Lied About Security

Is there anything worse than being hacked? How about a hacker that manages to acquire your customers’ contact information, emails them that the service is shutting down, and that the company has been lying to everyone about its security? That’s what happened to BrowserStack,

NFL Teases A New Subscription Service For On-Demand Games, Will Support Apple TV

The NFL is preparing to launch a new version of its Games Pass service, which will now include the ability to watch games on a wider selection of devices, including the Apple TV. According to information posted on the NFL website, the new Game Pass service will also replace Game Rewind,

Microsoft Readies Its Cortana For iOS Beta, Promises Invites In “Weeks”

Microsoft said earlier that its Cortana personal assistant – something of a rival to Google Now and Apple’s Siri – would take on its competition by offering cross-platform support, including via iOS and Android. 

Producteev Adds iPad And Outlook Apps While Looking Back At Its Acquisition

Task management tool Producteev just launched a new iPad app and a native Outlook plugin. Now part of Jive, the company also launched a new pro plan. For $99 per month, you get the Outlook plugin, custom branding and premium support for up to 100 employees.

Lenovo brings it ‘Made To Order’ service to India allowing users to customize their laptops

Lenovo has announced its ‘Made To Order’ service for India. While the service debuts for the company’s iconic ThinkPad line, it will be rolled out for other Lenovo brands as well later this year. The service allows users to create a true factory-built custom PC and offers over 100,

Star Wars Battlefront II video game gets Droideka, new skins, and more in today’s update

The popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game received a rather significant update today on Xbox One and other platforms that added a plethora of new content to unlock. The update, aptly named the Where Are Those Droidekas? Update,

Samurai Shodown returns with a brand new 4K Ultra HD video game on Xbox One

In a bit of a surprise, a brand new Samurai Shodown video games is now available to play on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. The Samurai Shodown video games are fighting games that got their start back in 1993 with the debut of the original Samurai Shodown. Its sequel, Samurai Shodown II (1994),

Edge Dev Channel build is now available with several new features for Insiders

Build is now available for Edge Insiders on the Microsoft Edge Dev channel. This latest build adds several new features to the new version of the Edge browser such as dark theme support for full page screens, additional languages, and an improved feedback experience.

Microsoft Launcher Beta 5.6 now available with revamped Settings page, Teams meeting integration

Microsoft Launcher Beta 5.6 is here, and it is bringing a revamped settings page, and new integrations with Microsoft Teams.

Minecraft – Toy Story mashup pack now available in the Minecraft Marketplace

Following the release of Toy Story 4 earlier this month, Mojang has teamed up with Pixar for what should be a new exciting pop culture collaboration.

Microsoft to add recently acquired Flipgrid as default video camera for OneNote

Microsoft is setting Flipgrid as its default video camera recorder in OneNote, starting with the free web app in the fall of 2020 and eventually other platforms, as well.

Rovio launches Angry Birds Epic, available in Windows Phone Store

Rovio Entertainment has today released the new title to its Angry Birds franchise; Angry Birds Epic. The game has been made available across all popular platforms -- Android, iOS and Windows Phone, simultaneously. It features a fantasy-adventure story. 

Tim Hortons gets an official Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone app, pay for coffee with your phone

Tim Hortons is a Canadian restaurant known for their doughnuts and coffee and now the official app has made its way to both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. One of the key features of the app is the ability to pay for your coffee or doughnut via your smartphone thanks to the official TimmyMe app.

Windows 8 leaker Alex Kibkalo receives three month prison sentence, will be deported to Russia

Back in April of this year, we learned about Alex Kibkalo, the former Microsoft employee who supplied Windows 8 builds to a French leaker. He had been arrested for stealing Windows-related trade secrets and pleaded guilty in a court of law. Now,



Uber's Emil Michael isn't going anywhere, report says

Despite pressure to fire Uber executive Emil Michael after his controversial remarks surfaced this week, at least two investors in the company and CEO Travis Kalanick are still firmly behind him, according to a new report.



OpenSSH Will Feature Key Discovery and Rotation For Easier Switching To Ed25519

ConstantineM writes: OpenSSH developer Damien Miller has posted about a new feature he implemented and committed for the next upcoming 6.8 release of OpenSSH — — an OpenSSH extension to the SSH protocol for sshd to automatically send all of its public keys to the client,

Entity Framework 基础知识走马观花 - Edison Chou


JavaScript原生xmlHttp和Jquery插件$.ajax,$,post,$.get,$.getJSON及C#.NET.ashx接收json及输出json数据Demo实例 - 2516080



据科技网站9to5Google报道,市场研究公司App Annie预测,全球智能手机和平板电脑保有量将由目前的26亿增长139%至2020年的62亿,占77.6亿总人口的80%。App Annie向彭博社表示,智能手机和平板电脑数量增长最强劲的国家包括印度、印度尼西亚、中国、墨西哥、巴西、土耳其。对于许多发展中国家来说,后PC时代已经来临,智能手机或平板电脑是这些国家居民唯一的上网终端。

Android中使用java.util.Properties犯的错 - passion_hua

今天尝试使用java.util.Properties来保存应用配置,然而遇到了好几个问题,对于熟悉此内容的来说可能都是猪一样的错误,但难免有像我一样的新手再次遇到,希望此文能有所帮助。 错误1 open failed: EROFS (Read-only fi

Dear Dads: This is what rape culture looks like, and you're responsible

Being a dad these days is hard, right? So many things you have to remember. So much political correctness. Much of the way our dads taught us to behave no longer cut the mustard with polite society. I have no intention of making the process of parenting teenage boys any harder than it already is,

多地开会研讨网约车新政细则 北京限制数量的概率增大


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