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机械蜘蛛时钟:Arachnophobia Desk Clock

在这个满世界都是触摸屏的年代,仍然坚持用机械的方式来显示时间,是需要一点点情怀的——而机械蜘蛛时钟(Arach […]

The MB&F Arachnophobia Tells Time Through Fear

Everyone’s favorite crazy watch maker, MB&F, has just announced a new model, the so-called Arachnophobia. This wild clock hides a L’Epée 1839 movement in the thorax and abdomen of an articulated spider. Based on the famous Louise Bourgeois sculpture Maman,

Lamborghini's Huracán Spyder is the cure for arachnophobia

It's a nippy 56 degrees Fahrenheit at the Frankfurt Auto Show — hardly convertible weather. Despite that, though, Italian supercar-maker Lamborghini is putting its hot-blooded bona fides to the test and going top-down in Germany with its latest creation, the Huracán Spyder.



Hate Spiders? Then This Is the Last Clock You'll Want Hanging on Your Wall

In the electronics world, Sony has made a name for itself with the occasional off-the-wall design . But in the watchmaking world, it’s a company called MB&F who’s responsible for some of the craziest clocks you’ve ever seen. And its latest creation will give arachnophobics the creeps.

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