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Becky Hammon guides Spurs to Las Vegas Summer League title

On July 11, Becky Hammon became the first woman to lead a summer league NBA team. Less than two weeks later, she was the recipient of a Gatorade shower in the San Antonio Spurs’ locker roomHammon coached the Spurs to a 6-1 record throughout the stretch,

'Spurs Jesus' superfan thwarts would-be home invasion and robbery

Bearded, wearing sunglasses and with hair flowing past his shoulders, a local NBA super-fan called simply "Spurs Jesus" is already a quasi-celebrity around San AntonioNow he can add another line to his resume: Crime-stopper, after thwarting a would-be home-invasion robberySee also: Not just Boston:

NBA Hires First Female Assistant Coach: Becky Hammon Joins Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs made a historic hire Tuesday, tapping WNBA player Becky Hammon as an assistant coach — the first woman to assume that role in the NBAThe six-time WNBA all-star,

Heat vs. Spurs in the NBA Finals: A Rematch We All Win

Finally. Another too-long NBA season now boils down to this, a rematch of last year's NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio SpursHeat vs.

The San Antonio Spurs formed an '80s band and it's too amazing for words

Editor's note: The awesomeness of the above video may be too intense for members of the #SpursNation to safely process. View with caution, Spurs fans.The keytar and basketball — a match made in heavenSticking true to their promise, Spuran Spuran,

Uh-oh, here come the San Antonio Spurs to crush your NBA playoff dreams again

Here are three scientifically proven facts. The sun rises in the east. What goes up must come down. And every spring, after months of dormancy, the San Antonio Spurs will groggily awake from a season-long semi-hibernation and strike fear into hearts across the NBANow here they come again,

Paris Terror Spurs Plan For Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants

mdsolar sends this report from Bloomberg: Lawmakers in France want to create military zones around its 58 atomic reactors to boost security after this month's Paris terror attacks and almost two dozen mystery drone flights over nuclear plants that have baffled authorities.

Legal weed in Colorado spurs secure pot transport industry

At a farm in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, Corey Young tucks his client's marijuana into a shoe box-sized container in an unmarked white van and heads out on the road."We don't want to be going through a small town and have someone see bins in the back," said Young,

NBA Fan's 'Mount Spursmore' Haircut Belongs in the Louvre

Here's an abbreviated list of art masters: Picasso, Rembrandt ...now Joe the barber.The haircut you see below is called "Mount Spursmore" and it's just the latest masterpiece from San Antonio barber Joe Barajas. Featuring San Antonio stars Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard,

Rookie P.J. Hairston fined $5,000 for NBA's flop of the year

Thursday's worst Oscar snub may well have been P.J. Hairston of the Charlotte HornetsThe NBA rookie certainly, definitely, no-doubt-about-it deserves an acting award for his flop against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday nightSee also: Inside the process:

Gregg Popovich tortures reporter, remains NBA's most devastating troll

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is the man the rest of the NBA fears every spring. He's also the NBA's foremost troll,

Gawker Watch Samuel L.

Gawker Watch Samuel L. Jackson Recite His Pulp Fiction Speech From Memory | Jalopnik F1 Champ Michael Schumacher Reportedly 'Out Of Coma' | Jezebel Princeton Mom Gloriously Loses Her Shit Over #EndFathersDay Hoax | Kotaku Not Everything Is as It Seems with This Body ArtRead more...

Jimmy Kimmel swears he's not behind Dennis Quaid's viral rant

After video surfaced of Dennis Quaid's expletive-laden rant on Tuesday, many suggested that late night host Jimmy Kimmel might have been the force behind the freakout.It's not exactly a far stretch of the imagination,

Terry Crews bathes world in nostalgia with beautiful serenade to Betty White

Cue nostalgia in three...two...More than just an actor and bodybuilder, Terry Crews is a very accomplished lip singer. He busted a move at the TV Land Awards and knelt down to Betty White as he lip synced The Golden Girls theme song in tribute to her.Don't think we didn't see that side-eye,

Did the NYPD just end an NBA player's season by breaking his leg?

Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha will miss the rest of the NBA regular season and the impending playoffs after suffering a broken leg in an incident outside a nightclub early Wednesday that included another player being stabbed in the abdomenSefolosha plays a key reserve role for the Hawks,

Sauce Castillo speaks: How an NBA meme gave Kings fans a silver lining

The Sacramento Kings' top rookie, the eighth overall pick in last June's NBA Draft, started this season as Nik Stauskas. Next week he'll end the season with a different name: Sauce CastilloIt all started with a closed-captioning TV glitch on March 24,

NBA Star Secret to Scoring a Shoe Endorsement Via Twitter? Begging

Matt Bonner, the quirky star power forward/center for the San Antonio Spurs, became the first NBA player to get an endorsement deal via Twitter, but it wasn't with the brand he originally sought.As Bonner told ESPN,

Small Town Police Are Getting Leftover War Vehicles and Machine Guns

As America's wars wind down, the troops are coming home and so are the M-16 rifles. Armored cars, land mine detectors, silencers, aircraft, and other leftover military equipment are flowing to police departments big and small. Free stuff is tough to turn down,

90,000 Kids Will Flee From Central American Gangs to U.S. in 2014

The numbers are astounding.Just a few weeks ago, the United States was projecting 60,000 unaccompanied minors would attempt to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of the year. That projection is now 90,000, and it may be surpassed.

NBA Player Apologizes For Boneheaded Holocaust Selfie

Something that's a really dumb idea to do if you're a public figure or just a human being in general: Go to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, take a selfie, then post said selfie to the Internet with a caption including the phrase "lol #holocaust.

2014-15 NBA Season: Your Questions Answered

Finally, the NBA is back.As hoops fans prepare to watch all of the basketball, many questions hang over the 2014-15 NBA season: Do LeBron James and Kevin Love make the Cleveland Cavaliers instant title contenders? How badly does Kevin Durant's injury hurt the Thunder's season?

TC Droidcast Episode 33: Wherein We Fix Project Ara

Our first Droidcast back in 2015 includes ample CES discussion, as well as first-hand accounts of Google’s Project Ara news from Kyle Russell. Darrell Etherington talks about the YotaPhone 2 dual-screen smartphone with e-ink tech, and Greg Kumparak spurs us all on to greater heights.

NBA Star's Sneaker Blow-Out Won't Be a Nike Ad Anytime Soon

Here's a clip you won't be seeing in Nike ads anytime soon: San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili's shoe spectacularly disintegrating in the middle of an NBA gameSee also:

One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

An anonymous reader writes "In February, Judge William Alsup ruled in favor of Rahinah Ibrahim, who sued the U.S. government in 2006 after she was mistakenly added to the no-fly list and subsequently denied entry to the country. Now,

America 'Has Become a War Zone'

An anonymous reader writes, quoting Business Insider: "Eight different law enforcement agencies in Indiana have purchased massive Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP) that were formerly used in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mark Alesia reports for the Indy Star. Pulaski County, home to 13,

Scientists Successfully Grow Full Head of Hair On Bald Man

realized writes: "A man with almost no hair on his body has grown a full head of it after a novel treatment by doctors at Yale University. The patient had previously been diagnosed with both alopecia universalis, a disease that results in loss of all body hair, and plaque psoriasis,



INNOVATE2016: Toward A More Creative Political Class

The great challenge for American politics and politicians in the 2016 election, is to break out of the zero-sum game mentality of Washington DC. Read More

Pioneering App Mag, The Magazine, Is Shutting Down In December

Designer Marco Arment’s magazine, aptly called The Magazine, is shutting down in December. The magazine, which carried tech stories from prominent authors, is now owned by writer Glenn Fleishman who explained that the title, while profitable from day one,

Xbox boss: I fully expect you’ll see another console from us

Microsoft has been in the hardware business for years, producing everything from mice to game consoles. With the launch of Xbox One, many believe that this generation of console hardware will be the last. The...The post Xbox boss:

All the many horrible ways that animals can kill you with venom

Take a look at these fascinating videos explaining the many horrible ways that animals can use their hollow fangs, grooved teeth, lip glands, claws, spurs, spines, stings, and tentacles to deliver venom for the sole purpose of paralyzing and killing other animals—including humans.Read more...

Craig Sager feels 'terrific' about NBA return after leukemia ordeal

SAN FRANCISCO — It's the day before the opening night of the new NBA season, and Craig Sager — who's about to return to work after a dramatic battle with leukemia — Sager is speaking to a reporter at Turner Sports' pre-season media event.

Kobe Bryant to pass Michael Jordan in scoring by stealing all his moves

If he scores 31 points against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night, Kobe Bryant will pass Michael Jordan to take sole possession of third place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. If he doesn't do it Friday,

LeBron James Taking His Talents to Free Agency

LeBron James has chosen not to continue his contract with the Miami Heat by triggering a termination clause in his contact that will make him an unrestricted free agent starting on July 1.ESPN reports that James was slated to make $20 million next season,

Business Insider acquired by European media company Axel Springer in deal valued at $442 million

Business Insider has been acquired by European media company Axel Springer in a deal that values the digital media startup at $442 million.Axel Springer has previously held a 9% stake in Business Insider, but has now bought out another 88% for $343 million.

The LA Police Wants to Use Crowdsourced Photos to Solve Crimes

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has launched a new website and companion mobile app that allows people who are witnesses to large emergencies can submit photo or video evidence they might have recorded. On the surface,

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