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VS Tools for Unity 2预览版改进调试效率

VS Tools for Unity 2预览版发布,支持Visual Studio 2015和Visual Studio 2013的社区版、Visual Studio 2012和Visual Studio 2010。

微软发布Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2,支持Unity 5

微软官方博客宣布发布Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2,用户可使用该插件在Visual Studio编码、调试Unity游戏开发工具。 该版本是微软对上个月Unity 公司发布的Unity 5游戏引擎官方宣布支持。

Microsoft launches Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2, available now for download

Microsoft has released a new series of Visual Studio Tools for Unity 2.0 Preview 2, which will allows developers greater control over their work than before, while also improving general ease of use.Among the new tools is a new option panel for VSTU,


如之前所承诺的,微软将最新收购的Visual Studio插件UnityVS以免费的方式发布给使用最新付费版本Visual Studio的开发者,该插件对使用Unity游戏开发系统的开发者非常有帮助。 By Jeff Martin Translated by 张孝军

Visual Studio is the new default Unity scripting editor on Windows

During Microsoft’s developer conference in April of this year, the company highlighted its growing partnerships with leading game engines in the industry. Among Microsoft’s list of named partners were Unreal Engine, Cocos2d, and Unity....

Visual Studio Tools for Unity 1.9 released, features faster startup, debugger, and more

Microsoft has released an updated Visual Studio Tools for Unity add-on, adding a few new features and bug fixes with the update. If you are a game developer, read on to find out more about this update.Visual StudioMicrosoftUnity

Microsoft rolls out Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 2, updated Team Explorer and Visual Studio Tools

Microsoft has released significant updates to Visual Studio, Team Explorer Everywhere, and Visual Studio Tools for Unity. These new improvements are based on developer feedback.

Visual Studio增加了对Unreal和Cocos2D的支持

近日,微软宣布,在对Unity游戏引擎的支持之上,把这样的支持扩展到Unreal Engine和Cocos2D。 By Jeff Martin Translated by 朱明

关于SubSonic3.0插件使用SqlQuery或Select查询时产生的System.NullReferenceException异常修复 - AllEmpty

早上在编写执行用例时,突然爆异常System.NullReferenceException: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例 执行代码: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。 说明: 执行当前 Web 请求期间,出现未经处理的异常。

Navicat for MySQL连接MYSQL出错,错误代码1045的解决方法 - zhangxichao

Navicat for MySQL连接MYSQL出错,错误代码1045的解决方法error 1045错误本质就是密码出现的问题!如果第一次登陆时使用的是空密码,密码可以不填。

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