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Apple Leads in Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?

Buried deeply within her mostly “provocative and poorly reported” story for Reuters on Apple and accessibility, author Christina Farr offers a nugget of truth: third-party apps on the App Store need to be much better at being inclusively designed. The concern is a legitimate one,

Microsoft launches Accessibility Developer Hub to help more developers to program accessible apps

It is a subject that isn't often talked about in the flashy, fast-paced world of technology: accessibility.As we collectively devote more of our lives to our electronic devices with every passing day, it is easy to forget the parts of society that these changes have yet to benefit. Case-in-point,

C#微信公众平台开发—access_token的获取存储与更新 - 秋荷雨翔

一、什么是access_token? access_token是公众号的全局唯一票据,公众号调用各接口时都需使用access_token。正常情况下access_token有效期为7200秒,重复获取将导致上次获取的access_token失效。由于获取access_token的api调用次数非常....

详解微信开发者文档——5 access_token管理 - 吴广磊


微信公共平台开发-(.net实现)5--access_token过期的问题 - 妍珊

每次在于微信交互时,都要用到access_token,但是这个值限制的是有时间的,但是access_token,在以后的高级功能里面会经常用到,所以这里不得不这里对前面所讲解的access_token改造一下。 另外需要说明的是access_token是变化的,

Microsoft funds underserved internet access solutions with Affordable Access Initiative

Microsoft has launched a new fund to help companies bring affordable internet access to underserved markets around the world.  As part of the company’s Affordable Access Initiative, Microsoft is taking applications from third party...



Mitro Access Lets You Give Someone Temporary, Limited Access To Your Online Accounts

Mitro, a company that helps corporate companies and SMBs manage shared passwords, has recently introduced a new extension of their platform called Mitro Access, which grants temporary access (with restrictions) to your various online accounts.Here’s how it works: Read More

由获取微信access_token引出的Java多线程并发问题 - digdeep

Java 多线程 并发 微信 access_token

Microsoft imposes restrictions on 'external staff,' limits their network and business access

Microsoft has sent out another email to its employees. The new email imposes certain restrictions on “external staff” -- which includes people who work on projects for the company through vendors as freelancers, as well as business guests, or in any other personnel in non-permanent terms.

Upcoming accessibility improvements for Microsoft Edge revealed

For those of you hoping Microsoft’s newest browser Edge becomes the ideal replacement to Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, Microsoft is reassuring consumers that they are committed to making Edge the best tool for browsing the web....

EA正考虑将Xbox One向下兼容游戏加入到EA Access服务当中

EA近日透露他们目前正在尝试将以往的Xbox 360经典作品加入到EA Access服务当中,并通过Xbox […]

Love it or hate it: Quick Access is easy to customize or hide

Windows 10 has introduced a huge number of features and tweaks to Windows, some which are good and others not so good. Quick Access falls into the controversial category and many users are not to happy about the feature. The idea behind Quick Access makes sense,

How to setup Assigned Access in Windows 10 (Kiosk Mode)

Let’s say you’re building some sort of ingenious mechanical contraption to be displayed in public that involves using a Windows 10 tablet as an interface. You’ve written or found the perfect app to use...

Love it or hate it: Quick Access on Windows 10 is easy to customize or hide

Windows 10 has introduced a huge number of features and tweaks to Windows, some which are good and others not so good. Quick Access falls into the controversial category and many users are not to happy about the feature. The idea behind Quick Access makes sense,

Microsoft is one of the recipients of the 2015 Access Award from the American Foundation for the Bli

Recently, Microsoft was named one of the recipients of the 2015 Access Award by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). AFB’s Access Award is given to individuals, companies, and other organizations that work to eliminate or reduce accessibility barriers for the blind or visually impaired.

EA Access subscribers can grab Battlefield 4 Second Assault for free

EA Access is a subscription-based program which give Xbox One owners access to EA games for a small monthly fee of $4.99 or $29.99 a year. It's not just the current games portfolio, subscribers also get a chance to try out the upcoming games from EA ahead of their announcement,

WWDC Puts Accessibility On The Radar For Developers

We (the accessibility community) are on Apple’s radar, and, in my view at least, it feels great to be acknowledged. WWDC is the center of the Apple universe — and accessibility plays a key role in its success. Read More

文章: 使用Android Accessibility实现免Root自动批量安装功能

最近,豌豆荚利用Android Accessibility(辅助功能)在业内率先实现了免Root自动批量安装功能。它们的工程师向我们分享了该功能的一些技术细节和实践经验。InfoQ记者采访了豌豆荚开发团队了解了该项目的初衷和一些开发细节。

CBS All Access support added to revamped Windows 10 app

Windows 10 app support continues to improve, which should only accelerate with the official launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Certainly, being on over 100 million machines just two months after Windows 10’s official launch...

新版 Parallels Access 让你用手机也能遥控电脑上的应用

如果你想在移动设备上遥控电脑,一般来说平板会是比较好的选择。毕竟其屏幕更大,操作起来会比手机更加方便。但尽管如此,手机用户肯定也不希望自己被「冷落」,而 Parallels...

UPS在Crescent Street Festival期间设立UPS Access Point点

- UPS在蒙特利尔的Crescent Street Festival期间设立UPS Access Point点 - Scuderia Ferrari车手Sebastian Vettel前往取货点取货 蒙特利尔2015年6月5日电 /美通社/ -- Scuderia Ferrari(斯库德里亚法拉利车队)官方物流与运输赞助商UPS® (NYSE:

Microsoft finds the recent EA Access program for Xbox One a 'game-changer'

Last month, the giant game publisher announced EA Access, a subscription-based program for Xbox One. Microsoft is very pleased with this move, and finds this program to be a “game changer.”

EA Access subscribers can play Dragon Age: Inquisition ahead of its launch on Xbox One

ASP.NET Web API实现微信公众平台开发(二)access_token与定时任务 - msp的昌伟哥哥


Rory McIlory PGA Tour trial coming to EA Access on Xbox One July 9th

In a recent post on Console Monster, it looks like Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour is the next EA title to debut on EA Access. For the golf fans out there, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is the first EA golfing game since the Tiger Woods fiasco and will be available on EA Access starting July 9th.

Battlefield Hardline available four days early exclusively on Xbox One through EA Access

According to a recent tweet on Battlefield’s official Twitter account, Xbox One owners will have early access to Battlefield Hardline via the EA (Electronic Arts) Access Hub app. EA Access is a subscription service to get early access to a bunch of EA games in The Vault,

Microsoft Office Online gets new accessibility enhancements

Microsoft first created a new web accessibility standard called WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications) to make Office Online accessible to blind and poor-vision users. WAI-ARIA allows for Office Online to be used in conjunction with a screen reader,

微软BI 之SSIS 系列 - 在 SSIS 中导入 ACCESS 数据库中的数据 - BIWORK

开篇介绍来自 天善学院一个学员的问题,如何在 SSIS 中导入 ACCESS 数据表中的数据。在 SSIS 中导入 ACCESS 数据库数据ACCESS 实际上是一个轻量级的桌面数据库,直接使用文件形式存储。

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 8 Keyboard Permissions (But Were Afraid To Ask)

By far the most exciting thing about iOS 8 — imho — is the side-door it opens into Apple’s walled garden to allow keyboard app makers to come on in for the first time. But what permissions are you granting third party keyboard app makers when you hand over the keys to your Qwerty?

ASP入门(二)-创建Access数据库 - 瓢虫Monster

通常来说,ASP程序是搭配Access数据库来使用的,因此在安装完ASP环境后,为了方便建立和管理数据库,我们还需要安装Access数据库。 Access是Microsoft Office家族中的一员,主要提供了一个轻量级的数据库解决方案。

Office 365 gets quick access to third-party applications

Last year, Microsoft introduced App Launcher and My Apps for Office 365 where users can organize apps accessible on the service. Now, the company is making further improvements to the feature, by deploying an Office 365 Store which grants access to third-party services as well. 

Star Wars Battlefront, NBA Live 16, and Need for Speed out early through EA Access on Xbox One

With the news that Star Wars Battlefront beta will be coming October 8th, ICXM posted an announcement that EA Access subscribers on Xbox One will get a chance to play Battlefront starting November 12. The...The post Star Wars Battlefront, NBA Live 16,

UPS为Scuderia Ferrari车手提供UPS Access Point特定取货服务

UPS为Scuderia Ferrari车手Sebastian Vettel提供UPS Access Point特定取货服务 德国科隆2015年8月21日电 /美通社/ -- 在一级方程式赛车比利时站赛事周末即将到来之际,法拉利(Ferrari)官方物流与运输赞助商UPS今天在科隆/波恩机场仅设一次的UPS Access Point™特定取货点向Scuderia Ferrari(斯库德里亚法拉利车队)车手Sebastian Vettel(塞巴斯蒂安-维特尔)交付了货物,凸显了这个国际运输解决方案的灵活性。

Access and Energy部门:Alphabet定位还未明确的子公司集结地

据外媒报道,自Alphabet宣布成立之后,Google及其各个运营部门和项目开始经历一次大规模的重组工作。虽然一些像Life Scieneces、Nest、Google等部门都已经有明确的定位,但仍有一些还在新体系下寻找着属于自己的角色。

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