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Paul Smith x Land Rover Defender 更添貴氣

天恩特別喜愛 Paul Smith 設計的男裝服飾,但如果剛陽味十足的 Land Rover Defender …The post Paul Smith x Land Rover Defender 更添貴氣 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

这回我们来科普一下Windows Defender

不久前,Windows 10 Build 10074直接从微软的服务器中泄露出来,虽然微软并未正式发布该版本, […]

Windows Defender's malware protection still leaves much to be desired after recent evaluation

The AV-TEST ran an evaluation of Windows 8.1 antivirus protection and posted their results yesterday. Previous to this round of tests, the AV-TEST ran evaluations on Windows 7 in January of this year (as Windows 7 is still in broad use), and tested Windows 8.1 again, back in October of 2014.

Windows Defender dramatically improves antivirus protection scores

As we’ve reported in the past, Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender antivirus capabilities haven’t exactly shined when it comes to industry evaluations. Test by the AV-Test Institute in Magdeburg, Germany, have shown Windows Defender to...


安全第一!妈妈经常这样说。 这正是为什么我略为诧异:为什么科技没有被利用起来,为在外出行的人们提供额外的个人保护。不过Defender似乎要挑战这一点。

Suarez Defends World Cup Bite in Letter, Says He Fell Into Italian Defender

Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan striker banned for four months for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during a match last week, said he fell into Chiellini, and accidentally hit him with his teeth, according to a letter he wrote to FIFA"After the impact ...I lost my balance,

The Defender Is What Happens When You Combine A Camera, Automated 9-1-1, And Pepper Spray

Safety first! That’s what my mom always says. Which is why it’s somewhat shocking that technology hasn’t already been leveraged to provide additional personal protection to people on the go. But the Defender looks to change all that. It’s a new pocket-sized device that combines a camera,



Windows 10 build 10074: Windows Defender settings receive a new home

Microsoft is tinkering around with organizing the new Settings app in Windows 10, as evident in the recent 10074 build which was unofficially but somewhat officially made available via Windows Update earlier today (watch our exclusive hands-on with this build here).

只需要Windows Defender就够了吗?

近日著名的反病毒测试公司 AV-TEST 测试了运行于 Windows 8.1 系统之下的数个杀软的杀毒实力。 […]

Kanguru为其Defender产品组合添加最新的FIPS 140-2 USB 3.0安全闪存驱动器,提供无与伦比的数据安全保障

马萨诸塞州米利斯--(美国商业资讯)--Kanguru宣布为其Defender®安全闪存驱动器产品系列配置最新的SuperSpeed USB 3.0技术,为数据提供无与伦比的安全保障与便利。

Microsoft defends its 'most secure Windows' stance against poor antivirus comparison

The results of a recent AV-Test involving twenty-one different antivirus software running on Windows 8/8.1 have been published. Unfortunately, Windows Defender Antivirus came last in the protection category. Past tests have been similarly disappointing.

Windows Defender可以清除戴尔根证书和残留的DLL文件了


AV-TEST最新评测结果出炉:Windows Defender仍需努力

自Windows 8以来,Windows Defender就成为了系统标配的病毒防护软件。但是在AV-TEST昨日进行的Windows 8.1反病毒防护测试中,我们发现该软件仍有很大的提升空间。

Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "...Security experts have been pounding the drum about the importance of encrypting not just data in transit, but information stored on laptops, phones, and portable drives. But the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court put a dent in that armor on Wednesday,

Overfinch's 40th Anniversary Defender is a super-limited edition masterpiece

Infamous Land Rover modifier Overfinch is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a special edition of the now-discontinued Defender, which combines the rugged boxiness of the iconic British 4x4 with the bespoke luxury of Overfinch.Clearly, it's a match made in heaven. Sadly, though,

Whoopi Goldberg defends Bill Cosby: 'He has not been proven a rapist'

Whoopi Goldberg is staunchly defending Bill Cosby in the wake of a 2005 deposition where the comedian admitted to giving at least one woman a sedative and purchasing quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex withThe actress shared her thoughts on The View,

Bay Area public defenders rally behind 'Black Lives Matter' movement

Public defenders across the San Francisco Bay Area added their voice to protests that have swept the country in the wake of a string of police killings of unarmed black men on Thursday with several simultaneous rallies at local court houses.Members of the Public Defenders Offices of San Francisco,

安全第一!Windows 10设备该如何防病毒?

日前,外媒 TechRadar 发文称,因为内置有强大的杀毒工具的关系,Windows 10 系统是微软史上最安全的操作系统,用户不用担心被互联网上的病毒侵扰。尽管如此,我们还是需要做点什么,以确保自己的数据安全。  

微软更新 Windows Defender:可移除 Superfish 软件

微软此次更新 Windows Defender 能够清除大部分预装在联想电脑里的 Superfish 广告软件。不过也有安全专家表示必要时可重装系统。

Fight bacteria and viruses in Defend Your Life, an awesome game for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

Microsoft reels in Superfish, adds definition to Windows Defender

Microsoft’s Windows Defender has reportedly been updated to remove the dangerous Superfish program that Lenovo had preinstalled on customer's computer. “The Verge” also further explains that in addition to removing the software,

一种关闭Windows 8.1 Windows Defender的简单办法 - 米高罗郎祺

背景安装好Windows 8.1,像往常一样,打开【服务】准备关闭Windows Defender,发现不能设置启动类型而且其默认为启动状态,如下图所示。两个有两种方式关闭它。



Anti-Recliners Unite: Man Kicked Off Flight Says He'll Still Use the Knee Defender

The businessman whose dispute with a fellow airline passenger over a reclined seat sparked a national debate about air-travel etiquette says he's embarrassed by the way the confrontation unfolded and that he regrets his behavior.But don't expect James Beach to stop using the Knee Defender,

Floyd Mayweather defends Ronda Rousey after she loses to Holly Holm

Here's an unlikely act of kindness: Floyd Mayweather is defending his sometimes nemesis Ronda RouseyThe undefeated boxing champ has spoken out against haters mocking Rousey after her knockout loss against Holly Holm"It's just like boxing; you win some, you lose some," he told FightHype.

Turkish Finance Minister Defends Twitter Ban

An anonymous reader writes "Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek has defended his governments ban on Twitter and accused the social networking site of not complying with court orders. Simsek said:

Windows Defender已升级:可彻底铲除广告软件Superfish

此前,有报道称联想计算机预装了可实现中间人攻击的广告软件。而在根治Superfish的道路上,微软刚刚跨出了至关重要的一步。据外媒报道,微软刚刚更新了自家的Windows Defender反病毒软件。

Jarryd Hayne is 'turning NFL defenders into pancakes' for the 49ers

Here's something that's sure to go viral: A video of international sporting sensation Jarryd Hayne just casually slamming a NFL defender to the ground.The move came during a pre-season game against San Diego on Friday. The match is the last before the big decision comes on Sunday Australian time,

Choose one of seven Angels and defend earth in SoulCraft 2 for Windows 8.1

If you are on the hunt for a new action RPG game with lots of hack, slash, and dungeon crawling, check out SoulCraft 2 for Windows 8.1. The app is brand new to the Windows Store and is a sequel to the popular title SoulCraft. 

Jill Scott apologizes for defending Bill Cosby against rape accusations

Jill Scott is done defending Bill Cosby.The Grammy-winning singer, who previously supported Cosby despite numerous sexual assault allegations against him,

Jeb Brush defends brother after Donald Trump blames him for 9/11

Another day, another provocative statement from Donald Trump.This time, the Republican candidate used an interview with Bloomberg Television Friday to blame President George W. Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attacks."When you talk about George Bush, I mean, say what you want,

Australian woman defends couple against Islamophobic tirade on Sydney train

An Islamophobic tirade against a couple on a Sydney train has attracted international attention after a young woman who stood up for the pair took video of the incident.

Washington NFL Team Releases Ad Defending Controversial Name

The Washington Redskins released an ad on Monday, defending the NFL football team's name.Called "Redskins is a Powerful Name," the two-minute ad features members of different Native American tribes and communities who say the controversial mascot name "uplifts,

Steve Ballmer defends Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: "Actually he allowed good karma to happen and goo

Steve Ballmer defends Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: "Actually he allowed good karma to happen and good things happened to him and he was very fortunate , and that's his genuine belief in life." Yo Steve-o, no one doubted that Nadella was genuinely clueless .Read more...

Games with Gold for March 2014: Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders

As we bid farewell to another month, it's time two premium games arrived on Xbox 360 to please the Gold Members. This month's new games are Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders. 

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