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Toyota Wins, Apple Loses in Major Study of Distracted Driving

Few voice-activated, handsfree driving systems are looking good Tuesday after AAA released a major study that accuses them all of increasing our levels of distraction behind the wheelThe least distracting in-car system, it turns out, is Toyota's Entune. The most distracting: Chevy's MyLink.

Distracted Driving: All Lip Service With No Legit Solution

redletterdave writes: "April was National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the recognition of this month for distracted driving was a hollow gesture — just like the half-hearted attempts at developing apps that prevent cell phone use while driving.

6 apps for people who are easily distracted at work (a.k.a., everyone)

How often do you feel distracted at work? All the time, right? I bet those distractions keep you from getting a lot of stuff accomplished on a regular basisIn a 2013 study,

The Voice-Control System You Use In the Car Is Way More Distracting Than You Think

Many drivers think that it’s safer to use a voice-controlled assistant like Cortana or Siri while driving, instead of directly interacting with my phone. But a pair of new studies about voice-controlled assistants and in-car hands-free systems are still “very distracting,

Ford And Life360 Partner On App To Curb Distracted Driving

Texting or talking on the phone while driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S.,according to recent data. Now Ford is partnering with the family location services startup Life360 on a new tool which could help  reduce distractions on the road.

Even more proof that distractions are ruining your productivity

You might want to persuade your boss to scrap those open-office plans. A study from Michigan State University found that distractions — even short ones lasting less than three seconds — can double the number of mistakes we make.The researchers asked 300 MSU students to complete a complex,

Terrifying video shows just how distracted teens can be when they drive

Oh man, this video is absolutely horrifying. Put together by AAA, it shows how distracted teenagers are when they drive. You see drivers take their eyes off the road to text, people ignoring cars while they're on the phone and a lot of them just not paying attention at all.

Studies Conclude Hands-Free-calling and Apple Siri Distract Drivers

New submitter operator_error writes with a story at the L.A. Times that echoes some previous research on the relative risks of hand-held vs. hands-free phones by drivers, and comes to an even grimmer conclusion: In many cars,

Hands-free tech is still distracting to drivers, study shows

Think Siri is the safest way to use your phone in the car? AAA urges you to reconsider.The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a study Thursday that states hands-free technology can distract drivers, even when their eyes are looking forward and their hands are on the wheel.

Use an Old, Cheap Word Processor as a Distraction-Free Writing Tool

It’s a $19 “piece of junk,” but a portable word processor could keep you focused on your writing and nothing else.Read more...

The 'Curtain of Distraction' is college hoops' funniest weapon

There's no telling what opponents will see when stepping to the foul line at Arizona State's Wells Fargo Arena after the black curtain stationed behind the visiting team's second-half hoop opens.But amid the uncertainty, those opponents can count on two things:

Fighting Distractions Should Be Top Resolution For 2015

BING the head of Sony Pictures is talking about CLICK my friend just uploaded a photo to Face BING the wreckage of the AirAsia flight PLOP Danny, are you around for dinner? We are thinking DING Try out the new version of our app CLICK the weather today will be PING Danny,

Apple Watch could prove more of a distraction for drivers than smartphones

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is concerned that Apple’s new device, and smartwatches in general, will lead to more road traffic accidents.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/17/apple-watch-could-prove-more-of-a-distraction-for-drivers-than-smartphones/

Microsoft patents inconspicuous mode to make your Windows Phone less distracting in movie theaters

Microsoft knows how annoying it is when a phone starts ringing in movie theaters, and it seems the company wants to do something about it...at least on its own devices.

Push notifications: Just as distracting as a phone call

Fifteen years ago, cell phones announced their presence with a long and sometimes silly ring. Now, our devices are less likely to ring than emit a single beep or boop. Even a muted vibration might indicate a text or a new score or a Facebook message.

Productivity startup aims to make the Internet less distracting

Let's face it, the Internet is a distracting placeAt any given moment there are thousands of videos, Facebook posts, tweet-storms and memes to keep you from getting work done. But Saent,

Browsy Is a Fullscreen, Distraction-Free Browser for iOS

iOS: Alternative browsers for iOS aren’t particularly popular, but if you’re looking for something outside the world of Safari and Chrome, Browsy is worth a look. Read more...

A Tiny Tetris-Playing Business Card Is Your New Discreet Distraction

It all started with a one-0f-a-kind Tetris playing business card , but as Kevin Bates’ tiny Arduboy gaming console nears production, there’s now a new version that’s custom-designed to finally play an official version of that famous tetromino-stacking game.Read more...

Toyota’s Oculus Rift-Based Distracted Driving Simulator Perfectly Parrots Annoying Friends

The education potential of VR and the Oculus Rift is already well-established, but this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota showed off TeenDrive365, a driver education simulation to teach new drivers about the risks of distracted driving.

Should you ban smartphones in your business?

Employees are becoming increasingly distracted by their smartphones in the workplace - so should you ban them in your business?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/24/should-you-ban-smartphones-in-your-business/

The Modern-Day Loop of Infinite Self-Distraction

When you're sat at your computer gazing at its screen it's easy to get bored and start looking at a smaller screen until you get bored and start looking at a computer screen and then get bored and...Read more...

9 Minimal Word Processor Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

Many of us have some kind of writing to do during the course of the work day, but how do you get down to some serious typing with so many distractions around? These mobile and desktop apps tackle the problem head-on,

8 Tools to Help Block Out Online Distractions

The problem with the web is there's just so much of it; an endless tide of funny videos, pop quizzes, and social alerts ready to distract you from other, more urgent tasks at hand. We wouldn't say there's anything inherently wrong with killing time online,

Firefox Integrates Pocket, Adds Distraction-Free Reader View

Mozilla’s Firefox now features a full integration with the Pocket read-it-later service for saving text and video. In addition,

Apple Patents Driver Distraction Lockdown Mode For iPhones

Apple has been granted a new patent by the USPTO (via AppleInsider), and it’s one that could potentially prevent a lot of careless driving. The tech described in the patent would use a phone’s on-board sensors,

Don't 'Google Glass' and drive, study warns

A new study conducted by students at South Cleveland Community College discovered that driving can significantly interfere with the normal operation of Google Glass.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/11/06/dont-google-glass-and-drive-study-warns/

This Magician Uses Smartphones To Captivate a Distracted Generation

At one time, close-up sleight-of-hand magic relied on coins, cards, and currency, but since most tricks require an audience to pay close attention, it's hard to compete with distractions like Facebook and Twitter these days. So as the folks Cool Hunting discovered,

A New App Will Prevent Your Distracted Ass From Getting Hit By a Car

We spend our days walking around in a state of distracted bliss. It's dangerous. Let's not die, ok? While you're rocking out with your EarPods in, you're in danger of failing to heed the hazards of the world around you.

16 Blogging Platforms That Won't Distract From Your Writing

Blogging platforms can often be cluttered and complicated, featuring a multitude of widgets and plugins that we might never use. However new publishing tools are being built that emphasize readability, simplicity and usability. These modern blog platforms put the focus on the writing experience,

Drivers warned: Don’t Siri and Drive!

Tests done on the mental distraction caused by the Apple voice assistant found that it ranked high up on the scale produced by the AAA to categorise in-car technologies.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/08/drivers-warned-dont-siri-and-drive/

White House Cybersecurity Leader: Technical Know-How's a Distraction

In much the same way that the best heart surgeons have never studied medicine and Supreme Court judges have never really read the law, Michael Daniel,


佛罗里达州立大学的Cary Stothart、Ainsley Mitchum和Courtney Yehnert已经发布了一份令人印象深刻的新研究报告,并且为“智能手机导致驾驶者分心”的观点加注上了重要的一笔。

This Typeface Makes You a Safer Driver By Distracting You Less

Despite the grim PSAs and massive fines, plenty of us still end up reading our in-dash displays on the road, whether to navigate or change the song. Today, the type design giant Monotype unveiled a typeface designed to help you read faster and more accurately while driving. How?

What I Learned from a Week Away from Tech Distractions

My days are filled with emails, pings, and notifications. So much so that I forgot what it was like to be away from all of the distractions of technology I’ve grown accustomed to. Here are some lessons I learned—or relearned—spending a week away from it all,

Student punished for halter dress says she was called a 'sexual distraction'

Apparently high schoolers should think twice about wearing tank tops during the warmer months — bare shoulders have become a controversial fashion statementLauren Wiggins, a senior at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton, New Brunswick,

Zendrive Lets Ridesharing And Delivery Companies Know If Their Drivers Are Distracted

Zendrive, a startup that uses smartphone sensors to measure drivers’ behavior, today announced ZenFleets, its first paid service. As the name implies, ZenFleets is meant for companies that have a large number of cars on the road at any given time. With ZenFleets,

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